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Friday, 17 June 2011


Missing Since: June 27, 2004 from Scotia, New York
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: October 14, 1986
Age: 17 years old
Height and Weight: 5'11, 190 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Red hair, brown eyes. Frear's nickname is Craiger. He has facial dimples and may have a goatee. All four of his wisdom teeth were removed two months before his disappearance.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white t-shirt, blue jeans or jean shorts, white Adidas sneakers with three black stripes, and a gold chain with a St. Christopher medal.

Details of Disappearance

Frear was last seen at approximately 2:00 p.m. on June 27, 2004, near the Cambridge Manor apartment complex in Scotia, New York. He had visited a friend in the complex and was afterward seen walking into the woods nearby. He said he was going to his parents' house, which was located in a cul-de-sac on Yorkshire Court, but never arrived there and never returned to the apartment complex. Frear left his car in the complex's parking lot. He has never been heard from again.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« 17 JUNE 2011 at 13:14 »


I have a request on the blogger here to look at tarot for Craig. Craig disappeared a few years ago and the search has continued in the hope of finding him
Tarot can only do its best to throw light on the situation and cannot be relied upon for 100 per cent accuracy and therefore I suggest you read factual information.

All the information Tarot gives can be elements of Craigs past present or future and I cannot determine order of events given. Some information may not apply but I will see what Tarot gives. Tarot can jumble up information also and I cannot apologise for this because it is just the way it is relayed to me. Please also bear this in mind when reading.

Firstly this Emperor reversed shows that Craig lost a lot of confidence and ambition. This could certainly relate to father figure relations or authority relations and there are 'fits of rage' in this card. Whether anything went wrong with Craig and his employer or not I cannot be certain but I am mentioning this as it is the first card and a boss, authority or even non biological figure, or even father element is mentioned here.

That must be the uppermost thing on Craigs mind at the time of disappearance so I would imagine that people where Craig worked would have been spoken to? There is a lot of manipulation in the Emperor card and feelings of abuse. Whether Craig was abusive or feeling that way or it was the other way around with his job I dont know. Colleagues and people connected to work do come up here. I also feel that Craig should have been reported missing immediately.

I dont feel that good about Craig when I see this card - I think he needed advice and he was,nt getting any. I feel Craig was possibly taken advantage of and deceived by someone who was only out for their own ends. Work /education was a big part of why he went missing because someone in the picture is a control freak and demanded respect and courtesy.

Maybe Craig did,nt want to be pushed about? Somewhere around this situation may be a B and a J and apartments - it might be referring to leaving the apartment which was mentioned above in the story of Craigs disappearance, it does seem to come after that or maybe the friend might have some information that they dont realise is important?

I really feel there are some discrepancies here somewhere from someone. I also am not sure about the woods aspect even though the Empress can show the woods, that would be reversed so Im dithering on that about whether its true or not taht he went into the woods. It could be possible as the Hermit shows up later in the journey.

I see some kind of weakness in character and strength ebbing away possible respiration problems or to the throat a problem.. It just might be a frame of mind but it could also be physical. I also see some contrarities in Craigs life and it seems someone might have followed him .I am actually seeing Craig alone he might be nearby a Hill or maybe Im getting 'underhill'. I think he could be hidden from view. I am still getting apartments too and I expect all basements have been checked if there are any in the area??? There is something very deceitful about Craigs disappearance and Im not sure if that is stranger related at the moment.

Craig might have owed money to someone and was,nt sure how to pay it, or he was concerned about his finances. The reversed chariot is giving me a car. I was,nt sure at first whether there was something wrong with his car as reversed chariots can mean a car accident or incident. So I have to think about that.


Asking where Craig is this card is definately landscape/gardens, big expanse of land but it does show a GATE or an ARCHWAY Though I cannot see water in this card ARCHWAYS can still be bridges or platforms that are made of concrete or brick so I will leave that. The direction on this card is North without question. It can relate to the word money, or any word that you could substitute for money .

I dont know the areas very well but maybe there is a street name,, or place or something to do with the MONEY word. Like Penny something, or Pound or whatever type of financial/money word that can be thought of. Perhaps that could have some relationship to where Craig is. The Ace of pentacles is a very strong card. It is the gardeners card and most certainly can depict those scenes so even names like Garden could be important.

I would say because the two of pentacles comes next is that he is somewhere between a place he worked - family - friends but in that North direction and could have been somewhere for a year stationary. Sometimes this card shows a white rabbit which suggests that someone is very timid or scared about a money issue or can actually be present in the name of a place also.

In this card he is still in the area/town he disappeared according to this card as it is a 'unity' card and original state. Or might even be giving us UNITY or a place called that but it would have to be NORTH and there is only a years timing on it. I am actually seeing private property here possibly gated.

If this man is alive - he would have had help with a job or getting another job and new prospects. If he is not, then I think you should read the tarot again as it would link again to what tarot has previously said and open spaces.

However, there is a life signal - physicality in this card, it could very well be that Craig worried about making ends meet and could see a lot of stormy waters brewing if he didnt sort something out. I feel he would have tried to consider work/finances/ job that is my first instinct, yet the first card seems to show me that he had a physical weakness going on and felt very much in an abusive situation.

Perhaps to him everything had just fallen apart and he had to make that new beginning. Tarot does,nt like to talk about dark matters as a rule and about death in particular but of course that sometimes does come up voluntarily in the reading. Here we see he had things on his mind. Perhaps some of the things in the first card are what people THINK happened as it does relate to 'what happened'.

When you arrive at a Hermit someone ends up alone and its because they want to be alone sometimes, but when its reversed Im not so sure its been their choice. So this is a bit contrary. If anything happened to him it would be the person that followed him that might be responsible. Or indeed he could very well have had help from someone to 'clear off'. Whatever the case I cant get it clearer then this for the moment.

I do see a work building though in the three of pentacles and then it results in loss of employment so I think he might have had all the high hopes in this card and then it all becomes past elements and in fact the first card regarding the Emperor comes into play. Money was an issue and this boy needed a job he was worried. So going back on myself I am feeling a slight turnaround here and find myself back at the landscape scene and linking back in his employment the apartment he came from and family. He is or should be within that triangle of places.

I would most certainly look North and in landscape type surroundings. Perhaps where farmers might be so fields, or big areas come to mind. Yes maybe a bit of water nearby thats not out of the question or a water name possible . I also would check all the area around where he worked as they comes up more then once though I dont know why. I feel he could be near property. I also feel he is in a vulnerable and insecure position and health wise he might have had some problem.


In this card when asking when Craig will be found Im being told off in a way for 'not listening' - well I am trying!!! But the main thing Im being told is that there is some kind of
conflict with a parent or critical figure.

The only direction I have here is the Number 5 and a KEY. So number 5 must be the key. I just get this feeling that something happened after a year. I have something about a holiday or vacation which I cant seem to fit in or maybe a busmans holiday (working type holiday) I am even being shown signs of a kibbutz or something of that nature so you can imagine that the messages here are a bit conflicted.

Its as though the tarot cannot make up its mind what to tell me, either that Craig has gone off or planned to go off for a year and do a new adventure or whether there is something about a year and his being found and what happened after that I dont know. We are right back onto the lovers card reversed here which suggests a JUNE time or a six time so between May and June is what I would get for being found - but what year?? - the Heirophant when its reversed refuses to give the good advice on that and wont tell us.

But there is something about a KEY whether that is actual or not I cant be sure but it is NOT offering a map for craig and it is not handing over that key either. Its almost like sending us on a treasure hunt but taking away the treasure map. Im not sure whether thats helpful or not. I am being told not to take 'uneducate guesses' here or I am being told it is 'anyones guess' as to when Craig will be found.

I have no direction on the pope, but he could be found near a church/spiritual sign or signal. Or maybe he wont be found at all, in so much that he disappeared in June and everything about him vaporised???

Whilst I was writing this tarot I kept hearing a voice shouting saying 'pigs pigs pigs' and I felt it was a term of anger. I was,nt even going to write it, but then I felt that I was ignoring writing it. I sense a lot of emotional turmoil with Craig, deep chocolate eyes that hold a lot of things and I really feel that he was facing quite a bit of a dilemma. It seems the 'writing was on the wall'?

As I write this my hope is that he did swallow his pride and get his confidence back to go North and get a new job and new life. Thats what we all hope for. If not then I have to leave the other not so positive factors and hope that there is something written here that might help. I wish I could do more but there just is,nt anything other then this right now. I also had 'not frear' ?

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I fully accept not all the information will be strongly prominent but hope it might help.
Just as a note to follow re-reading this tarot, friends, work colleagues /college colleagues and most certainly his parents should be spoken to again. I know it is difficult being the parent of a missing child - but for some reason this boys aspirations were knocked down and there might be more information that could be useful if all areas were re -ignited in statements.


The following is with reference to a Stichomancy reading.

NOTE: I have noticed that an ARBOR VITAE TREE is a Thuja. The reference to Clogs also seems to sound like somewhere from the Netherlands.

Looking up Thuja places of Europe come up. Whether this means anything or not I cant be sure or whether there are 'Dutch' named places in America I also do not know. The direction was North so if there is anywhere North that might fit?

Looking at the Map he may be North West from where he was last seen (SCOTIA ) in AMSTERDAM which is on Route 5 as per the Heirophant.
There is a Church Street in Amsterdam. Not sure if that might figure but the Heirophant is a pope. Also Pearl Street - (Pearls of the Empress next to the Emperor card) just possibilities to offer.

Rotterdam also a Dutch name but that is South West (of Scotia) hills mentioned in Tarot - maybe Hillshurst Park or Hill names? hope either of these places might help. North did seem strongest but I give what I think might be useful. (No guarantees on location).



Since posting, I have been told there is a Dutch Meadows Lane nearby which is interesting.



State Police announce planned search in disappearance case | Rick ...
Apr 12, 2013 – Craig A. Frear. On Sunday April 14, 2013 at 9:00 AM, a search of the wooded area behind the Glenville Price Chopper will be conducted in ...


 Troopers resume search for Craig Frear

I have had my attention drawn back to this situation today via the latest comment. I will look at these cards again shortly as I may have other bits of card information that might help as my reading is an 'overview' which is generally all I write for each case. I will be back.



  1. Thank you so much for posting this. There have been written accounts of Craig's problems with work, fear of telling his parents about job loss, etc., and the feeling that the last person who saw him may have been less than totally truthful. I will make sure that those who are still involved in his search see this page. Thank you again - this boy deserves to be found, and his family and friends deserve closure. The not knowing is what is so awful in this case.

  2. Wow - talk about synchonicity - this just aired yesterday on CBS:

    Lots of video of Craig and his mother and brother offer information. I hope this new publicity leads to something.

  3. I was asked to write tarot for Craig in the missing person requests here yesterday I think.

    Meanwhile, I cannot guarantee 100 per cent what I have seen for Craig but Im sure it will shed a bit of light here and there. Happy to help.


  4. One interesting thing in light of what you stated about Emperor reversed. The father's name is Bill (B) and the NY State Police investigator offered a new little nugget of information during her last statement about the case:

    New York State Police investigator Gloria Coppola told Crimesider that on the day he disappeared, Craig had argued with his mother on the phone after his parents found out he had lost his job - which Craig hadn't told them. Craig told his mother he'd be home in 10 minutes, says Coppola, but when he left his girlfriend's he walked away from where he'd parked his car. Coppola thinks Craig's father may have been waiting for him at the car, and that Craig chose to walk in a different direction to avoid a confrontation.

  5. Hello Moonmaid, this is very interesting. Thank you for commenting.


  6. I think after all the years I have followed this case that his Father is the key to this whole case!

  7. I also think the Father is the key to this whole case. I feel that the Father may have been demanding and verbally and maybe physically abusive. That he got so mad that Craig lost his job that he went to confront him. Maybe things got out of hand. An accident, a fall? Then it was too late!

  8. You asked about North......yes....there is a North

    Borthville....on the Sacandaga Reservoir....

    Northville has been connected with other area disappearnces for some reason as well.

  9. The confessed serial killer Israel Keyes, who committed suicide in an Alaska jail in December 2012 was thought to have been in the upstate NY area during this time, 2004. I am struck by a few choices of words in the above reading of the Emperor reversed: "kibbutz" "keys" - Israel Keyes. #5 - could he have perhaps been Keyes' fifth victim? Keyes supposedly had ways of making his victims' remains disappear. "Everything about him vaporised?" It is certainly a possibility. Keyes was apparently an opportunistic killer. Could he have been in those paths on the woods that day, and did Craig have the misfortune to run into him? It makes as much sense as anything in this mystifying case. It is too bad Keyes died before shedding much light on his other victims.

  10. Did anyone check lock 5 in Amsterdam off of route 5 ? Right bye the Mohawk river?

  11. amazing that i read this. they are resuming the search near his old place of employment, along railroad tracks...near a retired pig farm.

    1. I really appreciate this updated news. I shall see if I can find a link to your information. Thank you for posting.


  12. In doing a wiki search for Isreal Keyes, it's says he owned land up North in Constable, NY. Tupper Lake is also mentioned as the site where a victim from New Jersey was taken and buried. Also, his murder kit is said to have been found in Parrishville. All of these locations are relatively close to one another in Northern NY. Might be good places to resume a search.

  13. They found a decomposing body yesterday the 5th. Near apartments, a bank, a bridge, water, and dutch meadows lane. They have no idea who it is right now because of how badly decomposed it was. Reading this has my head spinning....what if...

  14. I hope the decomposing body they found in Glenville by Maple Avenue and Freemans Bridge is the the body of Craig Frear. This boy who grew up where I did and at the time was my age is the reason why this unsolved mystery strikes home with me. I hope his family get's answers and closure but I must say...I agree with a previous commenter who quoted this from a news article, "Coppola thinks Craig's father may have been waiting for him at the car, and that Craig chose to walk in a different direction to avoid a confrontation." After reading that in an article my gut instinct was the father possibly had something to do with his death. I would love to know what went down when that man was interviewed by homicide detectives. Hopefully we will soon find out and Craig Frear will be set free.

    1. News has it the body was identified as Gary Rau an older man who had been deceased for around 8 months but for some reason had not been reported missing.

  15. A friend and I were told to leave the woods we were looking in, by the old pig farm. They were a young man and women who came outta no where and told us this is private property. We found a Nike bottle pink and black, may have faded from red under the Rt 50 bridge. Did he have a water bottle when last seen?

  16. I have read this over and over. Was curious if you had any update to this reading?
    I don't fully understand Tarot but was curious since the element can be of Craig's past present or future, Can future be developed things after he disappeared. I ask simply because of several things in your reading.
    In the footnote: Dutch Meadow Lane, which is directly north of the apartments he was last seen. There was a development, meaning, apartments for elderly 55 and over built after his disappearance. Its called Meadows at Beverwyck 150 Dutch Meadows Lane. I remember thinking maybe they would find him with all the digging and construction.
    Looking at a map, if he took the tracks to his home, which should have been a straight walk up the tracks, including passing under Rt 50, until he would cut through a small area of woods to get to the cul-de-sac he lived on. Anyway, not too far upon his walk from the Cambrige Manor Apt, the track he would have been on is crossed by another set of track that if he took a right at that crossing and followed those tracks, which would be out of his way, those run along Dutch Meadows Lane.
    Does any of this seem like it makes sense

  17. It was almost stated that he may be near a church or some religious location. Could that have anything to do with his St Christopher pendant that’s was said he was wearing?

  18. This reading aligns quite well with my theory of what happened to Craig. On the day of his disappearance, his father was apparently waiting for him at his car at the apartment complex. I have heard that Craig and his Father had a history of butting heads. This makes sense with having an issue with someone demanding respect/parental figure. I believe his Father confronted him, either in the woods or maybe in his car. Possibly the father saw him walk toward the woods to avoid confrontation, so he drove home and met him in the woods from their home. I believe he is located on their own property and that is why nobody can find him. I have a family member that was told by a former Scotia Police Officer that there was something about fresh concrete poured either on their property or near it that the police were suspicious about. I believe this was a slip of the tongue and he did not intend to release that information..

    1. I saw that the father, Bill Frear, passed away on December 3, 2017.

  19. Craig Frear Team 6 had a Candlelight Vigil on the 15th year of Craig's disappearance on June 27, 2019. His immediate family declined the invitations to attend. I found this to be an immediate red flag for a family that was publicized in the past as asking for any help and support in finding a clue to his disappearance. Suddenly they have set up a brick wall and declined the invitation from a private investigator to investigate this case pro-bono with the help of Team 6. At this stage in the game I believe that all of the people directly close and involved with him at the time be interrogated again. Most family members would appreciate any assistance in finding their missing family member. I believe that their declination of any offer to bring the case back into the spotlight is a key to solving this case.


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