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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Case Type: Stranger Abduction
Missing Date: Thursday 05th October 2000
Missing From: Roseboro North Carolina
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Male
DOB: 16/Jul/1996
Age Now: 14 Tristen (Buddy) Alan Myers
Specific Details:
Hair: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Height: 3' 1" (94 cm) Weight: 38 lbs (17 kg)
Race: White language: n/a
Special Facts: Tristen was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. He has a scar on the left side of his neck. He uses the nickname "Buddy". He may bave needed medical attention.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.


« Thread Started Today at 3:05 » 20 OCTOBER 2010

The above case has had tarot requested in the Missing Children Requests on Blogger.

Please remember to always seek a second opinion and read all the notices and information on the blogger regarding Tarot and also that it is not 100 per cent accurate. Tarot will try to throw light on circumstances and all possibilities but cannot be guaranteed.


I asked tarot why this child disappeared on October 5 2000.
Tarot gives me the Seven of Wands and you can see immediately that this child is 'fighting people off'. The card has a 'valor' about it so sometimes this can mean not actually being attacked but fighting back all the same because they feel they are.

The next card the 8 of wands would show swiftness over countryside but there is a house in the background a lot of open ground and possibly a river running through it and it shows a 'swiftness'. This could imply 'running' or going quickly through the countryside or over open ground.

Because the six of wands comes before the seven, I am wondering a little about that card and how that comes into play that this boy would be defending himself because the six of wands shows some kind of welcome perhaps in a crowded atmosphere??? it can also portray going into town or to market.

Anyway for now I will try to explore.

The wands cards are weeks, so it might suggest this boy might have even been fairly brave for several weeks because there is a kind of heroism about him but it can suggest perhaps he was fending people off for this amount of time also. I would therefore then suggest that the situation that has come up when he disappeared was actually something that was going on for a few weeks perhaps as long as 7 weeks because that is the number on the card.

Mars is in Leo in the 7 of wands which shows violence because of Pride. So its whether hes hitting out or whether someone is hitting him. Its quite possible that there is a bit of both, some of the wrangling I can see is of Tristens own thinking but in this card 7 of wands it can actually show a possibility of a group of people picking on him. The card often shows a Hill or pyramid shape whereby the child is on the top of it and the ones that annoy are just below him so it appears he might be cornered.

Definate quarrelling and wrangling going on in this card that I can see. A lot of times he seems to have won his little victories but I will have to look further and see what is the problem here on this day he disappeared.

Incidently the 7 of wands shows south summer and noontime.


Well, heres a card that sort of throws me for six in truth as its not quite what I would have expected to see and I know I need to think very hard about it.

The Justice card has appeared in reverse. Now Justice is being fair and everything balanced but when that is upside down it seems someone might be getting blamed unfairly for something?
So we are talking about injustice here.

Justice is card number 11, whether number 11 is significant or not I really dont know but I like to put it in the tarot in case it does have its results.

The Date and timing of this card falls just right as it is September 23 to October 22 and his disappearance falls in this date, but I dont know at the moment whether it is Tristen coming through the tarot to say something is,nt fair or whether its the circumstances themselves. I will just try to explain what this card gives to us. It seems to represent that there might have been some legal complications in the mix somewhere -how that reflects I am again not sure, however, it seems that past problems have affected his situation and some kind of harsh judgement has been placed here.

I am assuming that it is on him, but it just might be in his life or in his home life but there seems to be some legal delay in something that could have created problems, either that or tarot feels that this case is overdue for some justice.

It seems to me though that someone here feels very inadequate and they cant seem to change no matter how they try. Again I see loss of temper in this card and also some dishonesty in the whole situation which is rather baffling.

An Empress (Mother) and Emperoror father figure seem to be linked to the Justice card somehow. It is suggested that they would like things to be ok and balanced and look for improvements in this card, but that then leads me to wonder whether they tried very hard with Tristen and found they were not always able to keep cool when things became difficult. However, again its not pointing fingers or meant to, it just seems to show a lot of irritation and upsets that just seemed to roll like a ball with no end to hit. Red is on the Justice card and tempers could have got a little frayed from all angles perhaps.

There is a 'field' in the Justice card through the Hebrew properties and there is also HOME attached. And it seems to me that something that happened at home seems to lead to the field or somewhere in the open here. Though it mentions walking a dog,( in this case) I dont see any dog in the picture either in the seven of wands or in the Justice card though both cards seem to compliment each other for that particular disappearance date.

I think if I just show you the connections of the Justice card you will see yourself how this seems to reflect.


* Primitive Hieroglyphic: A Field
* Kabbalah: NIZAH
* Astronomy: Cancer
* Month: June
* Hebrew Letter: Heth (simple)


* The woman fulfilling the functions of God the Son. THE MOTHER
* Nature performing the function of Eve ELEMENTARY EXISTENCE
* Major Arcana Signification from the Divining Point of View

8. Justice signifies JUSTICE.

Unfortunately, it does appear that something may have occurred between mother and son, I only print what I see and my comments with tarot are 'without prejudice'. I am only here to help find the child and nothing more.

The mother in this card is seated on a throne, which could mean as it is connected to home, that mother might have been sitting on a chair or sofa, but this card seems to be reversed.

I dont know if Tristen was being very difficult or not but I do see a lot of problems in the air I also may have this interpretation incorrect but then I have always said to seek a second opinion.

The number 11 is a higher octave of the number 2 and Number 2 is the High Priestess which is the card that comes before the Empress the mother.

The High Priestess has a B and a J placed upon it. These initials are to do with names of people or places. The High Priestess holds secrets and not everything has been told according to it.

When you turn this card upside down the High Priestess becomes suffocating and very overpowering as does the Empress and to me it would suggest that this boy could have been suffocated.

What I see about this case is that justice and mercy are extremely important and judging is completely out of order but I think that something likely happened to this boy out of circumstances that genuinely require a deep understanding. I think of this as a mercy 'event'.

The card before the Justice card is the Wheel of Fortune which represents a 'turning point. A turning point can mean all sorts of things - but Justice is generally cause and effect and it was nobodys fault that Tristen had problems so his problems were not always difficult to understand or maybe he was,nt always easy to understand as he would act without cause himself perhaps.

The Wheel of Fortune can mean a trip - now because its a wheel we do have to think of a vehicle, and we did have swiftness of travelling over land in the 8 of wands. I said running, but thats still a form of swiftness as its fast movement as is the Wheel.

The card following Justice is the Hanged Man which is a suspension card and a voluntary letting go or giving up to circumstances.

Turn Justice upside down and she loses her scales, her sword. This could well suggest a corruption of justice. It is not merely an accident, or something blocking justice that might be removed. Here the whole system is suspect. The scales of balance are gone. The sword to slice things right down the middle is gone. Fairness *cannot* be achieved because the tools of justice are missing. The Judge is bias, the lawyers and witnesses corrupt, the evidence tampered with.

This suggests there might be more to the situation then we can understand.

There might have been a financial situation linked to the law that could,nt be resolved. Its hazzarding a thought but it could come into these cards. I just seem to see a guilty concience on these cards. Im afraid whoever the Mother Father figures are there might be more information around them.

It does,nt look great and Im not sure whether I should write further on this because clearly this case is going to sort itself out like everything else in the wash everything always comes out one day.

If this boy has run off himself - and I will still mention difficulties around him at home - he is not likely to be alive because the hanged man shows a 'giving up' and 'letting go' voluntarily and I think of this as a possible 'release' through breathing being blocked or not being able to breathe.

Again very interesting when I ask where this child is October 2010

I get the High Priestess who I have already mentioned.


One thing I might say which is a floating thought is that maybe someone does,nt want to go to Jail by saying something. By saying something it could erupt into other information thats pretty much complicated but I am just going to put that here.

Meanwhile there we have the High Priestess on where this boy is. And to me the High Priestess is giving us those initials once again a B and a J which are names or places where this boy might be alive or deceased, I am not sure if he is alive or not but I know he voluntarily went wherever it was either to a spiritual state or somewhere else connected to this High Priestess. Something has been covered up here thats for sure and it looks as though its by a woman though I dont mean to blame the guadians/parents I am simply trying to give the information from tarot as I get it and its none too easy in this case.

So either this child was suffocated by a parental figure whoever that might be or they have covered up a the TRUTH deliberately because by not doing this it might implicate more situations that have been nicely filed away under the carpet.

The High Priestess has 'two pillars' in it and often I have been thinking of them as two buildings that are next to each other, they could even be apartment blocks. But we are looking at that kind of thing buildings adjacent or something of that nature, two big posts etc...and he would be in between them.

There is also the initials to think about.

Regarding also the disappearance of this child bear in mind the card before the High Priestess is number one, creativity the Magician and he has the power to hide things.

So I think possibly a man has hidden the child but the female knows about it. I do not know who these people are. I apologise for any information that appears to blame anyone also as it is not meant to read so blatantly but basically someone knows close to home.

For one thing June comes up and there was a problem at that time as well so we do need to take that into consideration.


All I am given in relation to this child being found is a number 10.

Sometimes swords are months, but that would suggest he was found in under 10 months, or it could mean 10 months from now or indeed we just have to take it that it means 10 years or has some other significance. All I can do is write that down.

But here this card tells us that there has been ruin and a bad scenario - to find this boy someone has to be basically 'stabbed in the back' so that means someone has to open up and that means dropping someone else in it possibly.

The card does show a body by a river in a nasty situation but we cannot always think of that as being the case and this card is actually received reversed.

This child will be found possibly at Dusk. He might even be in a container its possible such as luggage just like that little girl Sandra Contu - so nothing Im saying here sounds good or positive and I hope that none of this is the real and actual situation sometimes its actually good to be wrong in tarot and not right.

However, if this boy is alive he is lucky to survive a disaster but I dont feel hopeful right now. I see this card gives us East Spring and Sunrise sometimes we have to look at that in reverse giving West Autumn and Sundown. I would imagine he would be found not far from Water or someplace that has water in the vicinity and probably across an open field there is a house in the background. I hope that he is still with us as to me he has had a very difficult time poor little fella. I send out my thoughts to family and hope some sense can be made of this tarot.

This is a depressing case but within a TEN all illusions will fall away and the truth will shine.

The problem with Justice reversed in this case is that a person can be jailed while the guilty party goes free? or should we say that maybe more than one person could be jailed in this case so I dont think its been easy to find the truth here.



lST JULY 2012

I have been hoping to update all the cases with the latest news. I can only find this note on Tristen but for some reason cannot open the link but it is a latest mention. I wonder if anyone else has the script that was on this link?

John W. Fountain - The New York Times
Tuesday, June 26, 2012 ... Tale of a Little Boy Lost May Have a Happy Ending ... for the relatives of a missing North Carolina boy, Tristen Alan Myers, times when ...


  1. Thank you for your reading. I pray for Justice and truth for Tristan.

  2. I was able to open the link and there is one story that states a boy found in a foster home may be Tristen, but about it is another story about a month later that states they have tested the boy believed to be Tristen, but the DNA was not a match. He is NOT Tristen.


  4. I'm from Roseboro, was I helped search for buddy when he went missing. A kid went missing under the same circumstances on that street a few years earlier, he was never found either.


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