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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Image result for brittney ann beers missing

Missing since: 09/16/97
Missing from: Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Michigan
Last seen wearing a white tank top shirt with a possible floral design, bright pink or “hot pink” shorts and white tennis shoes with a pink design on the side. Brittney's four front teeth were missing.
Brittney was last seen playing outside of the Village Manor Apartment complex in Sturgis, Michigan on the evening of September 16, 1997.
Her brother was the last relative to see her there, sitting on a bench.

A witness told police that he saw Brittney speaking with an unidentified man. Brittney told this witness that she had made a new friend. She has not been seen since. Her bicycle was found abandoned.

The unidentified man seen speaking to Brittney was in his late twenties or thirties. He had short dark hair, a thick moustache, and was driving either a mid-sized red or brown car.
Sturgis Police Department

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.


29TH APRIL 2012

I have had a request on the blogger to look at Tarot for this little girl who disappeared in 1997.

Tarot can often give us some kind of idea of what the situation is as it shows us events past present and future. Anything that I see in the cards can be in any of these time epochs, but hopefully something here will help. Please rememberTarot is not considered 100 per cent accurate by law and you are recommended to go to factual sources of information.


The first card that Tarot has given me for Britney is showing her quite happy and content and near her home. This card has come randomly from Tarot but seems to show family surroundings and the direction here is West whether in address , road or direction. This little girl has a card of water here and again that can reflect either in the name of the area of may show us emotional elements.
This card does indeed show us happiness in relationships but it is next to the home and shows that unexpectedly someone has appeared on the scene here .

Now the 'thing' with the page of cups is that this card does often represent messages to the family, so its possible that someone may have spoken to her about her family but whoever it was had a car, motorbike or some form of transport. This does not appear to be a stranger though because the Knight of cups is generally thought of as a friend so she would have known this person.

Whether it is an actual member of family or not I am not sure but the person that I am seeing here is light haired and not the description of the person that has been recorded in the info details above. The person I am seeing is possible anything from late teens to 32, and cups cards are fair haired people . If they are older they are considered grey haired but this person does not seem to be elderly.
But, there seems to be two children here in the journey of the cups, it shows two children who vanish from their own back yards or from home. The journey shows being offered something or someone talking to Brittney. There is a feeling that one should 'walk away' here but that has not happened.

There does seem to be an invitation to go somewhere here and generally I link this card to a lake, body of water, even boats can come up here. Both the following cards have the water element also but can also represent mother and father, so the invitation must have been something verbal regarding the mother and father, or at least that is what it would appear to seem. I could be wrong. The knight is someone you can talk to or tell things to and therefore I do feel there was verbal communication here.

Though we get cards come out of tarot upright, if these cards were reversed the negative side of this section would not be good and the integrity of the person that crossed her path would be far from honourable, they can be cunning, conniving , deceptive and capable of very nasty things.

On the very surface of it it did not seem that anything bad has happened because these cards end in the what seems to be mother and father?

Someone here might wear a ring that is a 'ruby' or maybe that is significant for something else? It can sometimes give us a father figure or even a 'pastor' can come up in the end cards, it has batchelor references.

All the cards here are connected to water or water names. There is sometimes a 'red ship' symbol that comes out here and fountains/swimming pools/ as well as all other forms of water.
I am seeing no negative tendencies on an older male and female who might be here and they appear later on if we are seeing people and not circumstances here as there is a kindly father figure and a very nice auntie type of person or cousin or someone that is linked to the family.

Theres also something here about 'gay' people and some wonderful unexpected plan.Was this girl taken by other family members? You see if these cards come upright then the influence is positive and not negative but I can see all sorts of bad and underlying problems had they been reversed and I need to point that out. Somebody here is having their 'wish' fulfilled? There are possibilities of some kind of deception because the Moon is linked to this card and the home, so Im just feeling that something was going on here with the family.

This 9 of cups seems to tell us about some kind of loyalty either being given or received and there is something distinct about motherhood or a mother and many difficulties are surmounted here. I have the colour Blue quite strongly in this card and Im feeling there is something 'churchy' here or a church or somehow some reference to a priest or pastor, yes I do seem to have that reference as Jupiter is in Pisces here and brings about people of that ilk. I think the gay element would be appropriate because clergyman are thought of as batchelors, not necessarily true but its that kind of feeling I have here and the direction I have is still referring to West, but NORTH West.

I cannot be sure if the church element is a person or a place because this card can give us Churches/monastries, and places like hermitages, holy places - but it also can link heavily to water elements such as fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy or watery ground, moats, springs, the ocean, and all places near to water inside or around the house and a feeling of seclusion or retreat.

Had this first card come out reversed, I would be looking at a paedophile or paedophile ring and nasty goings on in the homes or connected to it but maybe that hovers I really cant be sure.
There may be someone else in the 'background' connected to our Knight, it is someone that this girl knows, it is not to my mind a stranger. When I see family cards like this I know the missing person is linked to someone or something around their own vicinity or their own home.

Often its difficult to post that because it can upset families if Tarot is wrong, but Tarot is not often wrong when it comes to cards that sit on the family home as this one does.

Lets have a look at what Tarot wants to say about location. Remember these cards are all different messages thrown in together and can will talk about different periods of time in this girls life. I cannot control what comes up and where. The first card is a number 9 and that card itself is telling us about a completion of an end of matters in a home.

Sometimes Horse names can come up with these cards and also drinking drugs and a kitchen.
Someone is very smug that they have 'nothing to hide' but there is some kind of illusion in the disappearance of this child as pointed out by the Moon card. This girl had absolutely no reason to distrust the person that is on the cards on the day of her disappearance as there is nothing negative there to suggest a stranger that she should be afraid of, quite the opposite.
A Thursday is mentioned. If anything terrible happened to this little girl it is not being seen in this card. So let us take another one.


In this card I have an A and a W. This is a happy card it is not negative unless I am not thinking straight when I am delivering Tarots advice. This card tells me that she is linked to possibly a couple but could be one person. This card tells me that she is being looked after by friends or family and that she is in the company of them.

Now I can only ask Tarot to try to tell me and this card was supposed to be an indication of current location. It may be wrong and may just be telling me that she is still near the family home so I do have to ask you to bear in mind that possibility.

However, this is a THREE card so Number three would be significant. Being 'looked after' does come up in this card as it is a card for family counsellors or careworkers and for some reason they come up in this card.

Not only do we have the 9 for completion of a matter in the top card but it appears that the matter is concluded in this one too and it indicates West in direction once more. Either some reunion or gathering here. Now this card is a card thought to point out something about October.

It also is a positive card. So once more Im wondering if this girl was taken by family? I really hate to put out hopes if something auful had happened but from my point of view I dont see it. The only way this would be horrible and negative and end in a bad situation for this child is if these cards were reversed and I do not decide the position of them, Tarot does.

Here we have a white bridge and a flowing river so again we do have water elements. Maybe she is not far from that kind of scenery? If anything had occurred to her then I wish Tarot would have shown it with reversed cards but I dont have them. To be realistic and just talk about location, this girl is not far from her own family home or at least would be in a town that is familiar. There may be a 'tree' name here and/or an 'island' or just the name may come up.

The feeling I have is 'leaving the past behind' so if this was the case it might make sense of what I have seen. This girl if she was alive would around 21 years of age now. I see a Garden here and some kind of 'celebration'???

Perhaps it is just describing the vicinity of where Brittney may now be. But I have to say that it is connected to home.
Perhaps the word 'union' might come up. I have West in the other cards and North West and here again I have NORTH .

Again we are looking at watery named places, such seashores, the sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, marshy land, but if it is In houses it represents cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water. So maybe I jump at being optimistic that these cards all seem to be positive, but the truth is they may just be saying NOTHING about this girls health, but are indicating that she is nearby or in a home or her home. I wish I could be more clear because she is connected to caregivers, family, friends etc as per the Tarot.


Well the truth is I dont know when she will be found, because this card can say there is a fear of the past and a refusal to change because of it. So perhaps this card is telling us that there is a reason why she cant be found and that is because things in the past are detrimental to her or definitely detrimental to someone else and there is a bishop in this card.

This card is a 13 and it could describe 2013 or it could be a 1 and a 3 or 31. They are all numbers that may be significant in some way even road or route numbers. This card also adds up to Four.
Four is the number of the Emperor and the Emperor when he is reversed represents familial abuse and it can also represent stern, strict and violent actions. The Emperor is known as the father as in parent/guardian father or a pastor/priest father. The finding of this girl appears to be linked to this and why she is not found or links to how/when she can be found.

It could point out a non biological parent ie, stepfather OR guardian?

I personally see this matter in suspension with two alternatives. If this girl was alive, there is no way she will be found and produced to the public because there are too many reasons why not. For one, the Temperence card next door is telling us that there are difficulties in the family or that the family does not 'mix' well together. The name 'Michael' might come up but it doesnt always but I mention it because it is a name that could link. It might be a place and not a persons name I dont know how it would come up so I will be honest there.

I feel there is a syntax problem here, error of timing, its not the right timing so I dont feel this girl will be found yet . As I said, something auful may have occurred to her but tarot has not been clear on that or alternatively she is somewhere nobody can find her. It is really the best I can say or do on the matter.

I think I should pull back from opinion as this situation to me is in Limbo and when it comes to finding her thats exactly what Im told. Limbo - suspension. It would actually be a disaster to find her either because it is not a good idea, or because its too auful. What I do think is that we have been given some information and some numbers and descriptions and hopefully they help. I also have North - East. I would simply consider the entire Tarot as a Whole and hopefully something here may give clues.



I was thinking about the 'Three Rivers' area and road 131 to the North West - there is also a place called White Pigeon there and Centerville. Not sure if these areas are of interest but there is also a 'Union' to the West and North East 'Union City'. Im never really attempt to pull areas off a map because too often there are more then one area that could fit. Anyway I did notice these areas whether they are useful or not.
treasure map icon

The following is a Map Dee has provided from Googlemaps and it is the exact place Brittney was last seen and the road of her home address.


Brittney Ann Beers, 6 Missing since... - The Forgotten Cases ...

Please keep Brittney 'circulated' on your facebooks and blogs!


  1. Details of Disappearance
    Brittney was playing outside of her family's residence at Village Manor Apartments during the evening hours of September 16, 1997. She went outside to ride her bicycle at approximately 7:30 p.m. Brittney's mother, Tina Stetler, left to run errands at approximately 8:30 p.m. and saw her daughter riding her bicycle around the neighborhood at that time. Brittney's half-brother told authorities that he saw his sister sitting on a bench about five minutes after their mother departed. A witness told investigators that he saw Brittney speaking to an unidentified male driving a red or brown mid-size vehicle shortly thereafter. Brittney walked over to the witness and told him that she "made a new friend." Brittney has never been seen again.
    Stetler returned home at approximately 9:05 p.m. and asked Brittney's brother to find her. The authorities were summoned when the child could not be located near the apartment complex, which is located on U.S. 12, the major thoroughfare through Sturgis. Brittney's bicycle was discovered abandoned shortly after she was last seen. Sketches of the unidentified man seen speaking to Brittney were distributed through the area in the days following her disappearance. It is not known if the man is connected to her case. He was in his late twenties or early thirties with short dark hair and a thick moustache and was driving either a mid-sized red car or a brown Renault. Police are still looking for the man; he is not being called a suspect, but a witness whom they would like to question.
    Michigan courts removed Brittney's older brother and younger sister from the family's home in 1998 after allegations of child physical and sexual abuse and neglect were issued. Brittney's father, Raymond Beers; his brother, James Beers; and Kevin Folsom, the father of one of her half-brothers, were allegedly involved in the abuse of the children. Folsom is now in prison for molesting Brittney. Her case received more publicity in 2000 after the arrest of a St. Clair Shores, Michigan man who had images of child pornography saved on his computer. One of the victims resembled Brittney, but was later determined not to be the missing girl. Brittney's case remains open and unsolved.

    Source Information
    The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (
    Child Protection Education Of America (
    The Detroit Free Press (
    The Holland Sentinel (
    America's Most Wanted (
    The South Bend Tribune (
    Help Find Kidnapped Girl Brittney Ann Beers! (
    North American Missing Persons Network ( DEE HITT

    1. Oh horrible, not a nice background reading that. Is there no updates on this girl Dee or the current situation

    2. No mention of the mother in that report?

  2. your right about the other kid too dee hitt i will post this on fb so its a link.

  3. Pornography arrest
    On Friday, Sturgis police said they may have found pictures of her as a result of a pornography arrest. The latest lead stems from a child pornography case in Macomb County, north of Detroit. Photographs found in the possession of the suspect bore resemblance to Brittney Beers. Macomb County Prosecutors sought help in identifying the girl pictured. The request caught the attention of police in Sturgis. The girl in the picture is believed to be about six years old and she is believed to be the subject of serious abuse.

    “Some of the pictures in a way resembled Brittney Beers. We’re currently following up on that lead. We want to emphasize this is a lead, not absolute positive identification – contrary to what some people have said,” said Sturgis Police Chief Eugene Alli.

    Neither Sturgis nor Macomb County police have arrived at a final conclusion. The picture of the unidentified girl was one of many found on the computer of 41-year-old Russell Tombs, who now faces criminal charges of child pornography. He is not talking to Macomb County investigators who made the arrest.

    Cautiously optimistic
    In comparing photos of the unidentified girl and Brittney Beers, the Sturgis police department at this time remains cautiously optimistic that this could provide a break in the case although that is by no means a certainty.

    “We've had these peaks and valleys before. We've been there, had names that were supposedly identical same age, different parts of the country, only to find out there was a child by that name, but was not our missing child,” said Alli.

    Striking resemblance, but girl may not be Beers
    “The photos of Brittney Beers that have been forwarded to the police department do bear a striking resemblance to the child pictured in these photos, however, it is not exact,” said Carl Marlinga, Macomb County Prosecutor. Marlinga says the general consensus among investigators is that Beers is not the girl in the picture. They say the unidentified girl appears to be no more than six years old, and that the photos are recent. Brittney Beers today would be nine years old.

    “Right now most of the people who have looked at it believe it is not the same child, but of course it could be. We don’t know when these photos were made. That’s part of the problem,” said Marlinga.

    Even if it does turn out to be Brittney, police have only found the pictures, not the girl. There's nothing in the pictures to indicate where the pictures were taken, nor who took the pictures.dee hitt

    1. This cant be a recent report, this girl is 21 if she disappeared in 1997 ?? unless it means that recently they found a picture of a girl that resembled her who was six years old at the time? is there a date for this report Dee?

    2. no that article was from right after brittany went missing,there are no new updates.


    The suspect in a weekend abduction and sexual assault remains on the loose this morning.

    This occurred in the same apartment complex as another high-profile kidnapping.

    The boy was taken from the same complex where six-year-old Brittney Beers was abducted back in 1997.

    FOX 28's Mike Brookbank found out police are calling it a coincidence ... and they're doing their best to keep the community focused on this latest abduction dee hitt

  5. no em there are no recent updates,case is still open and unsolved these latests reports are from 2006 as of 2011 a update said the case was still open after that nothing. dee hitt

  6. It’s been 12 years this week since Brittany Beers vanished without a trace from a bench outside of the Village Manor Apartments in Sturgis. Police say they have tracked down hundreds of leads and a thousand tips without success, but they aren’t giving up.

    Sturgis police are teaming up with the major crimes task force and the FBI to continue the search, reveiw the old files, reinterview the witnesses, to see if there is anything they missed. this is the most recent update and it was from 3 yrs ago there is just nothing new,really its a old and cold case. dee hitt. sorry em.

  7. September 16, 2009

    STURGIS, Mich. - This week marks the 12th anniversary of the disappearance of a Sturgis girl.

    The FBI and local police say they're renewing efforts to find Brittany Beers. She was 7 years old on Sept. 16, 1997, when she was last seen sitting on a bench near the apartment complex where her family lived.

    Investigators are going back over the entire case to look for new leads. Sturgis is near the Indiana border, about 80 miles south of Grand Rapids.

    Investigators say they hope the passage of time will make it easier for people with knowledge about Brittany's disappearance to break their silence and come forward. dee hitt

  8.,-95.677068&sspn=31.839416,84.990234&t=h&hnear=1200+Laura+Dr,+Sturgis,+Michigan+49091&z=20 MAP OF BRITTANYS HOUSE DEE HITT DIRECT LINK ON FB.

  9. Please help me if you can with some information regarding the murder of my sister.
    She went missing on the thirtieth april
    and was found murdered in bushes by two young boys on a walk.

    I believe there were two men involved and that it may have been an accident initially, that they chose to cover up.
    No one has ever been found guilty in a court of law.

    Please give me any information you can.

    I live in qld Australia, and my sister whos name was Mandy Yodgee lived in prahran melbourne AAustralia.

    She was found in a place called Sassafrass.

    Thank you

    1. Anonymous,

      My heart goes out to you. I lost my brother in an accident, I can't imagine how it would feel if he was taken from us by another person(s). I am so sorry that your sister, you and your family have been put through this. I truly hope that the truth in this matter comes out, and the right people are brought to justice.

      I have visited this site many times, and from reading the work I'm sure Empathy would also be very sorry for this sad situation. However, Empathy consults Tarot for answers only relating to people who are missing/location unknown, and does not look directly at who may be responsible for a crime.

      I do believe there may be other bloggers who may look at Tarot for you, that is their choice.
      I don't know how familiar with spirit matters you are; you may want to consult a medium or clairvoyant. But please, be very careful in doing this: remember there are people who will try to take advantage of anothers' needs (in your case, information). And also even if you were given clear, accurate information, this needs to be proven by law enforcement(LE)before you would see the outcome you hope for.
      I pray for you, your family and your sister's spirit. May you find some peace.

    2. I think this lady has written to me by email. I have asked her to send a photograph and I will pass this on to a respectable medium who may be able to assist her. Thank you also for your comment and confirming the work on this blogger. Closure is very important to people and though I do not work in the field of perpetrators there are others who do. Therefore if the lady sends me a photograph I can pass the information on for her.


  10. oh wow I live in Belgrave and didnt even hear about this... I hope you find the scum that did this!!!

  11. I remember your sister, she was at primary school with me I remember reading about what happened to Mandy but often wondered why it was never brought up in the media in later years like other unsolved murders, I hope u find peace and get the answers your family deserves. Although it was in primary school i still remember Mandy she was a happy friendly girl so sorry for your loss

    1. Thank you.
      Nothing has ever happened about her murder and I know there was alot of lying going on.
      Thank you for letting me know about you.
      \Your the only person in all the years I have written or read about Mandy thAt has actually known her.

    2. Marnie, I recall Mandy coming to our primary school (Graham St, Port melbourne) when we were in grade 4 or 5. Obviously it was a long time ago as I'm now 48 but I recall that Mandy came with a new teacher and another family, whose names were Anthony & Elizabeth. I can't recall the teachers name maybe Miss Coles? Do these names ring a bell for you? I also remember really large dogs like St Bernards that they kept.

  12. Britney beers case has been brought back into the lime light thanks to those 3 womans who escaped after beinging held prisoner for 10 years in cleveland ohio !!! praying that Britneys family will get the same blessing !!

  13. empathy marnie dean here i have written to you before......

  14. Hello Marnie, I have passed your message over tp PG. I hope he will contact you. I have only put a little of your message here so I hope you get this. You can go to my contact page to write to me if you need to.


  15. I went to elementary school with brittany beers at parkside in goshen indiana i will never forget her she was one of my bf and she told me about the sexual abuse back then we were like 6 didn't understand but now i do i remeber her talking about a step father or a boyfriend of her mothers i do believe her family knows more than they r saying about her disappearance and have thought that since i was a little girl

  16. Could the water symbols be Lake City Michigan?? You drive 131 from Sturgis to get there?


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