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Thursday, 9 May 2013


paul david sanders - National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
PAUL DAVID SANDERS, Age Progression. Case Type: Endangered Missing. DOB: Apr 25, 1984, Sex: Male. Missing Date: Aug 12, 2001, Race: Biracial ...


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



9TH MAY 2013

I have been asked via a family member to look at the Tarot for Paul David Sanders.Paul has been missing from Mesa Arizona since August 12th 2001.

As with all Tarot readings that I place here on the Blogger I would ask you read my notes that explain to you what Tarot can and cannot do. Tarot gives us glimpses that are plucked from past present and future events. There are times when Tarot is written whereby information does not come to light until the future.

Nothing can be guaranteed or claimed to be accurate as Tarot merely represents POSSIBILITIES NOT FACT unless there are media sources that can confirm events/pointers after Tarot has been written. What Tarot gives to me I simply write down and that is all I can do. Please remember Tarot can link to OTHER PEOPLE who could be linked or connected.


When I ask what happened to Paul on the day in question I am given the Queen of Wands. Tarot often throws to us information that may not always be what is expected but all I can do is write down what I feel we are being told. This card generally stands for a female, however, the problem with this card as with all court cards is that it may be pushing forward more of the character of a person rather than showing us their gender so equally this could be male or a female who is very strong in personality almost dominant if you wish.

So looking at this first card and remembering that Pauls vehicle was found according to the link above - it will actually show his vehicle either going off road, coming to a stop or veering off course because knights are the travel cards and sit right next to this queen.

However that knight is reversed and hence shows that the vehicle has come to a stop. No travel signal is here. A trip/journey is halted. Sometimes can even be a fault with the car or even a car bump or crash. Either way, it shows a vehicle that may have travelled at extreme speed, very fast at some point but has ended up stationary.
I am a bit disturbed about the 'journey' elements here because my feelings are that there is a question mark on that. I will think a bit more before I write my thoughts.

Meanwhile, lets go back to this Queen of Wands. Firstly, this is a person who is not very nice. They are dominant, argumentative, controlling, they shout, throw all their toys out the pram when they cant get their own way and might have been capable of losing their temper in a revengeful way or in an explosive fashion.

Now all I can do is give information that Tarot suggests and not all elements may apply. However, I do not know what Pauls status was for example whether he was in work, or school but to me this seems like something got out of control. There may be another person here at the bottom of that. I feel as though if there was a female or involved in this situation that she was a demanding person and quarrelsome.

I do not quite know how things can tie up but I also see some form of legalities or perhaps court matters but not sure who for only that they can appear here.

I also think there is someone here that is either stronger physically or in personality that tries to get the better possibly of Paul himself. Certainly would not want to hang around with anyone like that. Wands are not very nice cards when they are reversed. They bring out the fire/temper/anger in people to a very forceful degree so it would really seem on the surface that there is some negative nature around him.
Quarrels, problems, back stabbing, anger they show up here or seemed linked in somehow.

I also see the basement of a building. I feel as though he was dominated by somebody. Though this is the queen like I have said, it could be male or female but the elements are STRONG -meaning the person is ferocious in attitude. Im not sure if Paul was ultimately connected to his car where it was found. I was bothered about the fact that there is some detail regarding that car and where it was found that made me wonder if it got there by someone else only because of the fact that I see a trip delayed. However, in truth it could just be referring to the moment it came to a stop.

I have not requested to read or learn any details about Paul I just wanted Tarot to do the talking.

Now the other thing with this card is that it is number 13 and number 13 may be numbers that refer to distance, timing or route/road. We also have to take into account number 31 and add the two figures to make 4. Now this to me is the Emperor. The Emperor is all about rules and regulations, authority and even transport can come up in this card, but so can spouses, partners, bosses, fathers. Our Queen is generally someone who is close to us, but it is reversed. This might show that there is falling out with someone we could know.

Also if we look at that Emperor reversed it can show non biological people but those who are closely connected, such as step fathers, or bosses, or ex bosses, ex people in our lives or people who may not be bound by blood but still linked to us anyway.

Whether male or female, we have a very formidable figure here who is a problem to us.

This journey of cards could very well suggest 'family interference' but bound to the outsides of relationships. It can show many contrarities within relationships and some stalker elements can be here. I feel as though someone is very strict and bitter. I also see someone who is interfering and incredibly dominating. There may be sexual energy or weapons in these cards, the possibility is there so is jealousy and deceit.
There may be two other people connected here.

Was everything ok in Pauls life? did he have any pressing problems or feel dominated by others or pushed into things he did not want to do, or have something that was concerning him. There is a feeling his car was out of control or he was in a situation that was. But what I rather feel is others taking advantage of him. Perhaps being abusive? I feel theres some relationship popping up here that has created jealousies and dominance.
Now in truth I can see many things but whether they are connected to Paul himself or those around him is a difficulty. But, there may be an entertainment place here - equally there may be some kind of construction site or buildings.

I do feel that he may have been approaching a town with rolling hills and trees this may be part of his journey and not the end result. He has someone around him that was pushy and angry. Normally I associate heat and fire and the colour red with this card. I also feel there is someone or something connected to legal matters, courts or something of that nature but Im not sure how to tie that in right now.

Anything to do with sun or sunflowers can come up here, and here I see wilted sunflowers which shows that heat gets the better of us and we do not have water. Maybe that applies to the vehicle depending on whether it was examined and whether anything was picked up mechanically.

That aside, I dont think this tarot augurs well in the companionship or friends department whether someone he cares for or connected to him - the way I see it bad tempers surround him or big problems. There may also be something to do with work but not sure how that drifts in except that it sits on a negative note, the trend of this card is not kind. Others are not well disposed towards us at all.

If I were to look at landscape features, I would have felt there was an airport SOMEWHERE.

If he was involved romantically something has severely gone wrong or there is interference here.

Keywords that may assist for landscape or vicinity or have other meaning or connections are the following. Firstly the direction is South when linked to a Wands card and you will see the cat on this card and this will link to the area the car was found ie Catlina.


I ask for guidance as to where Paul may be located. Location is really the most difficult question to ask Tarot as Tarot does not have the ability to 'tell' names. What it can do is try to describe and then it is a matter of hoping to piece together what we are given. Firstly we have a number 1 here.

That will distinctly offer the possibility of a distance, a timing or a route/road which may have a 1 within it. We are still with the Wands cards and symbolically we are being given a castle on a hill in the distance. A river runs through a valley and 1 away from origin. Again this could be a route with a 1 in it.

This card is considered to be SOUTH but we have to bear in mind that there may be a water element somewhere linked. Whether that turns out to be the name of an area or an actual linking to water I cannot be sure. The Ace generally would show us an interstate or dusty roads. We can get names such as sand, bow, castle, from this card.

Because I am not sure whether Tarot is giving past present or future we have to consider everything as possible links in time or journey or that information may be connected to someone else but symbolically someone stands inland facing water South and looking towards the West with a globe in their hand. We also have the word Surprise here so I will give that also. The feeling I have with this location card is a non co-operation almost like I cannot be told much about whereabouts but yet I can see landmarks.

The colour Red will come up with the wands cards. I note that both cards are wands that have been shown to me and part of me is struggling to decide if Paul is that far away from home because of the origin element that I have here.

I also feel that many of the thoughts/descriptions in the first card can easily follow here and it all seems to be rolled into one. I cannot make my mind up whether there are court elements or legal affairs attached when it comes to location as this card is also full of delays and a feeling of being stuck. I have often seen beaches, business and industrial areas in this card before and though it is an agricultural card I am not sure that it is vegetation in the real sense but more in the name sense.

I feel as though some wrong decisions have been made here somehow. I want to come back because I feel that there is more to add but I have to stand back for just a moment until I can focus my thoughts more. I wonder about the word Mill or Will – and at one point wondered also about hitch hiking but if that were the case I would not have felt there was a good person on the road at the time if that occurred. I keep seeing a no choice element here and not being able to wait and it clouds my thoughts.

I do see the water elements and still wonder whether there is a place with the name of water or that there is a stretch of water in the vicinity? I will certainly come back when I have gathered my thoughts more strongly as I feel there is some misdirection here or we are led in the wrong direction?


When asking if Paul will be found I am given a positive YES I hope always that will be true. I have the word WELL here and of course the SUN itself could show a location or give a form of clue as here we have a wall and sunflowers/garden element and a sense of being free. Again they could be keywords to location but ultimately the number 19 comes up here. If you add that together you get 10 so I do wonder about routes with 10 on them. I see a grey wall in the picture and even wonder about the garden of someones home. That might sound ridiculous or might be something of the future but clearly I seem to have the possibility of this boy being found.

This is the family card, it is also the travel card and foreign climes. There is nothing negative about it. Cellars basements and buildings have often shown here in this card too where the light cannot get in but this card is not reversed and I would have expected that if that had been the case.

However, let us concentrate on the positive side here. In our first card I have the sign of Judgement which would give me Tombstones and church elements but also a card that can tell of confusion and sickness or health matters. We could also find that we go around in a circle so circles or anything that links to circle can come up here such as a globe for the world. The sun rises in the East but sets in the West and those two directions could also be very strong.

Judgement can give us a view of the past and past places and is linked to the number 2 or 20. We also can link that in to initials B or J, D or R again water elements and often female elements or hidden factors. Does someone here have a secret? Is there something written down on paper, a note or some other document? perhaps some links to health?

I see two towers and a mountain in the distance, perhaps the two towers are a bridge again water seems to come in as a river or some flow of liquid. Drugs, drinking can all come up in various messages all thrown down as fragments of issues but not placing them squarely and a sense of protection from a female nurturing figure seems to bode here. Spring comes up. A bird, ditch or hollow is seen and a garden or orchard.

I also have the colour White and Silver here.a V or victory, a ruby and letter S. One must consider looking to father or brother? or brotherly love.
I am shown a vehicle driven by a girl?

We are given a road map?

All indications seem to suggest that Paul will be found. One might have thought he could be linked to the number 19 or 10 that is all I seem to have but I will return on this tarot as I must try to dig deeper if possible. It may give a January or October time or that 1 or 10 are in the route or have another significance. Please bear in mind that I receive Glimpses which can be considered as POSSIBILITIES via the Tarot and not FACT. I therefore cannot guarantee how the informaton will translate ultimately but hope that something is going to help.




Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

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  1. This is Jessica, I submitted my brother's story to you. I was wondering if you could relook at his tarot.

    1. Hello Jessica, Tarot and a map was provided for your Brother and Im not sure if there is anything I can add at the current time as I feel I covered the information I was given. It would be more likely that Tarot would just give me more of the same with another card. I am not sure what good it would do as Tarot has probably told us more then we think? it is always a matter of trying to unravel clues. I will have a re-read and if I come up with anything I will post for you.

      Kindest regards.

    2. Hello, just coming back to this.. not sure if you could read them again and see what you come up with.

      Thank you!


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