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Friday, 24 December 2010


The Foristell Police Department is looking for a missing man last seen on Friday, December 10, 2010 at his apartment in Columbia, Missouri.

The missing person is identified as Nicholas Coppola, a 25-year-old white male who’s about 5’8” tall and 235 lbs. Police say he has blue eyes and gold wire rim glasses. Coppola reportedly does not have any tattoos or scars.

Coppola’s 1998 Subaru Legacy was found abandoned on Interstate 70 eastbound just west of the Foristell overpass around 1 p.m. on Sunday, December 12. His cell phone and wallet were still inside the car.

Officials say that Coppola’s friends have said that he had been depressed lately.

Police say it is believed that Coppola was en route to his parents’ house in Weldon Springs. Coppola was a student at Missouri University.

Anyone with information should contact Foristell police at 636-463-2123 x 227 or 636-693-2150.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 24 December 2010 at 6:35 am »

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate but I have consulted it regarding the gentleman above who went missing on 12 December 2010. I have tried to see what happened to this man and where he could be found. I cannot guarantee everything that tarot has brought to the surface but hope somehow it helps to find Nicolas.


Judgement comes up as the very first card for this man who seems to have completely disappeared leaving his car abandoned on a road. Tarot will try to give glimpses of what may be connected to have created this situation and looks at points past present and future. It is never 100 per cent accurate and because of that its always wise to seek factual sources.

Meanwhile going to the Judgement card, the problem of disappearance seems to be connected to the 'past'. This is a card where the past has to be forgiven to begin a new life and to put everything that was a problem behind . I seem to feel its easy to see the sadness in Nicolas 's face its almost a bitter sweet look that we see in his picture. This judgement card seems to make me feel he had choices to make, perhaps those choices would,nt please everybody but he had to consider another element in his life.

Sometimes a child can come up on this card - where someone wants a child and perhaps others do not agree that it is the right time.. This may not apply to Nicolas but it does seem to be here in his cards. I feel that it must be connected however in order to be there. I see him speeding in his car or somebody speeding to the extent that one would have thought he would have been stopped to be given a ticket. Im not saying this happened but it seems to be an outside suggestion here. The Judgement card always brings people up from the past and the next card is the world card which suggests travel and moving forward. Its as though he kissed goodbye to all the life he had known and just decided to rebirth himself completely.

Judgement brings people back from the past also and that can suggest meeting up or meeting with someone that he may already know. How that would figure in the middle of a road I have absolutely no idea but again this card suggests that. It also does suggest a very frustrating person though so if he did meet with someone in some way there must be some kind of problem with that. The Sun card is a family card and this card is 'behind him' so I feel its possible that someone who is close to him, even family or someone connected might have been travelling 'behind him' and caught up with him.

I feel he could have switched vehicle to get in with that person and the world card has a 30 year connection on it. That may mean nothing but I have to mention it as it could be someone of that age or it could be some family connection or close connection from that kind of period of time. He is not yet 30 himself so maybe someone older than him in the family or friends circle of the family? There is also an 'adoption issue' at least it is possible and I dont know if there is anything here about adopting a child or something of that nature I cant be sure.

The Judgement card shows someone who may have health matters, perhaps the health of someone has been a big hindrance as this card tends to give us that there might be concerns over health here whether this is actually something physical , in the mind or a place that was connected to his travelling as Judgement can even mean hospitals or health buildings of some kind as well as just referring to health matters. I just seem to see a very swift decision being made here to link to the past or someone from the past it is very impulsive.

Its also like a balancing of Karma in a very final way also. I dont know if Nicolas was looking for answers for something and it was a make or break in order to sort this out. The sun card is a 'twin card' and may even suggest 'two families' again reading this cold I dont know how that fits in at the present time. The sun is a happy travelling card that indicates a lot of sunshine and family links, it can also even represent happy couples. Tarot is past present and future therefore how everything unfolds in the time pockets I cannot be sure.

I just seem to see him wanting to bury the past and start a new life - though it could still be connected to people from the past or maybe even a wish to break with them. I really think he wanted an 'answer' to something. The judgement card is based in spirituality.

Looking at another card for Nicolas we have 7 of cups reversed - and this card is all about choices that he has to make whatever area of his life it touches. All I seem to be getting here is hidden emotional problems, next to six of cups reversed can be to do with children and even family. Could suggest a person might be hiding thoughts regarding children. Its a difficult card for me to express what I really feel here because if it is wrong then it could illuminate tricky aspects, but this card can touch upon homosexuality possibilities though this is not strictly the case.

It may not be Nicolas that I am seeing here but another person but I put it forward because I do see this. 8 of cups sees someone walking away to a new life or leaving something or someone behind. That generally in scenery is a little inlet like a cove with water and often it is described as WEST but there may be a reversed aspect which could take us East so I have to give these directions as either could apply. I see some very heavy problems many of them emotional here.

Someone is not really willing to deal with the reality of everyday day to day life - the seven of cups always suggests returning to the family home or origins where the person can get into familiar territory to calm them.

I feel as though he wanted to make his feelings clear to someone he cared for, or that he was wishing to do this, that can mean all sorts of things if I was honest as I cannot see the reactions from the other person only from Nicolas's perception or it could be the other way around. If there is another person on the scene Im feeling there are bad risks taken here because there couuld be someone in the environment who is less then truthful and perhaps one should be aware of that?

Someone may have pretended to be ill and Nicolas could have been taken in by that. There are a lot of emotions that all seem to draw together for this man, things on his mind and things happening all at the same time. I feel as though Nicolas should have trusted his gut instinct about someone because if he did get into a car or he got out of his car to link with someone else they may have had an influence on him. The world card does seem to signify he has met someone whilst travelling.


I am seeing that Nicolas may have been apprehended as the four of swords would show that he is taking 'time out' and following this is the five of swords which makes me feel as though there is some altercation where getting angry is not the best route but somehow there are some particular people or persons that he is not too happy about. Seems to me that this is a pick your battles situation. If he has a love relationship with someone or association conflict seems to be on the surface here.

I dont know if he was actually travelling with someone or not and looking at that sun card Im wondering now if it is just describing his travelling to the family but somehow there is someone in between and not sure if it is a travelling companion ? I really feel something sneaky going on somehow and great deceptions that arise out of this.

I am wondering if he is held up somewhere as the four of swords can represent hostage situations though sometimes that may not be the case. If he is held hostage somewhere then he has not been released that I can see at this point. Again there is someone else on the scene so they could be the cause of this. I understand his wallet was left in the car but I do feel that money was taken out of it regardless or something possibly stolen here. The Five of swords always reminds me of a blacksmith and so BLACK may be a word that we have to hook up with. I have directions here with the North and with the East not sure how they combine.

Again I see water in this card and up to three people which may include Nicolas. It is possible he could have been attacked or someone was attacked. I do get a link to the past though so whether this is a revenge attack or 'getting back at someone' seems to play on the edge of mind particularly thinking of the Judgement card and balancing of Karma. If there was an attack someone escaped to safety over the water but I say someone because I dont know who?

I get Strength for where Nicolas is now. There is an 8 on this card for whatever that can suggest but I have to point out the LION on the card so could be connected to a place where Lion is in the name? This is a strength card therefore he could have come up against great strength or he could be the one who managed to oppress it but either way looks a difficult card. Next to strength is a vehicle. I assume that his car was thoroughly checked, perhaps there is another car in the picture? I see him attached to the Hermit card which I always describe as UP HIGH - either flats/apartments or equally somewhere rural near hills and possibly water it often describes someone alone or linked to an older man. This is a healing card so that suggests where he can be found. There are physical concerns on the Strength card which I have to point out.

In the distance there is a single blue moutain peak and a pair of trees. The land is hilly and green. I dont have a direction on this card to give but the Hermit card is a 'touch and sexuality card' so I do see physicalities here. The Hermit is a completion card also which suggests also that he can be found in the descriptions given. He is up high and can look over other property or land. He may be accompanied by an older man here who normally lives on their own or he could be on his own. The healing card suggests that he might have overcome physical difficulties. Strength in the card shows a woman with light hair it could be an imaginary female or she could be real but if she is real she has the ability to tame him???? here also I am seeing garlands of flowers. This woman is connected to the Magicians card and can be linked to this mans disappearance. It is all rather complicated.

There are no death cards here but very much cards of trial and being in a situation where one has to think out their life but it seems to be prompted by others and I just feel that there is a set of circumstances that happened all at once here. I see apartments/flats for his location, if he is not there then I see rurality and barn/shed or caravan or something rustic but up high say on a hill.

Asking when Nicolas will be found I have the King of Cups. The only number on this card is 14 and cups are usually days so thats all I can offer or the figure 14. There is a father figure here, kind and understanding and a bit ecclesiastical.

I really hope this situation resolves in a good way and apologise for any incorrect assumptions in the tarot if they have arisen but tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I just give all the possibilities connected to this man and hopefully some of it will unravel over time. Tarot cannot predict accurately time factor but sometimes can also be very accurate so Im afraid I have to just state what I feel then hope for the best on this.


« 26 December 2010 at 18:38 »

A quick brief on Nicolas today was to attempt to see where he may be. Firstly the Reversed Magician is also outlining various other feelings that he has.

The Magician does follow the fool and we have to remember that and all the indications the fool gives to us which I shall emphasise on. However, meanwhile the Magician is a card that shows that someone is perhaps concerned that other people might not like the 'new you' element and it might be a problem to Nicholas in that other people do not accept the way he thinks or what he wants to do. I think this came up in CHOICES on the 7 of cups in earlier tarot.

Nicolas may be running out of money. I did see that money was taken out of his wallet and I dont know if it was himself that had this or another, but it appears that there is a shortage right now. I am not getting 'feeble' strength in this card to the contrary I seem to have health as ok but that there is still some kind of need for 'medical' assistance floating in this card. There is a feeling of 'is this a good idea or not' in a reversed Magicians mnid - this will be Nicholas reflecting on whether it was a good idea to disappear or not.

The Magicians card DOES make people disappear so it will be a factor that is on his mind. He knows he needs to try 'other avenues' in order to keep afloat. He is not feeling able to communicate about what he wants or needs. I still see the link on the spiritual level indicating a need for new experiences and perspectives and even new input into the way he thinks. As tarot is past present and future this may be either a past thought or present but it does seem to be about trying new things with spiritual approaches and talking to people who see things differently to how he does.

When the Magician is reversed, he can 'lose his bag of tricks' so if he had some belongings it does mean that he has mislaid them. The FOOL also has a 'BAG' but he has not got this when it is reversed inclusive of his wallet, therefore I do think he needs money right now regardless as he needs to find someone to turn to in order to get some?

That seems to be what I am seeing here. I will just mention here that the Fool is generally open spaces, festival music type atmosphere, tourist attractions, when reversed can suggest a place where these things exist but are currently closed or out of season or that one may have been in this area??. The Fool also represents art as well as music and can include Libraries or information centers, when reversed one might feel there is a blockage to that . This can be past present or future referencing.

The Magician generally shows the number ONE - so it is just one step away from the Fool which is the 'beginning' of the tarot journey. I am not sure if that is indicating that he is really not that far away. Looking at the Magician for other clues we have a cliffside and sea near to it, it is reversed therefore I would have thought he has now moved away from water. Thats not very helpful when looking for NAMES in locations, but tarot cannot always provide them. However, the Magician card shows roses at the Magicians feet and often flowers - and this 'garland of flowers' was also seen in the Strength card. Not knowing America I have no idea if there is anywhere that fits that description or whether that is a clue for whereabouts.

e next card along would be the High Priestess who usually always delivers with her initials B and J so either of those initials can be people or places that may be helpful. The High Priestess usually carries a lot of secrets and when that is turned on its head it often reveals them. Maybe a woman with a secret who is aware of where Nicolas is and might say something? It is possible of course but only time can tell. I would tell you that the High Priestess card has a significance about it of 28 days, when its reversed I always wonder if something will be revealed in that time and perhaps from a woman? Tarot cannot be THAT precise but its a n offering or possibility. There may be some kind of 'pollyanna' indiscretion.

I am seeing a 'mountain of fire' I also see a thief and some robbery. There is a house here or maybe even two as Magician has Beth 2 which means house 2 or x 2.
Yellow is in the picture here and I see someone pulling a fast one and not really being above board. We are given PATH 12 whether that is a road or not as there are no current directions on the Magician card and maybe one should read back the tarot for the last known directions.

However, one strange thought that has come to me is that he might have intended to go out of America as one arm extended can show the Statue of Liberty pictorially, when that is reversed it shows one who goes out of the country. This may simply be a THOUGHT rather than an action and this reading may just be picking up generally on everything that is to do with Nicolas, its just something I cannot know for sure so please bear it in mind as it could just be a recapitulation.

The High Priestess is linked to the Moon which may serve as a warning. Though the Magician promises good health which could be Nicolas believing that about himself , the High Priestess may disagree with this therefore I have to place that thought here also and mention the 28 day cycle once more. Its in this card I also see a woman. The woman could be linked to a Monday and a House.

I still liken the High Priestess with Flats and Apartments just as I do the Hermit card and this woman appears to be the wife ? of someone spiritual. I also see someone who is maybe away from their children. I seem to have had a child connection earlier. Some even see the High Priestess as some kind of 'domitrix' situation and even sometimes link in call girls from Las Vegas so there is never much good to say about the High Priestess . Perhaps Nicholas is not making decisions for himself or he just decides go with the flow?

I offer various thoughts and have to leave it to others to unravel the information. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I have no doubt that not all the information will be. I also want to mention that Nicholas has the Moon at his feet.


Previous readings but similar to what I have already seen.
Heres a reading from 24 December but its pretty much covered again in the Magician.

December 24, 3:54 pm

Meditation with Nicolas and I receive Knight of CUPS


He confirms he is WEST looking East.

See the horse? look at the landscape. I see the water in there.
Sometimes PEAcock is described on this card because its a really charming card describing being near water and helping someone out. I notice there is a Peacock Angus Farm thats in Missouri 12589 Salem Cemetery Road, Higginsville, MO, United States I think thats Higginsville and not far from a resovoir.

Im seeing a really cheeky type of reply to my question - Im getting a Ladies man type of reply. Dont know why maybe he is with someone who is helping him out.
I cant promise anything at all on locations as I would never forgive myself sending people all over the place but I do get a peacock with this card and there is an address for Peacock on a farm if people are looking at farms so I offer it.

Its definately West the direction I am getting and looking East. This card also sits next to a very nurturing blonde/or light haired female nurturer. Cant promise it is actually a woman or whether its just a cheeky quip in the tarot referencing myself as caring about this chap and where he is.

Knight of cups shows someone who can wade into water too that has to be considered. Theres an airport around there and the Knight of cups and all Knights are about travel and wind blowing in the hair though I think of this Knight as more connected with the water and boats or just simply water.

Theres a fish in the card and the Queen of Cups leads on to the King so still seeing some kind of ecclesiastical link so will forward that too. Pastors are always linked to churches as a rule or the grounds of churches. I just see something really 'unexpected' on this card too. I keep getting something about a child also but I have not worked that one out. I opted for possible immaturity as another answer but maybe Im not thinking straight. Its been a long day.

Regarding Nicolas when this card is upside down it references possible suicide, but this card is UPRIGHT - at the time of pulling it so I would have hoped he is hanging in there wherever he is.

Judgement which I received right away in the beginning was a 20 number and in the vicinity we do have a 20 Road. I have no idea if Im way of bat but I will give anything a shot.


December 28, 7:58 am


Asking about Nicholas todays date 28 december. Receiving 5 of cups reversed. The four of cups would have shown 'new adventures and possible new acquaintance' I did see someone in the cards but now this has ended in some kind of problem or sorrow. This card is generally broken relationships. Some new acquaintance or adventure has fallen below expectation. This card is giving us WEST for cups but it is reversed and gives us a direction of North. I have also had north before.

Pictorially this card shows us a bridge and stream and a crossing to the other side this is reversed may show movement away from there but he could be 'under a bridge' or a bridge may be in the name of the location? EITHER North or South?

This also shows the return of a loved one in a five day transit. Last time I had this card the person was found within 5 days. I cant promise this. I might be wrong altogether.

EDIT : I meant North or WEST or NORTHWEST (NOT South)


« Reply #5 on Jan 4, 2011, 4:39am »
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In late hours 28 December I felt distinctly that Nicholas would be coming home and that the search would be over.
5 of cups told me it would be in a five day transit and I know the 3rd January is to be the deadline. There is no news yet.

I felt very disappointed as I felt sure this would be the case. I have asked tarot WHEN once more and was surprised to find the Chariot .


The Chariot is linked to Cancer and Cancer is always thought of as Home. The Chariot is a vehicle and number 7 is attached to this. The previous card is the Lovers card which is number six showing family. This in turn links to the six of cups which is his 'old home' where he vanished from. To me it still looks like Nick is going to be brought home. The timing seems to still be roughly there. Cups are days. Linked to the chariot are songs to represent this card All I can do is hope that Nick is going home.

Tarot doesnt know Time, but I really believed it would be today maybe there has been a delay or maybe tarot is wrong.? He shows me a KEY in his hand and the Number 1 from 7. I also had North East? so moving now to North East? I am really hoping that tarot is not producing past events. I keep my fingers crossed and hope. Please dont rely on this Timing as I would be feeling so bad to disappoint if it turns out incorrect.

I had a CHARITY given in six of pentacles also an East Card showing he had been benefacted and provided for?

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,

Swing low, sweet chariot,
Comin' for to carry me home;
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Comin' for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan,
And WHAT did I see,
Comin' for to carry me home,
A band of angels comin' after me,
Comin' for to carry me home.


If you get there before I do,
Comin' for to carry me home,
Tell all my friends I'm comin' too,
Comin' for to carry me home.

Drowning Man from U2.

Take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love
For I have promised
Oh, to be with you tonight
And for the time that will come
Take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love
And I understand
These winds and tides
This change of times
Won't drag you away
Hold on, and hold on tightly
Hold on, and don't let go
Of my love

The storms will pass...the storm will pass...
It won't be long won't be long now...
His love will last
His love will last...forever

Take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love
Give you what I hold dear

Hold on, hold on tightly
Hold on, hold on tightly
Rise up, rise up
With wings like eagles
You run, you run
You run and not grow weary

...Take my hand, take my hand...
Hold on, and hold on tightly
Hold on, hold on tightly
To this love...last forever
To this love...last forever

Before the parade passes by

Before it goes on, and only I'm left
Before the parade passes by
I've gotta get in step while there's still time left

I'm ready to move out in front
Life without life has no reason or rhyme left
With the rest of them, with the best of them

I wanna hold my head up high
I need a goal again, I need a drive again
I wanna feel my heart coming alive again
Before the parade passes by

Before the parade passes by
I've gotta go and taste Saturday's high life
Before the parade passes by
I've gotta get some life back into my life

I'm ready to move out in front
I've had enough of just passing by life
With the rest of them, with the best of them

I can hold my head up high
For I've got a goal again, I've got a drive again
I wanna feel my heart coming alive again
Before the parade passes by

When the parade passes by
Listen and hear that brass harmony growing
When the parade passes by

Pardon me if my old spirit is showing
All of those lights over there
Seem to be telling me where I'm going

When the whistles blow
And the cymbals crash
And the sparklers light the sky
I'm gonna raise the roof

I'm gonna carry on
Give me an old trombone
Give me an old baton
Before the parade passes by

29 August 2011

Nicholas Coppola was found Deceased in July. I will update further on details as soon as I have them.


June 30, 2011 | 12:00 a.m. CST

  Read story of his family’s search for Nick published in June.2011

12:58 p.m. CDT, August 27, 2011


A body found in a creek on the border of Lincoln and Warren Counties in Missouri has been identified as a missing St. Charles man. The body was found on July 26, 2011. The Lincoln County Coroner used dental records to indentify the body as 24 year old Nicholas Michael Coppala of St Charles County, MO

More at link,6277723.story

« Reply #8 on Sept 5, 2011, 11:09am »
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I am really sad that Nicolas has been found deceased. The last card I had was the Chariot number 7 and Nicolas was found in July the seventh month.

I seem to have picked up a great deal up about him and various other aspects that have occurred with him but of course nobody really knows what happened 'after' he disappeared and I cannot see where Tarot might be telling us things or not or where it could be validated in that respect. Nobody knows what happened to Nicolas after his car was abandoned at the current time. I did see water quite often in his cards but at one point I thought that he would be home in 'five'. As it happens the Chariot card told us the correct month.

I am really sorry for the family, Nicolas did have some quest that was religiously inclined. All other details are not quite known to me at the current time, directions or any companions.



  1. your readings describe Nicholas well. only the skull and a few teeth were found. can tarrot - tell us what happened? Where the rest of the body is? when it happened?

  2. I have now submitted further details to a member of the family and hope that it might be helpful. I will not be publishing those thoughts here at the current time.

    My sympathies are endless in this matter.



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