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Friday, 22 October 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.


I have had a request to look at tarot for this lady, Kathy Adams. I have swiped the picture but not looked at the details at the current moment of posting.

Please remember all the reading instruction about tarot. Past Present and Future will appear in these cards - I have no control over time factors and I also do not guarantee 100 per cent accuracy I can provide glimpses and hope that they may be of assistance.


« Thread Started Today at 8:00 am » 22 OCTOBER 2010

My first question is what happened to Kathy


My first card for Kathy in an attempt to find out what happened might play out differently but its what I have asked. Tarot has given to me the two of wands reversed. I always think of threes as families but here is the two or more people and when that is upside down something is remiss between them. The very first thing is the card is wands which shows a great deal of energy when its upright but when reversed this energy gets drained out. There is a total lack of impetus here or clarity in a venture.

This card shows her joining up with someone which should have had good business results where you put all your ideas together and you let them set sail and wait for the results - your ships to come but here reversed there is a terrible fear of deception likely in business or with property definately ulterior motives and some kind of creative block of some sort.

I feel a risk was taken here against someones better judgement someone is not being realistic about the situation theres no co operation in business at all.

So just reading that back this lady has linked up with someone in business, trusted them or felt she could and then its probably dawned on her that this was not a good idea perhaps a bad risk and then realised too that she has possibly been completely deceived. I would definately read this card that way. I would do that because the card previous is the two of wands and thats generally a meeting of minds over business, and here we see it being doubted in this reversed three. The next card is the four of wands which is a propery or business premises so I think we are on the right track somehow.

This is a wand card wands are fire and though I always think of them being an action they can actually also be physically fire so even a fire in a propery or an idea that was inflamed has dropped right down in the positive aspect. This card also gives us a card of opportunity when its upright and that opportunity has been cloaked into something not expected.

Commercial and communication ventures are full of obstacles and there could be bad luck and delays regarding them.

I think we have the picture here. I see someone pretty confident in this card but I also see someone else who is wanting to exploit that person who will oppose their visions. Im guessing from the brief link that the guy pictured there might be the 'exploiter' but we shall see there may even have been three people involved here - however, lets just say one was pretty confident in their thoughts and ideas and that was opposed by someone else.

Its almost like with deception around as well it could be been a bit of meltdown going on.

Its pure business betrayal.


My next question is to establish where Kathy is. Bear in mind it may be completely wrong but there are SHIPS in the three of wands so could have something to do with shipping except in the reversed card they are in port. I mention it and yet it may not be of any consequence in this matter.

However, looking above I am seeing a slightly unpleasant card.

This card tells us that 'its all ruined' which is either an intuitive message from Kathy or in deed it could be exactly what it looks on that card. If that is a location, then one will expect to find Kathy near a coastline. I have 'the back' in this picture and if it were health matters and not location I would have thought that this person had back problems or had some kind of accident to their back. Not sure that is exactly what Im getting but backstabbing is not far away from my thoughts whether literally or figuratively which would make sense with the business card flop that has already appeared.

Some people may know that the number 10 card is considered to be the 'aftermath' so its the aftermath of an event or where Kathy ends up at least I am feeling thats what I have.

Previous to this card is a very distressing scenario as 9 of Swords is someone who is absolutely terribly worried, cant sleep has had a lot of turmoil running through their head. 9 of swords shows a bedroom scene but we are looking at the 10 of swords. We are asking about location, so I see her in the bedroom upset and distressed and then we have this card where someone is clearly laying out near water.

There is a book to be found, it might be an itinery book or accounts book or some kind of journal - anything on paper that could be significant so I will give that.

10 of Swords for direction is East , it gives me Spring and Sunrise , well Spring is not much use in Autumn is it? So we could consider Spring as part of a location name ? worth considering.

Im getting the brain and nervous system here and possible problems in relation to that. A complete sensation of overkill so a lot of force appears to be applied - there seems to be divorce, bankruptcy, loss tears etc all general upset on this card. I never liked this card very much and Im sorry to see it because it will indicate that circumstances may be far from pleasant.

The indications are that it is a MAN in the picture of 10 of swords but I cant decide the gender. Let me mention that this is not a death card - many people assume it is, what I can say is it is not NECESSARILY a death card but it does show bottom line for everything because it shows everything is completely spoiled -

I have asked tarot when Kathy will be found.


This card is a card of great speed generally wands meaning weeks but it could be anytime beforehand and Kathy will be found.

Note that there is countryside, hilly area and house and stream all in that picture that could be part of the landscape at the time.

I am not sure if an aeroplane has anything to do with the situation but I am going to mention that even though I cant place it or its significance at the moment I seem to feel its possible a mention will arise.

Kathy appeared to rely on the Knight of Pentacles possibly with a money venture believing that person to be stable and viable and someone perhaps she could trust.

The entire synopsis is pretty much clear - and we have been given some kind of 'timing' as to when Kathy will be found. Its the bit in between that may not be so happy.

The location of the 10 bleeds into the page of swords. I have almost always seen this as a HILL which can actual or a name.

Railways come into it sometimes not always and someone swinging a stick that clearly may suggest something predatory . Someone has spied here on someone else, lots of secrets and peculiar matters - espionage - etc a dark card if its a motive but on the surface its been presented as an adventure.

I would look, coastline/railway HILL - SPRING number 10
East Direction - possible container involved somewhere and something about the end of the year.

Someone with problems of breathing.

Phoenix - or peacocks -

and ultimately a bit of bad 'ju ju'.

I will leave this as a brief synopsis but I think as this is a brief overlook I will come back and look again.

I think I will take a look at this case up to police knowledge at the current time and then see if I can improve on location and see what might connect to what I have here in the tarot.

Until then, we must extend hopes that this Lady is found and quickly.


This is really quite bizarre because I have written this tarot believing I pulled out the three of wands but in fact it is the two of wands. It actually makes very little difference to the case because we are being given very roughly the same synopsis so dont worry if I am mentioning the three and you can see the two - thats the way it was mean to be. Families/couple on the card business, lack of minds meeting - no opportunity to work together mentally etc as per the reading. So sometimes strange things happen with tarot but lets go with the flow it was meant to be.

However because we have two of wands and not the three as I first thought as later mentioned in the post as a three - we will have to bear in mind with it being a two that upright we have a man who is the king of his castle, when thats reversed he is being dethroned. So we have to ask ourselves whether or not a male is getting put out of his place in his home/castle or indeed female either /or with these cards - and whether that is a problem. They are no longer in control whichever of the two it may be.

I am also going to mention with that 8 of wands for when Kathy will be found that there is also a Hill in that card so we have that twice. Secondly, the following card would be 9 and you would distinctly see someone drawing a line in the sand so its a kind of steeling oneself up for a final onslaught. The LE department are going to be all over this case like a rash, it may all happen quickly, it may be that someone is barricaded in somewhere or what I can in the 9 of Wands is some kind of barrier or palisade or fence, but this can still be symbolic like a wall someone puts up if you like. With the 8 of wands we have to mention south and west directions also. So altogether directions were East and then with that 8 the south and west.

I will ask more about Kathy very shortly. I would ask all to check back as this is a 'brief'.



I asked tarot where Kathy had been between October 7 and 14 October 2010 and I got the Chariot which can mean two things basically - either she was in a car crash physically or symbolically or the actual fact is, she did,nt go anywhere because her journey was postponed. Meaning she was stationary.

That would indicate not a lot of movement.


Asking where Kathy was between 14 October and 22 October I am being given Temperance reversed.

This card is a complete lack of control total imbalance loss of patience and a good lot of arguments going on between two people. The card Previous to this is the Lovers reversed their union 'stinks' in this card and there is a smell in the air which is not nice - it could be over alchohol because temperance has a wine cup in it - so thats possible, might have been lack of alcohol Im not sure but the arguments are severe and following the Chariot we have the devil which is clearly the lovers once more who find they are chained to each other and to vice however that is going play out.

Drugs alchohol bad or strange lust/sexual matters its all there - and it all arises in these cards. This is more than a domestic dispute as it takes into account every avenue of this couples lives where one of them is dominant and then the other gets the better of the situation.

I think they could have been fighting - badly. When I look at this woman I see some of her hair out by the roots - it could have been pretty physical.

I dont think theres any need to over emphasise the picture here so I am not going to.


Asking if this lady will be ok, I get the Four of Swords, I think she was being 'held' but this card seems to make me feel she is 'let go' I want that to be a positive thing that despite it all she is going to be okay - I have west again on this card and so Im leaning that way.

The Four represents peace and I dont think she has passed looking at this card but I dont think the situation is 100 per cent safe and I feel that is why I have seen big activity from the Police here -

I am not posting anything more for the moment unless I have questions. I have actually found this case abusive.



« Thread Started Today at 20:00 (8pm) 22 October 2010



Im asking tarot about John Marks Jnr and the card that comes immediately is the Heirophant. I wanted to know what happened and this card is the 'spiritual teacher'. This must be Kathy coming through John.

This card is about marriages too and rituals of them.

It would indicate that when asking John what happened he has brought forward immediately Kathys work. It actually is something to do with her work that has upset him. I have already seen that there was arguments over business. I see Kathys business is as a clairvoyant so this card is a perfect card to begin with when speaking about John.

This card tells me someone was sympathetic supportive and loyal of course that could be relating to Kathy, or it could be Johns view that he has supported her and her work.

This is a Major card so it is a complete indicator of what is outlined in my first post regarding Kathy. It also sits between the Emperor which is a 'law giver - authority' and on the other side the Lovers. So we are still completely in the picture here and on course with the first reading Someone here was definately giving out orders and trying to throw their weight around.

There is a number 5 on the Heirophant, this may have no significance at all but it could refer to a period of time I have no clarification to state that as an absolute.

This is another view of the Heirophant. The heirophant has a map in their hand so if you take into account the demands of the Empereror then look at this Heirophant with the map then you can be sure that they are pointing out that it is good advice to go somewhere either that or they are demanding or exercising the authority to suggest that they do.

Certain facts are now known about the situation with Kathy and John and therefore this is not going to be a revelation but it is at least a further confirmation of their problems in their life and work and how work/business has impinged on their existance.

The Heirophant is attached to Taurus thats a bull on charge with fierce words and determination and stamping their feet, and also its very vocal. Another good example of supporting what has occurred.

Im not sure who out of this couple has tried to be reasonable or talk someone round, it could have been John and this must not be ruled out. Regardless of who said what and when its important to establish what further occurred and where John went.

I am now getting the month of March where the RAM - or forceful words are coming over so it might have been going on for a long time whereby the couple are disagreeable or not meeting in the middle over their aims.

I have asked where John Marks Jr is 22 October 2010

I am given the Magician - the Magician as you know - knows how to disappear and make other things disappear too.

[image] [image]

There are different versions pictorially of this card and one of them is by a cliff with water nearby - the previous card is 'the fool' and that shows someone also by a cliff with a dog biting their ankle. He has his bags packed so he intends going somewhere. Music is part of the Fool card, maybe he has decided to 'face the music' what kind of music that is I dont know, is it his own sense of facing the music or is it the general sense of facing up to ones situation?

The Magician card suggests it must be his own sense of facing the music because the Magician card disappears.

The Magician according to this card however is in a house. Beth 2 hebrew properties with the Magician tells us that he is undercover in a building. I have something YELLOW here.
He has the power of life and death and this means that he may be contemplating harming himself.

We are to look for syncronicity in this card I really am not sure whether that means the same fate is delivered to both of these people but the Magician does not tell me all I want to know but there is a table and a cup I would suggest this man is drinkng and drinking and.....

I could be wrong but cliffs can be hills. I wish I could be more explicit with this but the next card is something we can look at, it is the High Priestess and we have two initials here. a B and a J and they often pertain to the names of people or places and therefore I suggest that is where this man might be linked. He could be in between two apartments or two buildings or there are two buildings side by side? hidden from view ?

Some very odd things may be found out. I do have 28 days here and it could be 28 days before he manifests or is within eyeshot of anyone. I cannot guarantee this but I am interpreting it this way and hope this is the right way to go .

Now there is a female with him or near him, whether she is a 'secret' female or where he has got a female I dont know but there are secrets on this card. There is also a letter or book or something which I saw before and it could be a suicide note because whatever is written down the person has not managed to finnish it, either that or they are trying to write a message down as to where the woman is hidden. They have intended to say where.

The moon sits on this card and a dog. Its moonlight, night time and the picture to me is sad and very bleak. I mention this other woman it could be Kathy but I dont know for sure.

I have a 2 as well as 28 with this card and also the water which shows the possibility of the drinking once more but can also talk about the 'illusion of passing away'.

This man has to make a very serious decision he is in a building or between two buildings.
remember a B and a J.

He is in this place because he does not want to be disturbed there are no directions on this card except that it goes down to the sea???? or water unles thats relating to alchohol.

I have a Monday here for not good things.


I asked when this man will be found and received the Ace of Cups. We have a W or an M on this cup I would have said a wednesday or a Monday but this card does seem to be emotional and represents new information or he is found by chance.

I do have West again - fall and twilight on this card. Cancer Scorpio and Pisces are here as well, that is a home/secrets and water/music again.

I actually see a romantic relationship on this card which is a bit bizarre because it might even suggest he has another woman, but the next card is the two of cups and suggests finding two people together - unified - this does not always mean a traditional married couple either but I will leave it as it is there.

He will be found - but when I say the situation is absolutely odd, it really is - and I know that I might have overlooked a few details.

I have not seen this man demised right now but I dont know what hes writing down??

I also have a container linked to him and furthermore I have the hanged man which is 'letting go and giving up' so perhaps it may work out that he intends to give himself up in the situation or as I said previously take another not so good route.

I am being given 3 BELLS I dont know what they mean . Bear in mind the 5 or possibility of 5 outlets ( emotional or streams of water)?

Theres some roses in the grass?

God bless them both - things can be so terrible that happen between people let us be sure that we dont judge anything.

I thought I would mention the High Priestess is a spiritual advisor, just as Kathy was. I dont know where she held her business but I do link John there ??? so I will put that here as the Heirophant also holds TWO KEYS and that to me is two properties?

With the Fool I am picking up POET. The fool could be the starting out point I cant be sure but I see small baggage and possibly a wallet.



Body found in ravine identified as Fort Collins' 'Psychic Kay'

The body of a woman found Saturday in a ravine near the Boulder County line has been identified as Kathy Adams, better known as Psychic Kay, 57, of Fort Collins.

Adams was reported missing on Oct. 12. The Larimer County Coroner’s Office said Adams’ death has been ruled a homicide. She died of blunt force injuries, and investigators say they want to talk to her common-law husband about what happened



The other information is that Kathy was found in a Ravine at Between Estes Park and Lyon which I think is 'west' of Fort Collins where I presume she lived. I do not know further details but I did see Kathy with back problems or backstabbing and Brain/neurological problems. It appears she was hit in the head.

I did see a 'container' type enviroment or pushed behind something but there are just no real details at the current time. I will post them as the details if they are released are important to tarot so that we know what tarot can tell us. I feel the location was described between Kathys Tarot and Johns tarot. He has yet to be found and I will post back on that.

I also saw Kathy 'EAST' initially and Spring but Im wondering if that is tarots way of giving us ESTES I really do not know nor do I know about the 'Spring' element at the current time I shall place news reports that appear to let us know the situation.

Tarot also felt Kathy would be found within weeks as we had a very speedy eight of wands for this. It appears to have been validated along with other tarot details.

I am very sorry for this lady and really for them both for this terrible thing to have occurred because clearly they were two people that were not destined to have a happy ending together.



This is the latest report. I see that tarot has picked out some valid information. Kathy was found at Pinewood Spring - I did see Spring as location and she was wrapped in a carpet whereby I saw her possibly 'contained' or in a container. I also saw the bedroom scene and felt that John Marks jr might face the music - he did give himself up. The B I saw was BOULDER COUNTY - and being 'dethroned' was clearly Kathy being outseated from the car. There was a 'smell' in tarot that 'stinks' and it must have been the 'bleach' that tarot was talking about - the water must have been the washing machine though the area she was found was very rural as I understand it. Kathy had apparently also bought a PLANE ticket to go to her family and may be why the airport came up in the tarot.

There are a few things there but to be honest it does,nt make me feel nice to read this story but getting validations can put a bit of faith in tarot to help in cases. Kathys case has shown that tarot can see some things including some directions. We dont have all the information about what was going on between this couple and really it does,nt need to be further disected. The situation for John Marks Jr is that he has to live with this forever. Kathy a huge loss to her family and community and really what is left to say except the whole thing is so desperately sad.

There are swear words in the report below please be warned.


John Marks Jr. Arrested For the Murder of His Psychic Wife Kathy ...

John Marks Jr. Arrested For the Murder of His Psychic Wife Kathy Adams

Tuesday, Nov. 2 2010 @ 10:12AM
When Colorado psychic Kathy Adams disappeared from her Colorado home in early October, her family knew exactly where to turn. They said she'd already bought a ticket to Atlanta, and that she was preparing to leave her husband John Marks Jr., who they regarded as abusive...

Kathy was found beaten and strangled to death, then wrapped in a blanket and dumped along a highway
On October 23, her body was discovered wrapped in a blanket along a highway near Pinewood Springs, Colorado. She'd been beaten and strangled to death, then duct taped in the blanket and dumped along the rural road.

But it wouldn't be until last Friday that police arrested her husband. Marks turned himself in to detectives at a Perkins. He's been charged with second-degree murder, and it seems that the cops have plenty of evidence against him.

When Kathy first went missing, her sister called police in Colorado to ask for a welfare check. An examination of her Fort Collins home quickly revealed a murder scene.

Detectives believe Kathy was likely killed in her bedroom, then Marks made a sloppy attempt to get rid of the evidence. Police found an 8-by-10-foot section of carpet cut away from the bedroom floor. There appeared to be blood splatter on a closet door and the place smelled of bleach.

Tammy Adams, Kathy's niece, also told detectives that she was on the phone with Kathy on October 8 when Marks came home. Kathy tried to hand up, but in the background Tammy could hear Marks yelling, "I'm going to fucking kill you. What the fuck are you doing?"

Further tests showed areas where the killer attempted to clean up blood. There were traces of blood around a washing machine and in sinks. The home had also been loaded up with various cleaning products. And detectives found a window covering that had the same pattern of the blanket used to wrap Kathy's body.

Just to make his behavior more suspicious, Marks was later caught on a motel security camera checking in under a false name and paying cash for his room.

See our original story:
Kathy Adams, Missing Psychic, Believed to Be Abducted By Husband John Marks Jr.

  1. Affidavit: Psychic's Husband Cut Out Carpet, Cleaned Up Blood ...


  1. generally fits with what I know and sense. Will be interested in a more in depth evaluation. you have given me a starting point, which I did not have.

    Thank You

  2. I knew them personally. He always gave me the creeps. Seemed like a con artist and dishonest. She seemed like a nice person but was always trying to get me to give her money to help feed her grandson.


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