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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Christina Whittaker's family has celebrated her birthday without her for three years.
Sunday night they held a candlelight vigil to celebrate her 24th birthday in Hannibal's Central Park.
She was 21-years-old when she went missing from Hannibal.

Christina's mother, Cindy Young, usually spends this day out looking for her.
It's been two and a half years since Christina went missing from Hannibal. Her daughter, Alexandria, was only 6-months-old at the time of her mother's disappearance. She is being raised by Young.
They have been working on fundraisers to help raise the reward for her return, including a cook book which will go on sale soon.

They also monitor her  Facebook group for any updates on her whereabouts.
Young says that it is tough to find help searching for a missing adult.
"You almost have to go in yourself if you want to get it done. We've searched many many many times. I feel like we've come really close to finding her several times but for some reason we just haven't," Young said.
The family has not received any tips on Christina's whereabouts lately, but they believe she may be in Peoria, Illinois. 

Young plans to travel to Peoria next week with one of Christina's uncles to continue looking. This time they will have an updated photo of what she may look like now to aid in their search.
If you have any information please contact the Hannibal Police department at (573) 221-0987.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




 I have had a request on the blog here to look at Tarot for Christina Whittaker. At the current time I have had to apologise for some cases that have had to wait a while until I could get to them, Christina is one, but Family Requests for other cases had to come first.

I note Christina has quite a lot of information on the internet but for me it is TMI and I really dont bother to look at it as I like to have a clear head and just write what I see. That is the best way for me to conduct Tarot sessions.

Tarot is only going to show glimpses of events past present and future and is unlikely to come up with every detail down to 'dot'but I will just write down what I have and hope it helps. Tarot is not considered as FACT only POSSIBILITIES please bear that in mind and always go to other sources of factual information.


Firstly I understand Christina has been missing since November 13th 2009 at least that is the date that I am given. Heres a lovely picture above of her and her little daughter.

After a little meditation I am being given the Four of Wands. I wish I could say there is something negative about this card, but actually there is not. But, the underlying factors had it been reversed might show that there are tensions frustrations and possible quarrels which could be with people around her or in the home, or it could suggest that if this were not actual then it might have loomed.

However as you can see even if this were the negative side of this card, we were given it upright and that the emphasis on this card is freedom.

It can suggest moving to a new home or being linked to a property or new property. Its generally a card that is thought to be quite positive on the surface of things.

Now the question would be what happened to Christina, and I feel that the impressions I am being given is getting a lift or a ride. South comes up initially as being strong and the number here is 4 which could be a route, road or distance. I am thinking there might be some 'mind games here'.

Im wondering if Christina was waiting for a lift or hitchhiking for a ride as it could be the strongest element leading up to her being in another property or perhaps it was her getting a lift to HER home. The cards then seem to show her going out of town and the emphasis is on travel or a trip or should I say it - a holiday? as our wands end in that possibility with someone who does have a car and might be quite charming, charming enough to make her disappear anyway.

It could be that the holiday element is to do with someone else and not Christina but I put what I have and it will need to unravel itself.
All the same there is a blossoming of some romance or new friendship here perhaps this was sudden or going on for about 4 weeks?

I just seem to see 'going home' though and yet this card can show a different property which is a bit confusing. The run of cards makes me feel that Christina might have felt 'got at' sometimes, bear in mind the cards are past present or future, and looking at them it could suggest that there was something competative perhaps in her life and there might have been times that she felt she had to defend herself, maybe about nothing in particular but I get that defensiveness there when I see how the cards run.

There are sporty elements to the wands cards so I do need to mention this.

The very extreme could lead Christina to actually being attacked and if that were the case then I would feel it was a male who was in a car at the time. I do have a HILL here so I would have thought a Hill or hill name is in the vicinity, that and an airport.

So if there are negative things here, and Tarot shows Christina going home then it would seem to me the extreme could be being picked up by someone who seems really nice and charming and getting attacked by them. However, that is pushing things along quite a way down the wands cards so I am just giving 'how things might have turned out' against what I can see initially.

I do seem to see some kind of opportunities around Christinas life at the time of disappearance though I cant decide whether they are personal or business but they do appear to be there.

Around her I would have thought are scenes of the sea or ocean or water and even possibly a bridge and clifftop. Of course they could also be names of Places.

The name Victor or the word Victory could come up and so could the word ASH.

Sex and weapons are linked to these cards - and we have to be aware of that.

The colour Red is shown here.

Because of the fire energies here I seem to see a bit or recklessness, that might be in attitude or thinking, but perhaps making quick decisions. South East seems to be the ultimate direction despite seeing South West initially so both those directions would be important and need to go on a map.

If there is a person here to take note of , then we would have to consider someone who may be well tanned (or that TAN is part of a keyword for a place) otherwise, someone who is lean, large bones not overly tall but most certainly strong, like a footballer type or someone with a good physique and maybe even someone who is going bald or has quite thin or thinning hair.

Certainly as a person would seem a 'bit of a laugh' or good jovial company and more then friendly with a fast car.
Burns and scars come up with this card which could show place names or be actual skin problems.

Descriptions of vicinity and landscape or descriptions to somehow 'name' a place could be linked to sandy and hilly ground, newly built land or where construction work is taking place. Land for sheep cattle or stables for small animals. Some kind of criminal linkage of some kind. .Im seeing real estate or construction sites? house builds? all kinds of material to build a house.
Also linked are smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses,bricks or charcoal chimneys, forges and I need to mention BORDERS and attics.

Someone here described as sandy or dark blonde hair with a bit of red, maybe a curl and hazel eyes.
Risky situations.


Here we have the world card. It is reversed and suggested that Christinas world ended or changed at the age of 21. It seems to me that where Christina is now is very much linked to the past so Im not that sure that we should be looking miles for her because with this card sitting next to a judgement reversed it is showing us too much of past locations to allow us to look too far afield. I could really be wrong in this but I have to decide what I feel Tarot is telling me personally.

The number 30 comes up as does 12 and 21 and also the number 3. These could be routes or roads or even distance for that matter. Industrial places might come up in the previous cards but most certainaly a feeling of 'dusty roads'.

The world card is a funny old card to get to be honest with you - because, it can take us back to the fool who is setting out on a journey but reversed he just did not go anywhere as a 'tourist' therefore he likely did not get far - but seems to have lost all his belongings so a lot of things were lost to Christina or one 'gives up their baggage' in their life - it can swing two ways here - either she had items that were found belonging to her which could represent something negative or that she gave up ties in her life. However, I feel personally that she may not have done the latter.

When the world is reversed and taking into consideration all the other cards, I would have felt that it was a man that is behind why she disappeared. I have initials here of B J D and possible R for people or places. Motherhood is negatised and there is a man here who could be a boss or step father or partner or someone close to her that is an abusive person and makes her cower or dishes out hard stern discipline. All her travel cards are reversed and that shows me a very difficult journey and even problems on a journey that could affect her health.

I am seeing two other people here too but I dont know how they equate. There might have been three friends together or three in a unit of company at some point from the offset. Something could have been agreed between them. Either that or three people are linked in some way and that might include Christina. Quarrels certainly can break out on these cards.

But going back to our world card - everything is upside down, the family is upside down too and I am seeing Christina in a basement or cellar or somewhere there is very little light. I am not sure whether Im looking at past present or future but I give what there is.

I feel Christina is next to or in cellar rooms or foundations of a building.

This card suggests - she did not go anywhere far it could be that Christina was taken somewhere but brought back if that makes sense, a kind of full circle whichever way you look at it. Again I might be wrong but thats what I think.

The only actual location that can be linked to the World card is AUSTRALIA logically so if I am wrong about her not going very far, then the only destination I can see is Queensland/Australia, 
sometimes even California has been linked to this card but  Im still suspicious of the block on travel here.

There are physical concerns with this card, but I see her somewhere Rural and the name Hill or an actual Hill with a stream running through and perhaps a 'mountain' that might be symbolic and the name of a place but I also see earth so limitations are most certainly on the travel that is highlighted in the world card.

If there is a scout camp or somewhere with a name like light or bright or something of that ilk maybe thats a good place to start? because I see being 'out of the way' in some sense and I also see a man here that might have had a beard or some facial hair who shaved it off. If Christina's isolation is self imposed then clearly she might not want her location to be identified, but I have trouble deciding. Also Im not sure why it would come up but Im seeing Weddings? a wedding place? Hotel or B and B Im not sure where they fit in but I can see them.

There is also a BRIDGE and that is important, it might be a name of a place or actual.

I need to look at a map to see where Kristina disappeared but Im also seeing symbolism about the word Olympics/sport?

I feel that if Christina is alive today she is pretty much vulnerable, if she did go abroad, then I see her as an ex-pat but it could be someone around her too. Tarot gives so much information that I sometimes am not sure who it is talking about but I keep getting the 'I dont think so' when I ask where she is located. North South East and West are on this card - but mostly a CIRCLE.


The Search and Find card we are given may represent information to come and that which may have passed or been 'done already' in respect of trying to find Christina. This card for me represents when Christina might be found. Here we have a 13, thats pretty apt for this year is it not? but it could also mean 13 years, curiously if you add 1 and 3 you are going to get 4 and Christina has been 'out there' somewhere for 4 years already.

This card is giving shelter and comfort and it could link to a vehicle or a male figure. The feeling I get here is of a rural environment, sensing a lot of nature here and I can still see this property that might have been abandoned or somehow sensing her alone? There might even be a school college or university link here perhaps actual or in the name of a road or place. Also farms or rural areas come up. This is generally a North card.

I am seeing someone walking along and I also see a couple of dogs or even one dog and Christina being sighted.
It is not impossible to find her so I would not say that Christina cannot be found, but rather that it is a possibility that she could be. Our 13 number could represent a 1 and 3 for road routes or distances or the number 13 as a number by itself too.
I might be seeing a business or working business or property of that ilk here.

I am still seeing some kind of link overseas but not sure what.
I think she will return or be found but I have had to put the positive and negative influences here because of what the cards tell me - it really all depends what was happening in Christina's life before she disappeared as to whether she will be found in good health or bad.

Part of me sees her near home but that could be a future influence and not a past one as I see everything together but at least I can see that she will be found eventually. Im not sure if Christina has been involved in a negative relationship or with unhealthy type of people at some point or not.

I see her SOUTH.

I have a 'working' environment.

Keywords ( FOR THE MAP) would be farms,, wood stores and places where farm animals might be. Fallow or bare land, barren fields, bushy or thorny, soil or land that might have been dug. Places near water or have boat names or have actual boats on the horizon but in particular dry docks where they are kept or marinas.

Also walls and what I have seen before, international borders, fates, gateposts, garden fences, church yards or ruins or church names.
I felt cellars or basements in the other cards, and I have a confined feeling in this card. There may be waste disposal places nearby. Other keywords might be deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains,, coal-mines, sinks, dirty or s muddy places, wells and houses or offices.

Please bear in mind that any description might already be places that have been searched or places to search. I feel that there has been some kind of CCTV that has held some footage of Christina and also fingerprints can come up too. Not sure how that would figure.

The wands cards can also talk about different identities so I better put that out there too.

The truth is that these cards are not going to make me talk about life or death, but they will pick up fears from the public as Tarot picks up everything as well as whoopla and summisations, whatever has been said or done, tarot is going to throw it up and its a matter of picking out what has been said and done already and see what is left because what is left is likely to give some answers however small.

I am seeing something WHITE so I will give that too, not sure if its a name or an article.

I personally feel that Christina is going to be found whether in 13 years or the year 13 or that those figures will have something to do with it with route or distance. That is a secure and stable conclusion.
Meanwhile, I am also being given a Saturday here and some kind of eureka moment.

I just seem to see a lot of nature and conservation areas and possibly even animal sanctuarys or a vet? no idea why that might be.

Hopefully something here might help, Tarot is about POSSIBILITIES not FACT therefore please read it in that way and all the information combined in respect of past present and future events.



Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on  Maps

Show on  Maps

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