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Friday, 10 May 2013




Ashley Summers went missing on July 6, 2007. She would be 16 years old today. Ashley voluntarily left her home that day, and there's been no legitimate sighting of her since.

Ashley was reported missing from her West 96th Street home, near Madison Avenue, on July 6, 2007. She is considered an endangered juvenile because of her age and the length of time she has been missing,. The FBI there is no indication of foul play, but it is possible she is being held against her will.

Anyone with information regarding Ashley, is urged to call the Cleveland/Cuyahoga Fugitive/Gang Task Force at 216-522-1400 or the Cleveland Police Department's 1st District at 216-623-5118.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



10TH MAY 2013

In the light of the three Cleveland girls being found (Amanda, Gina and Michelle) I have been asked several times to look at the Tarot for Ashely Summers. Im not sure if this is the right time to do this but I have caved in to the request.

There are many pending cases before this request but I have made an exception due to the age of the girl involved. As always nothing can be guaranteed and I simply write down what I receive. The glimpses that I get are within past present and future trends. I always recommend that you seek official information and do not solely rely on the Tarot for answers. Tarot only offers POSSIBILITIES and not Facts. Facts can only be validated when media reports appear to confirm what is in the Tarot at a later date. I think this girl went North East on a 6 road.


My first card for Ashley is a number 6 and a North card as a Rule. This card seems to point out matters of health, wealth and general physical matters all of which might come into question here.

The 6 may represent a route/road/distance or timing. I do notice that I was counting off the amount of years that Ashley has been missing and pentacles often reflect years - this year is six years which is curious. The main thing that I seem to see is someone wanting to help someone else out. This is a kind of charity card whereby if someone needed help this person comes along and helps them or offers to help them. There is a feeling of being offered something that might benefit the other person. I know when I look at Ashley that she knows I am here to ask her things and to help. I see an aura around her head in her picture and there is a very innocent feeling around her so I do feel that writing for her is well received.

Now these pentacles. This is a six card so it is going to link to family in some way or lovers but it can also show a fork in the road or a junction. There is a feeling of having to make a decision. Its an if /or card. It is also a card that links back to a family and two children who may have vanished.
This may all be being picked up due to whispers in the media about whether this girl is involved with the same situation as the three girls just found.
So, I am going to break away from that for a moment because I know that Tarot picks up news and anything in the air. For that reason I am going to put that idea to one side for the moment.

I see this girl 'outside' of the town or on the outskirts holding on to her possessions . I feel there is a need to make money because there is a feeling of otherwise being down and out. The man in this card could be an actual man that offers us a gift in exchange for work. There is often a church or something to do with a church or perhaps just a church name coming up in some way. I feel there is an element of innocence with Ashley - but I feel as though she needed money or some kind of material comfort.

It is therefore possible that she needed to work or was looking to work or that it might have some bearing here. I see some kind of possible swing in that direction. I might be wrong of course because this is not the greatest card to begin with as its so uni directional in what it gives us meaningfulwise. However, the upshot would be someone offering something to us for something in return. Often money being the main thing. It might be shared between others. 

I need to say the word 'SNOW'.

The next card makes me see a farmer so I kind of see farm land or rural land and school or college elements perhaps in names of places. It does lead that way. There may be a property where a person is alone here or rented or abandoned. I also see some kind of business links? Im not going to even TRY to stick a story together because thats now how tarot is giving this to me. It is simply giving me bits and pieces and laying them on the table.
I am seeing a dog or dogs. I can also see CCTV and fingerprints?


Here Im seeing the word Bridge, but I dont know if that is a real bridge or not. The reason why is because it is reversed sometimes its telling us water and a bridge but 'not really' it just seems like that in the picture. So I just put both things for now because thats what this location is saying.
Its a number 5 too and if you reverse that you are possibly getting a connection to number 4.

Thats going to show us someone who is nasty and abusive and uses that against us and tries to control us. The problem is I might be seeing 5 people here - I dont know for sure, but I can see some auful things emotionally. I see relationships that are strange, I do not know if this is connected to the three girls that have been released, it may be just interfering with this Tarot so I cannot dare to suggest anything at the moment.

Perhaps its something similar because this girl is either near water or a water name but also there are sexual elements here and the other elements that could come up are basements, cellars, nasty places that are connected to damp decay or water names or actually drains, waste disposals sewers, undecorated places, boggy dampness, black mud, marshes, ruined places that sometimes are not far from water. A feeling of being imprisoned and restricted perhaps in the dark, or feeling there is no room to move. It could just be a psychological thing too like how a person feels so I have to be careful here.

Here we might be forced to do things we dont want to do - I have a tree name an M or W might show up here and the word BELL or 3 bells and the colour Silver possibly even white might come up. The 4 number could be somebody who acts like a boss or spouse or someone who is like the horrible stepfather figure that treats us like muck. There is a feeling of being out of it - suicidal feelings on occasion a horrible man who is crafty smothering and genuinely unpleasant.

I have many many messages here but I dont know whether they refer to this girl or not. I wish really I had written for her prior to the other girls who people are hoping might be connected to Ashley. However, this card can show that she may have been in an unhappy emotional environment and wanted to get away. I feel theres money on her but not quite sure why but trade is here. On the one hand I see her being cared for and on the other I just feel like she has to give too much back for that.

Because there is a 5 here I suppose we need to look at 5 routes perhaps or roads or half the numbers to 2 and half, also the fact that we must bear in mind that it could some form of distance or timing. This card is normally West but its possible the North could come up too. There really could be a river with fast flowing water in the vicinity. Im seeing the word Castle its around here its not far from the River. Its one side of the River. The five can show us a person with keys or two keys. This is a person with no morals - a person who represents a mentor or the word Mentor comes up here. Locks, containers, keys, K name perhaps or quay. Something about a church nearby or church name.

I am sensing recovery and forgiveness. I dont know if its past tense or not because this girl was emotionally hurt I think in some relationship. I see something with her that gives her sweet qualities like a nursing element shes kind. I feel like someone loses their head, I dont know if it means drugs or drinking or someone gets so involved in drink that they dont now what they are doing. I am feeling that theres something here about a child or unwanted pregnancy. I see the colour Green in these cards and I feel that theres a lot of depression. I can feel depression this girl has a white aura around her head and its pulsating. I can see it. She is soft in the face I see her face looking back at me I feel like she has been through a lot. I know when this card turns up we talk about return of loved ones but I dont know what this means for her.

Theres going to be trouble - theres going to be court cases here - big trouble but theres something that is delayed?

I can see something black. I dont know what it is. I am not sure if its a black garment or whether the word Black means something. Ive just been thrown over to Ohio City Farm. I dont know why it might mean nothing at all but theres something connecting over that way but I still have North East here too.


When I ask when this girl will be found I am given a 13 card. One could jump and say 2013 but it is reversed and there is something here that makes me feel that we have to give a 31 and/or a 4 here too. This queen is renowned as a water card. Sometimes this card can show being under water, near water or water name, or it can show drugs drinking or being in areas/vicinities where this occurs. It can show lakes or anything attached to water so its hard to be absolutely sure of the exact connotation.

This card and all the cups are reversed. I often feel that when it comes to search and find we are being told to be extra sensitive here. There may be elements that are not so favourable and we would have to bear that in mind.
This particular Tarot could be ill timed for me in the wake of the other girls recently found from the same area. I am almost tempted not to post it and hold on to it for the time being. But, I feel that I should publish it and ask everyone who reads to try to seperate their mind as much as possible because I have had to try to write it on its own merit and found it exceedingly difficult.

It could be due to disappearing from the same area but this card via the six could link to the Lovers card and that gives us the word AIR once again and furthermore it could also show North somewhere along the line.
I want to come back to this Tarot and will just post this for the time being because I feel tired. I feel tired when I look at this girl - June and July figure somewhere. Also I notice the Chariot is reversed - and sometimes thats a vehicle or places you keep them. I am not sure what I feel here about Ashley but to find her we need a namedropper. Theres someone connected to music and poetry here. Im seeing a dentist.

Someones lying. Someones lying here about something, they are not telling the truth, theres some kind of story here or some secrets that are not coming out. Theres deception here from a woman who is keeping secrets.
I need to end this here. I will come back shortly because I cant focus on the issue properly. Theres something a bit wrong with the story Im seeing. Theres a very materialistic woman here shes greedy but I dont know who she is. A lot of deceit. I feel led to believe something and its as though Im meant to but its not 'like that'. Theres something manipulative here.

Yes its possible that Ashley could be found but someones interfering here and Im blocked for the moment. I see something blue and a possible vehicle with a canopy. So I DO think ultimately this girl can be found but just that there is some trouble involved in it or something troubling. Im not being shown the whole story and someone is 'untrue' and we cannot automatically rely on this girl being found because there is something that is misguided somewhere. Im seeing a lack of co operation?

I will be back to write more on this. Please bear with me. I need to think this one through. Once again this card is West and Im getting some kind of home elements to it. An enclosure of some kind. Im also seeing some kind of co dependency?

At this moment in time I feel we should take Tarot as a reflection of glimpses that are coming forward. I cannot guarantee what I am seeing as it may be coloured right now. I would ask that past present and future trends be considered with this Tarot and everything read combined. I am not quite sure whether I can seperate this child from the recent events hence I will need to come back after I have cleared my mind. Tarot only presents possibilities and not FACT you must make sure you understand this.



Please note of caution: - this map below is VERY difficult and it MAY be coloured by the recent events regarding the three Cleveland girls recently found.  The map follows a route suggested by Tarot but this map is certainly NOT guaranteed and though it appears to end up at the same road as other girls were recently found - it must be borne in mind that the tarot may have been coloured due to this girl disappearing from the same area as the other girls.  I must make sure you understand this. 


Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps



16TH MAY 2013

In our first card we have North which rather indicates either a wind direction or that it is possibly the name of a road or route, we have with that the number 6. North is considered as Air but we do have to also consider that this is a rugged earth card and here we have some kind of benefactor or gift giver, so it would indicate helping someone out in hard times.
I want you to read the original Tarot above and then link in this expanded information.

One of the descriptions for a person in this card could very well be someone who is strong pretty much well set in stature but they are often short in height also there is a likelihood that they have a foreign element about them or possibly mixed race is how I would put it. This if a person description applied would describe someone with a broad forehead, quite a largish head with dark eyes but mouth and lips are prominent or appear that way so dark hair or complexion perhaps rough looking black hair and often dirty hands or that the hands are not particular clean or attractive. No disrespect to farmers but they are in the weather all the time so I would be thinking of hands that do work or might have callouses on them.

Though this card indicates to us North we also have to take into account surrounding cards which might give a direction of South East as we do also see the word SNOW or that times are very hard and there is no work or someone is suffering unemployment here . We see a church element whether a real church or whether its symbolic is by the by. But schools do come up and universities in some way or some connection. Again rural elements and even a market place might show up. Difficult to really say for sure but we have to add all the information and read it as one.

The colour GREEN comes up here and also we have to think of the keywords or ways of trying to describe things perhaps even areas or names that sound like these keywords in the district perhaps but anyway we have stables horses and cattle or barns outhouses or garages if we were to convert the horses into cars/vehicles. Farm land or pasture land away from other houses comes up here but we also see single storey houses which could be bungalows cottages or places with low rooms might even mean cellars.

This card can describe names that link to music or people who might be linked to music but there are other little links too words like draper, tailor, painting and jewelrey whether they mean anything or not they are there. We have the word copper and also we have other keywords which Dee will look at and add to the map. Those descriptions really can be places or linked in some way they are gardens, fountains, bridal, bride, lodgings, beds, dancing schools, wardrobes.

A Friday seems to come up for whatever reason. We have someone who might like to have a drink who could also be quite amorous. He however seems to be fair or white in skin tone but has a foreign element to him, a round face and light brown hair with a bit of a wondering eye meaning he is flirtatious perhaps. Someone here might have a dimple either on chin or cheeks and does appear to be business orientated regardless of unemployment or looking for work.

There may even be someone here in uniform but not sure quite how that would figure right now. A bit of a jealous type, certainly would not think this a nice man if this card reversed or the bad side seeped in because he is then a thief and a rogue and financially bad news apt to steal or to try to get money making quick cash situations. Certainly does not want to work for it. Might even rob and burgle. But remember this card is upright and those other elements could be there but I dont see them on the surface or at least that much does not come to the surface right away .

This person can actually be very mean and nasty a drinker and very unfaithful type hangs around bars/clubs.

Our next card was a West card in the 5 of cups and it was reversed but gave us that church element still we do not seem to have lost that but for the reading of the five please read the original descriptions and then combine them with the fact that there could have been a very sort term relationship here that fell apart. Now this is where I would see the basements/cellars but I would also see places near water or have a water name. This element of the five of cups can show lust and sexual matters with virgins or younger women but it shows being in a place of no light and this card takes to the East or North East which is where we once again link up to that first card.

This card sees us imprisoned or restricted or a feeling we cannot move yet at the same time I see a sense of release because this card is reversed so thats a difficult one for me. Houses or buildings come up here so do tunnels waste disposal and pipelines or places that might signify damp or decay and even vermin can be picked up like rats. It really does show being somewhere it is far from pleasant.

We have stagnant lakes, snow and ice, Im not sure if that indicates being cold and damp but this is not a pretty place this is somewhere not very nice at all and either by a river or with water name.
We also have church type elements here so whether or not that is a place with a church nearby or the name of a church I do not know but I still think it might have something to do with two other people. All the information I have written above for the 5 of cups must be joined with all this information here.

The description of a person here is much as the card previously someone with dark hair, short and squat looking. All the dark features are here. There are sexual elements in this card so we are being asked to look at the genitals - of course America (excuse the pun) has many names like 'Knob' in their addresses and as a slang word that is a word in modern day language for genitals of the male kind. Sorry for that its not my usual description but the idea is that the lower regions of someones body can come up here and so can diseases 'down there' like piles and haemmoroids (yes spelling is rather out on that one) but you get the message.

In this card we can get liquid, so poisons can come up here but so can stings or bites. Whether these are actual events or whether in fact they are trying to describe location is not something I can say for sure. The overall message to me is someone with lustful motivation but is it someone that is linke to prison or is it just a feeling of being in a very tight place or restricted environment?

Here keywords can describe muddy or swampy grounds, bogs, marshes, stagnant lakes, sewers and drains, mud or black mud and the word CLAY. In gardens would be a north facing wall with no sun.
Blood red brown are colours that link. Lead or Iron. Smiths Bakers and Tailors can come up here as can carpenters or people who work with the hands

Someone violent and very capable of violence to the highest degree could come up here but also we should link in more keywords for places and they would be smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses, bricks, charcoal or somewhere connected with fire, perhaps, chimneys, forges. .

To our last card and in order to expand that we have our Queen of cups. Number 13, 31 or number 4. Please read the original descriptions and add it to these. I see water but also a field and an enclosure like a fence. Water is in this card either by name or by means of water in the vicinity.
Some mishap after 7 months or after a 7. Or maybe 7 is a distance from our home?

Here its possible there is someone who may have been pregnant. Its not always the case but its possible due to the description of the person and body shape. North seems to come up here.
North and West - North West appears to link in somehow. But East also.

There might be an airport somewhere around to the East. Everything here seems to point to water such as the following keywords which would be sea, rivers ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, etc. BUT also cellars and basements come up here. Grey silver white come up too. Pearls or crystals. Midwives and nurses appear here so I feel there is something about a child or children but I am not sure what. Fisherman can come up too or anything to do with water not to mention a person who drinks or who is a drunkard.

The word Gabriel (sounds very angelic to me and might be symbolic of church element) and Monday comes up here but the accent seems to be on Fields, fountains, baths, the sea, highways and desertplaces, port towns, rivers, fishponds, standing pools, boggy places, brooks, springs.
Illness and bad conditions seem to be here but not sure if that is to do with Ashley herself or someone connected with her. I hope something will be useful and I will ask Dee to adjust the map if she feels that this expansion opens up new possibilities.

Please remember Tarot is NOT FACT it is written giving scant details and glimpses of possibilities and that is not to be considered as absolute in any shape or form. It is up to the person reading whether anything resonates or not or whether they feel it uncovers or reveals any pointers that might assist. This expansion must be read in conjunction with the original tarot as it is an extension of each card as stated.




Dee has compiled a map following my Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps


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  1. CLEVELAND, Ohio — An emotional birthday celebration was held Sunday for a Cleveland woman who has been missing since 2007.

    Family and friends of Ashley Summers are using her 20-year milestone to get the word out about her disappearance. The discovery of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus last month has renewed hope Ashley may be found.

    Sunday, they released balloons at West 110th and Lorain, and there was information about Ashley tied to each one.

    Family and friends also passed out fliers to drivers and local businesses.

    The teen was last seen near her home in July 2007.

  2. I'm shocked,you know so much about the area of cleveland and yet it says you're from the U.K. I mean it's easy to go on google maps and look at areas but you were naming off places and businesses that someone that's not from the U.S., or even Ohio in general wouldn't bother looking up. WOW. I've always been very weary about psychics but when i read your reading on Sidney Randall and all the details, you really described her and the location she was found well. I'm a believer, well in you anyway. I have had this strong feeling Ashley is dead, but i think I'm going with your cards more than my gut. I'm so hopeful she's alive and that's she's okay.

    I have one question, when you say "I see this girl 'outside' of the town or on the outskirts holding on to her possessions . I feel there is a need to make money because there is a feeling of otherwise being down and out. The man in this card could be an actual man that offers us a gift in exchange for work." Do you think she's being forced into prostitution? Or is it a innocent feeling going along with you seeing her need to make money?

    1. I dont know anything about the area I just write down the descriptions that I am given via Tarot and have to hope it gives the right type of vicinity. I really cant form an opinion about any case and really try not to do that. I just read the tarot and the rest is open to conjecture.

      Thank you for your comment here.

  3. Is there anyway you can update your tarot reading for ashley summer im wondering do you believe shes still alive I hope you can update this tarot reading for her please it would be helpful thanks

  4. yes please update if u have time

  5. I am one of the few on a Missing forum group that believe Ashley may be alive. Her issues and problems at the time she disappeared we're over whelming to her. She was depressed and may go by a different name. I feel that there are many secrets and agree that some one is being deceitful in her disappearance. I feel she s in the State of Ohio!

  6. I believe Ashley is in Mentor, Ohio Which is Northeast of Cleveland going towards PA.

  7. The person(s) who posted the 2 above comments please contact me at our family website: I would like to communicate with you privately. Thank you! Mrs. Summers


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