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Monday, 21 February 2011



The manhunt for Samuel Littleton is on, accused of killing Tiffany Brown in Bellefontaine, and also wanted in connection with the disappearance of Richard and Gladis Russell of Logan County.

Saturday in Bellefontaine, family members of Richard and Gladis Russell stepped forward to make a plea for the safe return of the couple in their 80s.

They say four days ago, life was great but since then, they've been living a nightmare.

The couple and the suspect vanished along with the couple's silver/green car.

Family members said all Richard ever did was give, now they are hoping someone will do the same for him, give information.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 21 FEBRUARY 2011 at 4:28 »

There are various reports on the internet at the moment of this elderley couple who have gone missing. It is a disappearance thats being linked to someone who is accused of killing a young woman.

Tarot cannot guarantee 100 per cent results but can try to throw light as much as possible on events - it is not 100 per cent ACCURATE therefore please rely on factual information.


Looking at the cards to see what may have occurred the first card for this couple is the Emperor reversed which could indeed signify that this couple may have undergone an ordeal with someone who resents authority and has been throwing their weight around. Someone is,nt able to command any respect here and it is making them very angry and perhaps the couple could be feeling powerless in some way. This couple will be trying to deal with matters logically and not attempting to rebel any situation that they are in.The Emperor reversed will be showing that there is a likelihood of over-use and abuse of authoritative power surrounding them at this time and there is also a possibility of a lack of energy both emotional and physical.

Sometimes this card has been known as the non biological father who is estranged from adoptive offspring. If the current reports are true, then this part of the Emperor would not be feasible but I point it out because it does come up on this card.

On each side of this Emperor we are seeing someone neglecting any good advice that Richard would have been trying to give or his wife as the Heirophant is reversed following this Emperor and so is the Empress previously so this situation is not a nurturing one in the least. I see a necklace missing from this lady. There is also some reference to the number 4 which may signify as an important number and I also see the colour red.



I had a link with Roses very briefly with the Empress but it was,nt very strong but in the Magician card they are at his feet so I will mention it in case it is relevant. The Magician card leads to the High Priestess which is a 'B' and a 'J' that would also link to the Emperor skipping backwards a card. So obviously the High Priestess may be an important mention as to where these two people have disappeared to. At the moment, we are getting a house near water and possibly a cliff not guaranteed that there is one, but the house is BETH 2 which is on the Magicians card - so they seem to be in the enclosure of a house and number 2 appears to be significant for some reason. I seem to be getting good vibrations on this card that people are going in the right direction. I dont know if this couple are involved with the man who killed the woman but what I see is that they are in or near a house somewhere near water. There seems to be some kind of 'fresh start' on this and Im afraid I dont know why that is and who that would apply to.

I see a possibility of facing North West - because the Fool is linked to the Magician it often speaks of going on a journey across landscape and country and even near cliffs. What I am not sure about is that they have some 'baggage' with them, only light packing from what I can see not mounds of things just things that you might need like bag/purse thats ort of thing at least thats what I think someone would carry in the spotted hanky of the Fool card. There does seem to be some kind of warning on the card because a dog is barking. Those are the only thoughts or directions I have for where they may be.

I do want to mention that The High Priestess does hold a lot of secrets, so there are a few things that are not out in the open yet about this couple. I see twin towers, such as a bridge or two stone pillars, a doorway or a gate and possibly even some 'note' that is written. I dont know who would have written this. Actually it seems that there are some rather 'odd things' that may be learnt about this case that at the moment are not seen or known. Generally 28 days is given. There is always a problem with 'mother' in the High Priestess card and someone can 'pass' with the High Priestess because of the Moon attachment. Also there is quite a bit water in the Moon card so I will leave that here. I also think there is something in the background about 'overbearing parents' or over attachment or over dependency on parents. I dont know where that tacks in but I mention it. Someone may have been having problems with their sight, maybe not wearing their glasses? or perhaps they are are spotted?

Regarding when they will be found.


The only number I have with the Hanged man is a 12 and the season of Fall but that is reversed so I would have thought more Springtime? because when this card is reversed it suggests a 'thaw' - it could very well be very soon as this card can suggest that some projects are wasted. I hope that is not a negative thing as I would not like there to be a problem in finding this couple. I see some kind of 4 again with this card that seems to match the Emperor so these two cards may have something in common with each other with what tarot has told us. September is the ultimate time this couple should be found. I hasten to say that there is something just bothering me a little with the tarot and the fact that I see water in these cards. Hopefully its just an emotional sign, but it could also be water itself and I never much like water in the final card.

However, optimistically, we have to keep our fingers crossed that these people will be found during the period tarot suggests.

Hasten to add that the Fool can also mean a field or the great outdoors/garden anything of that nature or tourist spots.

There seems to be particular period of time attached to this couple of ONE MONTH. I dont know if they had planned at any point to go on holiday. Im not suggesting they did but I keep wondering if they had a relative somewhere who invited them many times and they never did go. This just might be some information Im picking up from the past.



Talking about the Magician appearing in the tarot, we should note that after the High Priestess is the Empress. The Empress is directly connected to the Emperor in tarot. The Empress is linked to Door 4 and a Friday. The Empress can connect to someones mother and also to gardens/springtime/nature/woods. The High Priestess appearing after the Magician shows someone with holding secrets before we get to the Empress and 'door 4'.

This card can represent an 'action' but the High Priestess seems to be concealing information to do with a B and a J. These could be people or places it could even suggest a place BETWEEN a B and a J.

If Sam and this couple are connected the Moon in the High Priestess could suggest the 'passing' of his partner and secrets within this situation because the High Priestess suggests to 'keep your own counsel' which suggests secrets are not told.

Water and distant Mountain Range are often depicted on the High Priestess and often there is a 'bench' or table in the Empress and Magician. Triple Moons on the High Priestess head can mean three people passing or possibility of this.

The Beth in the High Priestess can symbolise a property where one can 'retire without fear of disturbance'. Therefore we think of the word 'sanctuary' where one can go? This could suggest a 'second home' with Beth meaning House also seen on the Magician card and the figure 2 meaning duality - two houses. The Moon is relative to the Sun which again shows a house with a walled garden often a family home.

I do not know if any of this is past present or future but it was to attempt to determine where this couple may be or part of their journey.
It also suggests that something happens on a Monday connected to two houses. There are 'keys' to another property.

Because the Fool is North West and looks that way, if you reverse it , then we can have South East or South because we have our head downwards.

All these directions may be significant.

The Fool upright knows where he is going, but if you reverse him he has to make a decision. Therefore it might imply that a definate plan of journey or destination was not quite known and could be spontaneous and thinking as you go along.

That is why we have to take account of the directions we are given as they can go back on themselves. Fools are cliff tops, roofs and somewhere there is a ledge when this is reversed it can mean beneath these things.

When the fool starts out he goes on a journey, and I feel that a journey is halted under a roof. Other cards connecting suggest a property perhaps south east or south west or North East.

The Hanged man can represent finances, therefore I seem to see 'restored finances' when this card is upright. I do not know whether finances are important or not within this situation.
Maybe someone does,nt want to 'wait around for money'?

There is a spiritual connection to churches or community in the hanged man. Money from a community?

It can show what the card says - hanged from a tree or high place or being hung up about something.

Other thoughts are that a man 'gives himself up'.

Maybe someone is forced to surrender against their will?

The hanged man leads to the death card which is number 13 which may have significance. Here someones death is mocked rather than sympathised so it can be a nasty or upsetting card.
Death has water on it and therefore can be somewhere near water which has already been seen. Again a rose is seen here therefore makes me wonder about the signficance of the word Rose regarding location. There are fields in the Death card also.
The Death card reversed looks WEST. So perhaps that is the direction of this couple? or perhaps their car?

Remember that death is clothed in armour which could represent car. Car reversed NO MOVEMENT. Can signify car in water or car at at a breakyard or even quarry.
There may be a religious connection nearby, possible church or name or something to do with the word BISHOP.

suspect is believed to be in southern
west virginia. officials have been told he may be willing to surrender and are encouraging him to do so. it is reported he shaved his hair and beard. it is also reported that he may still be driving the russells car.


Richard and Gladis have both been found deceased. This is extremely sad and a very complicated matter which is still ongoing as Samuel Littleton appears to be the suspect.

Richard was found first south of a canal of water but was found by two people who were with metal detecting looking for scrap metal (death card links with scrap metal but I thought this was linked to the Car itself and thought I saw a breakyard) then Gladis was found in a field, both were found in different locations. Richard in Tennesee and Gladis in Vienna. Both were found SOUTH of their home. Not much is known at the current time of what happened. The Car was found in WEST Virginia in a car parking lot. I also should have thought about CAR PARK when I got connection to the death card but suggested a quarry (stone like a carpark) BREAKYARD (more cars parked up) - my fault for not seeing that but the direction was right and tarot was trying to tell us two things at once there.

Tarot was correct to say they would be found under a month which both were. The car also was discovered. Both were in agricultural nature environments when found. I will highlight the informant parts of tarot when more news is available to be able to understand how tarot has tried to inform us about details in this case. Some of the tarot appears to link in Samuel Littleton and the situation around his property and the Russells property making tarot quite complex. However, I do seem to feel some details have come to light from news reports but feel there is more to come. Please feel free to post further news to keep this updated.


FOUND! Samuel K. Littleton in custody Print E-mail
Written by Sue Pitts
Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Samuel K. Littleton II is in police custody in West Virginia.

Samuel K. Littleton II, who is wanted for the Feb. 11 murder of Tiffany Brown, is seen in custody Wednesday entering the Princeton, W.Va., police barracks

(WVVA TV screen capture)

WHIO-TV reports a helicopter spotted the fugitive in a wooded area behind the Walmart where he reportedly dropped off Richard and Gladis Russell’s 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis late Tuesday afternoon.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.— A body found along a road here has been identified as Richard Russell, according to a press release issued by Chattanooga police.

Richard Russell was 84 years old. He, along with his wife Gladis, disappeared from their rural Logan County home on Feb. 16.

Gladis Russell, 85, still is missing.

Chattanooga Police were able to identify Russell through dental records.

The release stated that members of “Tennessee Highway Patrol’s air unit are actively searching for the remains of Gladis Russell off of Interstate 75. The GBI and North Georgia law enforcement agencies have also been alerted.”

Richard Russell had been stabbed, according to police.

Gladis has been found deceased in a cotton field in the South - Georgia.

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