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Monday, 23 May 2011


Leigh Gardner

Tracey Leigh Gardner -Tetso

Missing since March 6, 2005 from Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland.

Vital Statistics

Tracey Gardner - Tetso is described as a white female, 32 years old, 5' 4", and 130 pounds, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She has a tattoo of a bird on her back and another tattoo of a bird on her right leg.

Circumstances of Disappearance

Tracey Leigh Gardner - Tetso of the 7800-block of Bluegrass Ct. 21237, has been missing since March 6 and the case is now being carried on news services and entertainment web sites around the nation.

Motley Crue stepped forward with the reward offer after finding out that Tetso was on the way to the group’s concert in D.C. the day she disappeared – but she never made that concert. Investigators have since found her car, but have little other information to go on. They are hoping anyone who had seen the woman or her car that day will contact police. The car was found in a parking lot along Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie, Md.

If anyone has any information about Tracey Gardner-Tetso or her vehicle, you are asked to call Baltimore County police at

(410) 307-2020.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



Tracey Leigh Gardner -Tetso
« Thread Started 23 May 2011 at 0:27 »

I was sure that I did a reading for this lady and I dont know where I put it!!! therefore this is an incredibly brief report just showing a very quick glimpse of just where Tracey might be and when she might be found. Tarot is past present and future and is not guaranteed to be 100 per cent.

I will try to write up a proper report for Tracy - meanwhile Im seeing River/trees in background and a single bird. East and West.


East and West is Hawkins Point and Sparrows Point. I felt drawn to those areas. Are they sure that the husband is guilty? Justice reversed can jail someone who says they are not guilty. She might be found on the West side about 13 miles from home. This may also be number 13 as in 2013 or 13 as a date or a month as well as the other options. Im seeing her near large expanse of water.


However, it needs to be ascertained that this lady has passed away because Justice reversed is a problem and so is the Queen of Cup in some variations.


I did,nt ask if Tracey was deceased, tarot ASKS US to make sure that is the case. Obviously if she has not been found, nobody knows for sure? Whether or not evidence is overwhelming on behalf of the husband if tarot gives me a reversed Justice card that is going to be a problem in a case like this therefore I have to simply say what tarot tells me.

It could very well be that tarot is responding to the fact that the husband denied his guilt? as reported in one of the above links? Tarot is possibly agreeing that this occurred it is past present and future and picks up whatever may have occurred. The Queen of Cups is a dramatic actor with an imagination large as life itself and this was on the FIND card. I do have to question that Im afraid .

I do have a very bad tempered Male who could be Traceys husband in the cards next to that Queen of Swords he can be pretty cruel and vindictive but as the Queen is reversed she takes the King down with her and it might pay to notice that all end journeys go back to the 10 of swords which shows horrible evil behaviour but a chance to get out to live another day.

What is more The Queen of Swords even generally is thought to be a WIDOW or WIDOWER and that automatically suggests that a partner has died, one before the other, but when that comes out reversed, it totally throws that right out the window. So that is why tarot might have suggested that affirmation needs to be acquired and at the moment there has been no proof. The Queen of Swords is linked to Justice - Justice reversed puts someone in prison 'while the guilty go free'.

When you link that to the Queen of Swords (the woman) IE the Justice card reversed, it shows someone who might want to get even and cant - they cant right the wrongs - there are many legal complications involved and may suggest some form of injustice as this card asks mercy and understanding when judging others. One could say even in this card that it was Tracey who was judged by her husband unfairly but on the Queen reversed the widowhood is questioned - there is also a concern about a child? OR perhaps someone is acting childishly and this cannot be suppressed.

Moving on, The Queen of Cups is linked to Water and imagination and to a loving wife and a mother. Someone dreamy and sensitive and possibly someone even in love and this card leads you to where she might be. The Card is a 13 card and indicates West/Water/emotions - it shows she was taken to a waterway/lake across terrain which at some point having gone south Queen of SWORDS reversed East looking West, appears to end up West. This might be 13 miles from the home.

It also suggests that she had a proposal which might be the concert I cant be sure but the eventuality of that proposal from a 'ladies man' shows us her ending up as the Queen of Cups. The Queen of cups is also linked with a distant cousin or a relative at a distance. I have absolutely no idea how tarot will transpire until cases are resolved. Tarot does,nt get it wrong, I DO if I misinterpret and I accept full responsibility for that in my effort to help another but I always let people know that tarot is not 100 per cent. We can only write what we see.

The King of swords is connected to the star and reversed shows there is no hope of love or inspiration for this man (probably the husband) which makes him act in a very overbearing and cruel way. A tyrant. He is attached to lawsuits, malicious plans and adamantly stifles his emotions. But to find out more if we go back to the 10 of swords it is a survival instinct from living though a disaster. Another reason why I simply repeated what tarot mentioned.

Now here is a quick summary of the part of tarot I missed out as I only asked WHERE Tracey was and WHEN she would be found.

Here you will see


Briefly Tracey is caught out in an 'outright act of deception' - so here she is clearly going to do something which might not be approved of (going to the concert perhaps to meet someone else or whatever it might be to bring about this situation)


This card seems to show her running out of options and choices and if you notice there is a head on a chalice here, which means losing your head or your sensibility about what to do and this can figure with emotional choices and decisions

Finally -


Unexpected upheaval leading to a positive change in life. Catastrophe survived or narrowly avoided. A new lifestyle and enlightenment. May indicate a broken relationship, divorce, or failure in business or career.

So here we see that the love has run out for Tracey and she has decided that shes 'out of there'. So that is the reason why in my brief statement of tarot the various issues came up. I hope somehow that tarot can help but it most certainly cannot guarantee Locations. I also wish to say that I have had some indication that Tracey may have had one or two of her tattoos removed if not, I believe she may have thought about it.

In the second part of my reading, look at the 10 of swords REVERSED that would link to the Queen and King. That distinctly shows you daylight reversed and a riverbank and trees etc that describes again the location in the Queen of Cups, but on that card the person does,nt die its questionable thats what I was concerned about and then the Page of Swords next up suggests a rival - and being 'spied on' as well as having to defend oneself -

but I dont know what to make of the 10 of swords because the person is recoverable from their injury which might have been something to do with the back and head but somehow they survive from that - so its true to say that this lady could very well have been in a situation where she could have been killed - but was she??? So I will have to further investigate what tarot has given as I have just tried to fill in the 'what happened ' section of tarot as quickly as possible.

If we even backpeddle to the 9 of Swords, these two people were not sleeping in the same bedroom figurative or actual , love life dead.

I suppose if we extended the tarot from the Queens link to Justice, thats linked to the Hanged man and with him reversed one 'keeps their head above water' !! So another huge conundrum for me - if we stretched the boat out here and go from the hanged man we then go to Death so finally we could produce a death card and that would be fatality for Evil which would imply that someone might have tried to drown her....BUT....

If we run from the Tower card there is an accidental element in there and as it shows getting out of a catastrophe it makes you wonder - dont forget that the Death card is also METAL and is a chariot - which can be thought of as Cars/Vehicles or carparks etc. That is where the car ended up.

So at that point we DO have to go backwards SO does this take us to a riverbank where Tracey either drowned or for some reason did,nt??

We have the Star, The Moon and The Sun all coming up reversed in fact the entire journey is. That is why I need to work this one out more and look into it. The Moon is a clandestine relationship reversed and it scorches the family via the reversed sun.

Clandestine relationship could mean 'three people involved here' so if her husband might be involved in what happened to her but I am not sure it was by his hands she was killed - hence also the Justice reversed as there must be someone else in this somewhere. What might also be mentioned is the Knight of Swords which I did leave out.

The Knight of swords is someone who has a foreign link to them and is under 35 as a rule. This person may have a stutter or a foreign language or even be foreign. If the card were upright I would see that as some kind of person that Tracey would instinctively feel was not good to be involved with but it seems if it is to do with her that some situation where she might feel overpowered is avoided.

But this card is reversed and whereby this person could be considered even as a companion or ally, instead seems to produce some kind of negativity. Here the Knight is showing as someone that might be giving some bad advice and affect the thinking which in turn is causing some travel delays? This may have resulted in harsh and insensitive words that alienate the person and through selfish behaviour serious problems are in effect. A situation is then being created through force.

It might seem that there is another person here who breezes in from an East direction possibly or even towards the West. The vehicle here could be plane, car or motorbike which I cannot be sure but there is always a military precision feeling about this card so its all about 'the timing'. ??
RW Tarot gives us a struggle with a love Rival who is conquered.
I will post further if I have other thoughts to add to this tarot. Meanwhile once again a reminder that tarot gives past present and future glimpses of what might contribute to the situation however interpretation cannot be 100 per cent guaranteed.


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  1. As a friend of Tracey, I know much about this case. When I read about the sun, moon & stars, coincidently, Her comforter for her bed, was sun, moon & stars. This comforter was missing from her bed, as well as all her clothing, shoes, & personal items were removed from her house by the husband, just days after she was reported missing.


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