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Wednesday, 20 February 2013



Kevin Ayotte was last seen playing in the upstairs area of his family's summer home in Sugarbush, Minnesota on September 30, 1982. His mother went outside for a few moments; when she returned, Ayotte had disappeared.

If you have any information , please contact:
Beltrami County Sheriff's Office


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following

which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




I have a request here on the blogger to look at Tarot for Kevin Jay Ayotte.

Those who are familiar with the Tarot here on this site are aware that I write what I see and publish exactly that. Tarot can only give possibilities and not fact but produces information from past present and future trends. I always hope something might help but recommend always visiting factual sources.

First thought for this boy is what a lovely little chap. I find I easily repeat myself when I see these little ones, always so fresh and sweet and having to write about them as a missing person always saddens me. Again, this is another 'cold case' as Kevin has been missing for at least 31 years. I can hardly believe the 80's are that long ago, it seems like yesterday to me, but then I guess I do not really think about Time. However, family and loved ones of Kevin have been through a lot of years without him so this period of time must have seemed a lifetime. I hope that Tarot can show something that is useful, it will try anyway.


The first impression I had about this boy is that he is 'stuck in the past'. Stuck could be the operative word but firstly lets deal with some of the elements. Firstly this is a water card as a rule and also a family and emotional card.

The number is 6 - this card could in fact reflect a 9 reversed which could show that he could have got stuck in a drain or bogged down somewhere, like in a pot or somewhere he could not get out. But, perhaps they are just suggestions of what may have been thought previously.

This card can suggest all that, but it can also show other possibilities which might equally be unpleasant. This card links to the Lovers reversed card.

The lovers reversed is going to show a garden and a 'mountain' but it also can show a 'stalker' or being followed by someone of outside elements. Outside elements means either someone on outer relatives circle or someone known to family but loosely. The family interference level might come in here. This may be wrong but its here and I write it down as it shows up. We are being told about a smell?

There may be some respirational problems. There appears to be land with a stream or water elements in rural land that could be nearby. Again the Mountain appears but that could be symbolic or a name. The 9 or 6 could represent a route or have some other significance.

This card though West is also linking up to a white bridge and a stream. There may be an initial M or W and the name Bell. There may also be five points of water, whether streams or otherwise, but clearly water in a name or water is being shown to us here.
We are being told that there is defective knowledge about the past so clearly something may not have come to light or has somehow managed to stay under the radar? As our card is reversed it seems that there are opportunities to go somewhere else and that opportunity has been taken.

Breaking away from a group of friends or people is here. Some kind of arguments seem to be apparent not sure how or why these are instigated or why they appear. However, I think this boy could have been taken by someone. The person could be young too or there is another child that has also disappeared from the area, all possible.

The six of cups reversed can sometimes show someone with sexual insecurities that can bring up peadophile elements.( This card can also reflect to information for the future ). It is not always the case but all possibilities have to be written down so that puzzles can be decided and put together to knowledge that is already known or recorded whether public or private. It may be that someone just took him. I have a tree name and an 'island' element

There is some unhappiness here in childhood. I do not know if this refers to this child or not but I just seem to see some form of interference however that is to be construed. Perhaps this little boy simply became fed up playing. We could simply things but I think it is more then that. I am seeing emotional insecurity - unprotected.
Generall the North East can come into this card but it is reversed so perhaps North West may show instead. Certainly the West does seem to come up.

A person description if it applies would be someone a well built, strong . Generally large hairy person, dark hair and eyes dark and penetrating. Square face, short neck, squat appearance.

Keywords for POSSIBLE vicinity/landscape or descriptions that try to name places are the following thoughts - a hostile environment that might produce fear or threat because it is dark or has a lack of light or restricted movement.

Feels like a prison. Somewhere damp, boggy, swampy or marshy. Ice and Snow come up here, smelly lakes, ruined houses near water, sewers/drains. Black mud, underground conduits, tunnels/pipes etc. Basements or cellars and the word CLAY. North facing walls, potholes or puddles, or if in untenanted areas of building, damp and decay. The sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, etc. In houses it represents cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water.

Any of these keywords could suggest the name of place or road or point to certain elements. Certainly water comes up here or somewhere cold and damp.

Other keywords as an attempt at names or descriptive elements are smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses, places where bricks or charcoal is burnt, chimneys, forges. A sense of perjury or someone who is not like to tell the truth. An alcoholic?


Here we have the 7 of pentacles. Pentacles are generally North and as you can see this card is reversed once again. This does rather indicate a lack of security and health at risk.

It is often a rural card and can point out various rural elements in surroundings. Im still getting a trapped feeling with this card. There are some financial matters here that suggest some kind of wasted search also but this card the 7 could theoretically show us descriptions that link to farmers fields, properties that are abandoned, college/school names. Theres something about receiving money one should not but that is not helping me much.

The word Manor, Hood, bird.

This card could link to the letter G on occasion and also a BANK or a SQUARE or possible Square shape that is 'out of town' or outside the town.

We are asked to regard this case with suspicion.
There is a possibility of not having enough money in this card and speculating how to grow money.

The word Green applies.

Here again we have a person description fitting the first which is someone who is strong and well-set and probably short with broad forehead, large head - the eyes, mouth and lips prominent. Dark hair or complexion - dark or black rugged hair and horrible hands.

Links to animals/pets.

South East comes up here but Im wondering if its more West we should be looking.

Ailments to the throat neck and the shoulders.

Keywords to places can SOUND like or have similar names to stables horses and cattle or where tack is kept such as storage places, barns etc Farm land or pasture land away from houses. Single storey buildings could come up like bungalows or cottages but barns outhouses sheds or cellars or low rooms. The idea here is something that describes the word LOW or DOWN. This could apply in names of places.

A person who smothers. An insensitive woman dark hair. Possible link to music names or sounds ie. Bell.

Keywords for descriptions of places or names or connecting factors that sound similar ie road names or places - Gardens, fountains, bride, or bridle or bridal , the word fair, lodgings, bed and breakfast, the name bed or beds, hangings dancing schools, wardrobes.

Copper colour - possible white colour also. Rose/flowers.

Man who is divorced or batchelor, possible religious elements or moral elements but twisted.

Deceit, Lies perjury. A blanket or carpet? alcohol or drugs.
Two people?

Someone here plump with dimples or pregnant.


Asking if Kevin will be found, this card tells us that if so it will be unexpectedly, it probably is not expected after all these years, but they always say expect the unexpected because it is not impossible to find him. This card is an 11 card which brings messages possibly to family somehow. It is also a card that shows immaturity, so the time may not be ripe as yet to be trying to name WHEN exactly. The number 2 also comes up here and the direction is West.

I seem to have a family home on the Hill with two children with one missing out of the picture. 

It is the 'home town' of the family and this card seems to suggest that is possibly where the boy might be found? Or a home town of this boy which I cannot say where that was or whether its the same place he disappeared.

All the elements of the first card MIGHT apply here in some of the descriptions regarding initials etc. Bear in mind that this is a water card so could bring up a place that is a water name or near an element of water. It certainly does seem that Kevin could be 'stumbled upon' or fished out but right at this moment, the true answer is that it is too soon to tell.

I seem to have a distant relation here, perhaps an auntie?
I am given a 4 which I wonder if it is relating to Spring or a March/April month or even May though which is not clear as I still have some kind of suspension on the matter.

However, I do see some justice here, so thats on its way so whatever has happened here it seems to me that some things will balance out and the truth will out. Feel of sense of being concealed or hidden.

Im seeing the word 'gay' or gay people. Possible name Ray ?
I think there will somehow be some communication either within an 11 or a 2. Im not sure if thats to a family member or about a family member. Water elements here also either in place or name.
Tarot can only give possibilities not FACTS.

Please go to OTHER sources for facts or evidential information. Validation cannot be given to anything Tarot advises unless it is confirmed via media after Tarot has been completed. Please read all information combined and remember the past present and future trends. I hope something is useful. If I have missed anything I will come back to write it.





Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

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  1. Hi Empathy,

    I know it will sound a little odd but as i red your reading about Kevin i am thinking is it possible that he was abducted by saskwach or bigfoot?

    These places in Minnesota are known by bigfoot sightnings. Kevins dissapearance is really strange and my guess is he wondered in woods and was probably taken (he and his dog) by some kind of predator.

    This in in your reading; a person description is very large, very hairy, very strong, short neck, eyes penetrating, square face, squat appearance, broad forehead, large head, terrible hands, rugged hair, dark complexion, prominent lips and mouth.

    This description is likely to be more some kind of creature then a human. Many other children dissapeared similair way. I believe he was abducted because if he would be lost they would found him. But its almost unlikely that person would kidnap a kid in the middle of the woods. Thats my guess.

    1. the person described fits that of his mothers nephew


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