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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


SAN DIEGO - Police, family and friends have stepped up a search for San Diego State University exchange student Austin Bice, who went missing after visiting a nightclub in Madrid more than a week ago.

It's a disappearance that has baffled authorities and has his loved ones praying for the 22-year-old's safe return.

The international business major had been participating in a semester abroad program.

Fewer than 24 hours before he vanished, Bice posted an entry on his blog, saying that he was looking forward to seeing a concert at Sala La Riviera, a popular nightclub in Madrid. "Hopefully it will not disappoint," he wrote. "It should be a fun night."

He was last seen late Friday night, Feb. 25, trying to get into that club, but was denied admission because he was drunk, according to Spanish media.

"He stayed outside a little while longer with another friend to see if they would let him in," friend Tamara Lerena said on local Spanish television. "When they didn't, he just took off and went home. They let his friend in."

Bice then told the friends he was with he was going to walk home but apparently he never made it.

When the Carlsbad native and 2007 Torrey Pines High grad did not show up for a basketball game the following day, his roommates contacted authorities.

"We called his house several times," a friend told Spanish media. "He didn't open his door, so we went in. He wasn't there, so we started calling the hospitals, we started calling the police."

A massive search has since been launched throughout Spain's capital, with flyers plastered around the city. A Facebook page has also been dedicated to finding the SDSU senior.

No one matching Bice's description has been admitted to any hospitals in Madrid, according to Spanish media.

"At first, the police thought a different thing," Lerena said. "They started thinking about the river. But his American mobile phone was still sending out a signal. But if he had fallen in the river, the phone would not be giving out a signal."

Gina Jacobs, a spokesperson at SDSU, says the school is communicating with Bice's family, authorities in Madrid and the State Department.

"He is one of our students and so we are deeply concerned about his safety and all we can do is provide the information that might be helpful to the authorities over there,"


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 8 MARCH 2011 at 5:19 a.m »


I have been asked to look at the case of Austin Bice details as above. Tarot cannot guarantee 100 per cent accurate information but tries to give glimpses of what MAY have occurred past present and future. Therefore all epochs must be taken into account when reading this tarot. Please look to factual sources for accurate details.

Above is the card I am given when asking what happened to Austin. The King of Pentacles arrives to answer us. This card tells us that Austin can identify easily opportunities and it may actually be talking about work. It may even be referring to why he was in Spain in the first place. This card shows someone who is aspiring to be a businessman but the card is reversed so suggests he was not working at the time. However it does tell us that he is an unyielding type and when he wants to do something he will exploit business for material gain. Therefore we bear in mind that though it was a non working situation it still identifies the work element.

This card can also tell us that he can be influenced by the thrill of the 'sale' and even perhaps interested in young ladies!! We know he was going to get into a club that evening and at the last point we are simply told that he was going to walk home. Bear in mind attached to the King of Pentacles is the 'key and map' - when that is reversed it might indicate that he could have lost his way .

However, this card can be a powerful new friend and when you reverse this it may show us an untrustworthy business associate who may have been a little envious of Austin. It can show us an old and vicious man certainly a man a lot older then Austin and there would be some kind of concern, fear or even peril attached here because the guy might be dangerous particularly in finances. He could therefore have met up with someone who wsa dangerous. Going backwards the Queen of Pentacles reversed shows a lot of insecurity and that MIGHT be around a female - prior to that we have a Knight who is travelling slowly either on foot, bike along the road. Pentacles people always have dark hair and dark eyes and are often mixed race or have olive to very dark skin.


I always see three way relationships in this card and stalkers primarily. Complications in love relationships etc. But the card shows us a place with Mountains and it also links to the six of cups which shows us the West direction ( as a rule) this is thought of as place in the past/home garden etc. I think Austin had a fatal attraction with a woman likely the girl in the Queen of Pentacles - I might be wrong but the Lovers shows us a big problem when its reversed - dangerous Liasons for one thing and some kind of strong opposition. I dont know if there was a girl on the scene but thats how I am receiving this. If he had a drink and misread signs then it might have caused a problem. I see three people however and clearly Austin must be one of them. I am getting TWO ROADS or TWO PATHS where they meet.

I think someone was indicating which way to go home. A problem here with the eye or the ear. The only description is a green garden/valley in the hills. Perhaps even some female temptation here. Flashing colours on this card may indicate a clubs lights whether this is before or after I cannot be sure. He might have even gone to the assistance of a girl. Its a little bit difficult to understand because I am getting everything at once here. However the following card is a Chariot reversed. This can indicate a vehicle that either stops and becomes stationary or is an accident with a vehicle. I did see bike rather than car before but I give what there is. From there we appear to be in the open country and I feel problems with the neck. There is water but I am not sure where it is in the picture as I see the country ground first. I am getting this older guy here someone who has lived or boarded on his own. Im not sure how he fits in at the current time.


I have Austin being found in the transit of FIVE. That could be under five months, five weeks, five days but 5 should be the figure here for when he shows up.Usually North East is on the five of Swords but we might have to take into account South West also. Its possible to have to look at both of those areas for FIND location.

Someone has a workshop where they make things that I can see - hammer stuff down, maybe work with metal or even wood, but Im thinking more metal.

It seems that Austin was 'bad talked' or someone was pretty deceitful either to him or about him and this card gives me the feeling that there will be a vindication here and any misunderstandings will be cleared up.

I see a very slanderous, tell tale situation here , someone with a really bad nature throwing up all sorts of nasty things and trying to defame someone else. The five of swords reversed has a cliff and water in the card, and it shows two people walking off altogether one of those cards which can result in someone being injured.
Six of swords does not give any indication where Austin is as he has not told anyone or been able to.

I always refuse to dwell on any negative tarot because my goal is to bring the person home. I see the word Black in the cards so im going to pass that in. I am also going to hope that Austin is okay. He could be but I am a very optimistic tarot reader so what I would prefer just say right now is that he will show up and it will be under the figure of FIVE which could in fact be any of the time periods mentioned. It could also be 5 in distance. Boats can figure in the six of swords so perhaps boats and river/water are not that far away from where he is.

I cannot promise 100 per cent accuracy here but hope something resonates. I will have another look shortly to see what I have left out as this is a very brief synopsis of basic thoughts of what may have occurred.



Bice's body was found in the Manzanares River, a shallow, slow-moving waterway that runs through western Madrid, in a spot not far from the nightclub where he was last seen in the early hours of Feb. 26, said the police official.The body was found after a roughly 500-meter (yard) section of the river, which contains several locks, was drained as part of the search, police said.

Bice, from Carlsbad, California, was studying international business at Carlos III University and had been in Spain since January.


I was asked to look at this case in the early hours of the morning last night and I prepared the above report as quickly as I could. However, I have to say I am speechless that this boy was found under five hours of my posting the tarot on my forum. Tarot seems to have picked out a couple of things which is in my brief above outlined in red. I do think there will be more news about Austin as circumstances are not known as to how he was found in the water.

I wish to convey my deepest sympathy to the family who have been in Madrid I cannot even imagine what they are going through. I am so very sorry that Austin was found in this way.


In tarot it told us a location of 'where two roads or two paths meet'.

This map is where Austin was found.- there are two roads there and they meet in the middle - that was a close call for tarot and though is sad I am glad he is found. I cant bear the thought of these young people out there and their families never get them back.

RIP Austin god bless.



San Diego Channel 10 News website regarding Autopsy:

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