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Saturday, 22 June 2013


Search under way for missing BMX biker who recently moved to ...

AZFamily-28 May 2013
Brian Histand, who's a professional BMX biker, had moved to ... missing person searches in the Valley, said her goal is to find Brian and bring ...

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



22ND JUNE 2013

I have been asked if I would read Tarot for Brian Histand who I recently posted an alert for.

I have not looked at the details of Brian's disappearance except that he is a BMX rider.

Brian disappeared on or around May 15th this year. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Tarot cannot claim to give the location of Brian but it may be able to offer some clues I can only write down what I get given. Sometimes those clues do bring us near to where a person is but I cannot guarantee that for every case I write. I have to hope as much as any other that Tarot gives something that might assist and that is all I can do. Please remember Tarot also works in past present and future modes. It offers possibilities and not Facts. Always read official sources of information.


Brian has one of those great faces that are so easy to feel comfortable with and I know at the time of writing many family and friends are very concerned for him. I turn over the four of Swords reversed as I meditate with Tarot to try to see what the problem might be. This card does give me a kind of mental disharmony. With this card a person can need to be alone or try to be alone and find sometimes that they cant or cannot reach peace whether of mind or otherwise. Now this card though it could show Brian alone or needing to be alone also can show two other people here.

Dealings with rogues can show up here.

The card also shows us water either in a name or a location but it can also show us links to words such as Con, Canyon, water, rocks, stone cement. There may be a church element or church name too. There is a possible element of an altercation or some kind of possible disagreement at some point perhaps with someone or even two people that was 'seemingly resolved' but Im not sure yet if it contributes to current time. This is a cutting card so we are seperated or we could be cut, so it is either a seperation or otherwise. The card can affect the health as we have the mental disharmony here and swords cards can be very difficult when they want to be.

There might have been a need at some point for this man to retreat and seek some kind of healing again whether that is something of the mind of whether it is something actual or physical I cannot be certain only that we do have to watch these sword cards because they are not friendly and a mishap can occur with them if not careful. Also bad company can show up here.

The colour yellow is linked to this card.

Also a number 4 which could represent a route, road, distance or timing.
The card primarily is EAST which could be direction of wind or area name/road.

This card is suggesting that someone needs to recover their physical emotional and spiritual strength therefore it could be that health has been affected or that we have some kind of problem or anguish most probably needed some form of recuperation at some stage.

Our Ace reversed can suggest Drugs or 'vegetation' however it is reversed and makes the likelihood slimmer though it does show up in these cards. Weapons and sharp things can appear in this card.

Im feeling a lack of balance coming up here.
I am also getting WEST.
I am getting something to do with neurological pain, either feet, back, spine or head comes up here.

Airports and Railways or golf courses or that those names could come up. They often can show up if not in name somewhere in vicinity.
Keywords for vicinity or usefulness are described in an odd way but are words thought to link to Brian at any given time. Please read them carefully as they can mean something we do not expect.

We are shown places that are exposed to light and air or high off the ground. Mountains and Hillsides, windmills, windpower. Hunting/hawking. Air force bases, airports, high communication towers. Sandy/gravely ground, saw pits, places wood is cut, ie sawmills, barns or outhouses away from other buildings. Bedrooms, attics, windows, ceilings, ventilation ducts, wardrobes.
Gardens, fountains, bridle or Bride, Bed/Breakfast, fair lodgings, beds, hangings, dancing schools, wardrobes.

Colour Grey.
Someone draws pictures or writes something down.
Music comes up here, possibly jewely, colour Black and possibly silver or pastel colours.

Womens clothes? Was someone having an extra marital affair or an affair?
Copper and Brass.
Cuts hair.

Someone drinks or is drunk seeing three people.
Being underneath or in somewhere dark restricted movement at some point. Might be basement or lower floor of somewhere. Boggy land marsh land, colour Black or Black mud. North facing walls, pot holes, somewhere connected to damp decay or water sediment tunnels, sewers drains. Maybe these are places nearby I am not sure. Snow and Ice cold, fridges, cool. Scruffy buildings or just ugly place. Untenanted building perhaps.
Numbers 48 12 and 3.

Rejected isolated ignored abandoned or lonely. These can be a mindset or actuality. Possibly misunderstandings or some mis-communication with matters to do with work or career sector at some point. Requiring to be alone away from people for recovery purposes or healing. I feel either that this man has got 'stuck' somewhere in a negative way or that he had to take some time out to iron out some problems and feel better about himself. A sense of the dark and feeling imprisoned whether actual or mentally so.
Swords warn of cutting implements such as surgery or cuts if not it is a form of separation.

Sanctuary, Illness, Coma, Hospitalisation, Intensive Care can all come up in this card the difficulty of course is knowing whether this is what is thought possible or whether it is actual.
Brian might have had to back down from a confrontation with two other people. This could mean being apprehended or just that he needed to get away from people.

Sensing a feeling of being overwhelmed and needing to 'get better' if there has been some kind of injury or illheath , its not always physical but it could be. Mental breakdowns can come up in this card even if a person looks fine in actuality it might not be the case at all.

A feeling of being shut in or locked in somewhere either self imposed or imposed upon the person.

Counselling may have been required. Dealing with loss of relationship. Work stresses can become overpowering persons in this position often need time out to deal with things before rejoining life brigade. Our card can show excessive extremes to the body cutting etc or hurting oneself or it could be indicating the persons mind blew up and they needed some time alone.

Unfortunately it could involve other people as to 'what happened'. I can only make the suggestions of the cards it does not mean that I am correct and cannot be considered to be so without any form of validation at the current time. I am seeing the number 3 and also some friendship or relationship crisis where everything came to a head. There could have been a serious argument or fight but again could be in the mind or an actual event. Some kind of upsetting events as possible but I will point out that it very much depends whether our card is referring to Brians feelings or whether it refers to other things. A person can get mugged with this card.

Trying to see if there are any clues in this card as to where Brian may be, we will have to consider all three cards may give some kind of indication, maybe together something might be useful. On reflection these cards could lead to dodgy witness statements or evidence being twisted or removed so could represent some kind of lies or difficulties somehow.


This card shows a horse and horse names can come up here but it is also a 12 card which adds up to the number 3. These numbers can represent a distance, road or route. They also ask us to check with a third person because it seems that someone does know where Brian is. The card does show WEST as the name of a place/road/area or wind direction. This is also a water card and can show a relationship with a person that either has broken down, is short and insecure or that it is a deceptive person who comes across initially as friendly. There may be a very insincere female here somewhere.
I also see a house on a hill which might just be symbolic but I am seeing foundations which makes me wonder if he was under a house or in a basement or cellar or whether we should look at the information again in the first card. Boats/water elements whether in names or otherwise can come up here as can a LAKE whether real or area.

This card is often a 'suicidal' card. It can show a situation where someone has had enough or it can give the impression of someone in that condition. I feel as though travel is indicated but that there is the postponement of an invitation. Almost like being manipulated here. Perhaps being asked to go or do something and it turns out to be a lie or something is false about it but Im seeing another person or maybe two. Was he involved with someone? Im seeing some kind of deceptive element.

Im seeing someone else but I dont know why but theres some kind of feeling of duality or some kind of deceptive influences here. I see water and I also seem to see drugs/drink influences I dont know whether they attach themself to Brian or someone else but thats what I have. I also am getting the word QUEEN.
Colour Blue.

A possible link to initials B or J or D or R for named initials of people or places. Feeling as though vegetation, unprotection comes up. The words Spring, Hollow, Ditch, shield come up here.
Fruit? some abusive controlling person here - possibly male or some link to a vehicle. Someone who flouts authority too. Possibility of car or car mechanic or worker with tools, might be wrong but give tools.
Something with the back of the head.


Im seeing some kind of false identity or some kind of misunderstanding. Threats and insecurities, was someone threatening Brian somehow? False accusations from two other people? Being in the dark, water nearby or place with water. Seeing two towers or a bridge of some kind. Perhaps there is a white bridge over a fast flowing water or it is the name of a place, might even be some place familiar or not too far away from a familiar place. Tree name and island? The colour Silver, a bell and 5 ponds or points of water?
Hidden but near the bottom of a hill. A word that describes LIGHT, BRIGHT, LAMP or might be a summit or a peak or Hill? Nearby perhaps?
Some kind of path.
Black mud.
A roof may come up.
Someone made a mistake.

West mentioned but North West also comes up. This could be starting or ending points though I feel the word scattered might show up.
Colour White.

Water strong in name or in location or nearby . Keywords to watch for are fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy or watery ground, moats, springs, the ocean, and all places near to water . It can signify plumbing, waste disposal or drains. Or places that have liquid in them even pubs/brewers. Seclusion seems to come up or a retreat. Holy places or places of angels figure though how Im not sure unless we have a church or churyard in the district or a road/place name.
Word - Draper. Possble 'entertainment' places?

Clothes possibly WOOL or name WOOL comes up.

Some link to young scholars and students in a university or college. Not sure if it means there is one nearby or whether we are talking here about actual people type.

Something Sweet or the word sweet comes up.
Someone may cut hair or shave off beard.


This card represents search and find and will describe elements of previous or current searches and the person being found. In this case, Brian should be found because our knight of wands has an affirmative quality that appears to suggest that. The card again is 12 which could be added to make a 3 which could be directions in distance or has a significance to a three somewhere.

This card represents weeks as a rule and could take us up to 12 weeks or three months. I might be wrong but I think that Brian will be found thats my opinion. Here we have SOUTH in name of area or road or wind direction. I have a female here like a mother figure or a pregnant woman or just a female that could be connected. The word Spring Hollow, blue shield and ditch can come up here. Whether this means that a female can help I am not clear or whether its a gestation period of 3 to 9 months that we are looking at. The wands suggest weeks so perhaps there is a value in the search of between 3 to 12 weeks? Certainly the number 3 or 12 might be helpful however they represent themselves.

I seem to get an 'emigration' type signal here which could mean a new location or 'time out' such as a holiday. Could be telling us that Brian needed a break but we have to read all three cards together here I do however feel he will be found and it should be swiftly if this card was correct for the events.
Red is shown here.

Im getting Temperence linked in and this would bring up the name Michael a Sunday and also land and water. Oil and water and steel can show up here and sometimes we could link that to industrial areas or mechanics perhaps or something simple such as Texas but please dont trust that as its simply a face on possibility or link to something/someone perhaps. Drugs/drink can be linked in here.

The idea of temperence here is BALANCE or being at the CENTER so he could be somewhere linked in that respect. Tarot cannot name places so its perfectly pointless sometimes to make a suggestion but there will be a map with the directions to at least show possible areas to consider.

Vehicles/travel can appear here. We have two people who are linked to keys which could give good advice or that something should be looked at around the word KEYS or letter K or quay. There is a church link here or words that are ecclesiastical in nature.

I see yellow, or yellow flowers and the foot of a path and a big mountain again that could be symbolic but land looks like water and land. Also a link to GOLD or BRIGHT, LAMP, HILL possibly even being off the beaten track. Look back at the other cards and you might see bridges or scouting camps or holiday parks.

Outdoors men and travellers are the way to find him.

Also any links to communications such as phones. The word PYRAMID.

Possible number 5.

Im seeing paperwork or documents or something written down.

Motorcylcle car bus or train comes up here.

South but also East or South East and West show up.

Post/postman? Storage and industrial.

Someone comes forward with some kind of information perhaps.

People descriptions come up that could relate to vicinity also. Firstly someone who is sporty or sports orientated - tall and large. The complexion is often ruddy, dark or tanned. The hair is light-chestnut in colour. Fields and hills and links to horses which could mean names that link to horses in some way.

Having two Knights shows that there should be serious thoughts about two men or the fact that there is a man that might not be trusted out of the two. I am feeling that there are mixed messages here or some kind of mix up.

These wands can bring in mistaken identity if we look back to the ten, someone tricking or some kind of falsity about a person. This card can show a problem and it can also show being between towns.

It can show attics/roofs or just words relating to being up high?

Getting the 'sweet' odour here which could be a name of a place too and also some connection to young scholars and students in a university or college, wool clothes or the word draper. No idea how to connect it all in Im afraid. Im getting a connection to sunrise and a thursday.

The main thing is that YES Brian WILL be found. This card suggests to be thorough in searches and not to miss anything but also to consider vehicles/transport links and hills or names connecting to that. Crossroads?

I will read over this tarot again as I know its brief and I try to write everything down as quickly as I can and later feel I could have elaborated here and there. I will try to get back and see if I have missed anything but please check back for a map.

Remember Tarot is an experiment as with all cases on this blog and it picks up bits and pieces but not an entire reliable scenario. It represents POSSIBILITIES and not Facts and will look past present and future. It can show things that are not directly connected but are background too so bear it all in mind.


Wondering about East Ray Road Crossroads District Park, Ashley Heights, Bella Vista its near the Airport and Golf ranges. Power Market Place/Queens creek and industrial areas? Windmill Plaza, Windmill ranch, Gold Canyon, Superstition Springs all names that could link in or may be vicinity surrounding or connected to someone else.  Just feeling that these areas MAY be being shown HOWEVER may just be showing a place near where he went missing.Areas perhaps South East could come up around the 202 route. Possibly including Maricopa.  Would consider up to between 12 -  21 mile Radius for connections from where he went missing  but I really could be wrong.


There has been a problem putting map links up on the blogger and means I have to shorten the link with the worry that it will not work properly but it does seem to be ok. There are two maps below that might be helpful but there are no guarantees.


Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

MAP 1,+Phoenix,&

MAP 2,


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Sadly Brian has been found. There are a lot of questions unanswered and what he actually 'did' or what occurred to him before being found is yet to be revealed or discovered. However, Tarot gave South in the find card and there is a Map pointing out areas near South Mountain.  The number 3 is part of the route number of the road he was found and also depicts timing as it is now third year since Brian went missing. I really feel for his family and though I know they will at least not have to continually worry where Brian went, they will still want to know what happened. I hope the truth comes out for them. 



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  2. Well this one was impressive! To bad nobody listened or he would have been good at sooner! Silver.... They found his retainer it was one of the main ways they identified him. A Lady walking her dog in the morning found parts. Within miles of where he was last seen! Would love u too read me after reading this! But I think you had it right on....


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