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Thursday, 23 September 2010



Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



22nd September 2010

I have been asked what happened to Anna Christian Waters when she disappeared in 1973.

The very first card I have is the Five of Pentacles. The question I would ask is, was it snowing?

Here we have a little girl who has fallen down and hurt herself. Firstly she was on her own and did,nt feel wanted. There was perhaps no reason to feel that way but she was on her own. Then someone came along and helped her up. She does appear to be outside of the home which is the building in the background ( building of comfort and help) so her family would be inside while she is out so it does appear she was there.

It is a FIVE in number and Pentacles stand for Years so this card clarifies exactly the situation except it has to us that she injured herself and someone else is there in the picture. She is basically at that time -' damsel in distress'.

I understand that there is a 'stepfather' in the case of Anna, and it is not mentioned what happened to her father. Anna was her mothers child. Anna would have meant a great deal to her mother, she was in fact 'her treasure' according to the five of pentacles but on this card it seems that the mother is not giving the child any attention but at the same time, it shows that someone has helped this child in a situation of distress.

As I am writing this other 'messages' pop up with this card, I cant place them but I can give them. It seems there might have been a bit of financial problem in the family, I dont know if there was unemployment with somebody but it seems to come up here.

If it is not with the family then it is with the person outside that I see around this little girl. One thing that I do see is 'teamwork' so I know that Anna was not on her own or if she was not for long.
This card can show a person who feels abandoned and it could be due to the fact that money resources in the family hit a crisis point. There may also be contractual papers or some heated debate over something. How if at all this fits in I do not know, if it is not part of the equation then basically Anna on that day was feeling left out and on her own outside.

This card can symbolise, lovers, mistresses, husbands and wives and family members but can also show worry and concern in those relationships. Because I do not see a mention of Annas father and only a stepfather I am wondering if this was an approved situation or whether the father felt 'left out' of the family circle with his child and wanted to have a 'talk' about this with regard to Anna. Im not saying this happened but I do see these relationships written on the card here and of course there are two people who are part of a 'team' and clearly outside the building. The one tries to help the other.

Its a very strange situation in truth. There may hae been disapproval of the relationship of Annas mother with her partner, it may not seem so and that may not be the case, but I have to point out what the five of pentacles tells us.

The card next up would be the six of Pentacles and this shows 'charity being given' so someone is helping someone else with FINANCES in this card or the seizing of an opportunity could even be a gift of money, insurance payout or some kind of financial inheritance here.

I really find it very odd how finances are linked in these cards yet they do certainly point out the time of year unless of course this person turned up to give a LATE Xmas present and at the same time helped Anna who I feel fell over.


When asking where did Anna go I am getting WEST.

This card is not giving me anything negative. It is in fact a wish card as a rule. The ten of cups that follows it shows us a FAMILY and family environment - so its a 'wish to be with family' ?? and the eight of cups prior to that shows moving away from all that is familiar to seek a new path.

Where Anna went might be to do with anyone that came into the house because the wine and table suggest that they had been inside the property at some point having been offered beverages. I would imagine that the little girl is still outside ? but there is something strange really about this card because of the family card that comes up next.

Did she go off with someone known to the family? because there is nothing nasty on these cards that I have seen so far that I can see.


Obviously as this all puzzles me a little I wondered why this girl has never been found. There is a 'military connection' by the way to the 9 of cups, its not particularly strong there, but it is there nonetheless.

The Page of Swords comes up when I ask why Anna cant be found and that is a very strange card too. Basically it seems to me that this case is actually solved. Now you may think thats a stupid thing to say, but it is,nt if there is not a mystery attached to it.
Information is gathered up in the Page of Swords and then it takes someone to cut through the confusion to get the matter an answer, but there seems to be some kind of answer already known????

Someone does of course know but I think the situation ended a bit badly or may not have been explained properly as this card can tell us about false rumour and can suggest that we dont know all the full story.

I may of course be terribly wrong tarot is not foolproof. The Fool is connected to this card though and shows someone off to new beginnings. Perhaps like when someone is adopted and you are not allowed to know where they go because the paperwork forbids you to know.

Thats the kind of thing I see here but again I just might be wrong.

I dont feel Anna calling in these cards particularly, if she was she would have come forward if she was alive because I dont see that she has been in a terrible situation like death at least not from these cards on the table. It looked more about finances and maybe problems in the family or something of that nature. It could also be someone outside of the family but connected in some way and for some reason Anna was secure with them????

So it is indeed a mystery and incidentally it looks to me like she went away by train.

There might have been a 'teacher' who was very interested in Anna and very concerned for her though I really cannot say why.

Tarot can say things sometimes that are not 100 per cent accurate and I always give a warning about this on my readings and I do not ever write anything to create controversy. It is really up to the reader to decide the puzzles that tarot gives I just write them down.

I get the feeling that there is a lot to this case that perhaps should not be pryed into because there seems to be 'opposition outside the house' so obviously someone raised some concerns though what their reasons for doing that I dont know but whatever the case, it would add a lot of delay to finding out why nobody has been able to seek this girl.

And Frankly, I dont think we should be.

However, I will add one thing. The person in the picture is wearing a bell, the bell means they wanted to get a message through but nobody is listening - the Liberty Bell can be traced to America. I cant remember the region and it may mean nothing but I give it anyway.

Mars Red World and North come up on the five of Pentacles.
We have had a direction of West in the tarot but on the initial card we have North and Mars/Red seems to suggest a warlike situation.

The Page of Swords shows a Train journey or the possibility of this and also we have a HILL on the Page of Swords. This may indicate that by Midnight this child was travelling North or that there is a connection here somehow.

Now reading the case of this child and her parental situation, it seems to me that the Five of Pentacles also has a G - (gnosis) sign forming a Star the father it appears is initial is G and his friend Initial G - they are/were a team.

It is easy to try to attempt to form a story so I shall not be doing this. What I see is propositions but non committment coming from the Father but desire coming from his friend to be a mentor or boss - it would be photographical captures that interest him about little Anna and this does seem to bear out with what has been said.

It appears to me that seeking Anna is like 'rocking the boat' (reversed page of Swords ) almost as though there is 'no forwarding address' but for good reason. Having said that I cannot rule that as absolute.


The 9 of pentacles comes up and shows a 'kept woman' - ( AND THIS MAY NOT BE ANNA ......but someone else ) whether Anna turned out to be a kept woman or not I do not know or whether she was just a little caged bird I cannot be sure but I see her in the grounds of a 'manorial house' so we would be talking about a large building not an average house. The woman in the picture is safe and secure and either is wealthy and independent and is not interested in the outside world, or she is there and has problems with the outside world.

The worst case scenario is that she is buried in the Garden because the snail at her feet can represent something decayed.

However, sometimes that can be what one wants to put behind us. The 9 of pentacles can simply be someone who has had a benefactor and been looked after and done well for themselves. This is also a completion card therefore where I would expect she could be found. The directions on this card are Moon, Violet, World, West but still with a link to North, Winter, Midnight

Either way that is how I see Anna but of course I cannot guarantee whether that is the negative or positive aspect on this card as I look at it.

The hooded falcon that she has on her arm represents secrets in some respects, but in others it is someone who hides themselves and the hood stops them from seeing or wanting to fly away.

So there is stability in the picture and some kind of security. The place in the picture I see has a WALL - Wall can even represent the name of a place .

If Anna had anything to do with her real father and his friend it seems that she still would not have had anything to do with them ALL the time, it would have only been on a part time basis.

So part of me is not quite sure about whether the connection to the Father would be the answer to her disappearance. Perhaps they knew a woman to whom this little girl was brought up and the woman was paid to do so.

I do believe that the tarot mentioned finances and I see now from this link

how finances could have been a headache in the picture of the past. However even in the past I see this little girl in a GARDEN and I see her in the Garden of this large place in the future - and it just seems strange to me that she would disappear from a garden to be discovered perhaps in a garden location in the future???

I have said that I was not feeling it was a good idea to look for this little girl. The main issue for me is trying to discern to whose benefit it would be to do this. Obviously the childs mother has a longing but the tarot does not have mercy of emotion, it only bonds to the truth as it sees it. Tarot tells us - dont rock the boat - and it also seems to tell us about a knight of cups who is linked to a boat. A knight of cups is often someone below the age of 35 - it could be male or female - but they know their way around a river and how to sail if it came down to it, they may even own a boat.

Regardless of all of this, I see a true combination of factors that do seem to link partially to the story on that link which I did not read until after I had written the tarot. Tarot is saying that some things are best left alone and uncovered . For example if Anna was alive she may not yet wish to reunite with her past - if Anna was not alive it might reveal some things that would probably be best left undercover and that is the feeling that I have.

Someone was very keen to be paid and have payment continued - and this much is apparent in the tarot. I think tarot needs to stand back on this situation because it is seeing very many angles of what may have occurred. The problem I have is whether Anna is in a Garden of the past or one of the Future and whether she stands there as the owner self made or whether it is the negative factor? Either way it seems this girl is Secure.

There are no big indications of death or being deceased that I can see on these cards, the only exception is the snail in the garden of the 9 of pentacles but that is very vague indeed.
Previous card to that would be the 8 of pentacles which would show a dark haired girl working very hard at a trade/apprenticeship or a person who does this. I always seem to see a musical quality here with the number 8 - and the person works away from the city - often alone - BLACKSMITHS or Black can be attributed here for whatever reason as this card used to be the card of the Blacksmith so we have to take it into account (also sometimes thought of as an IRISH connection but dont hang on to that just in case its just an outside influence popping in )- following the 9 of pentacles is a glorious ancestral house, it is the traditional house of the family that has the generations that run through it - so that looks like the family home wherever that is or which part of family that belongs to - so we seem to see where this girl is dont we? connected to a large home and there is a dog there as on the 10 of pentacles the children when they were younger patted the dog. Grandparents may even have lived or visited this property so it has a longevity about it and would have been classed as some kind of inheritance.

Anyway I leave all these puzzles here because they might all help and then again - they might just confuse the issue which I apologise for.

Much love to Anna wherever you are x



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  1. Empathy, thankyou very much for this reading, muchly appreciated. It is interesting indeed, I'll take some time to study the clues you have posted in regards to Anna's disappearance and where she is today. I am puzzled by perhaps we shouldn't delve into this mystery, afterall, every family needs to know the truth. Doesn't mean the truth isn't available.


  2. Thank you very much for this fascinating and very detailed reading. Since I have been a reader myself in the past, I am wondering if you saw a Tower or a World in this reading. I was never able to read for anyone in my family, but if I had, I probably would have used the Queen of Swords as Anna's significator.

  3. To. M.L.Benedict. The answer to that is YES.

    I saw the World card and No I did,nt say anything about it but I know you will get its meaning.

    Im really happy to know that you are a reader and I do understand how difficult it is to read for those close to you because there is always that emotional biasness in the touch of the cards and in the mind. I have trouble too unless I am writing for strangers. All the same, I am glad to find your comment and I will try to see if there are any other insights that come up when I go back to update some of the cases.

    Empathy x

  4. Dear Empathy,
    Regarding Anna's father, he left his family to live in The Tenderloin District of San Francisco in a seedy hotel with his older friend George Brody whom we have no idea where he orginated from. Older George passed away of throat cancer in 1980 and Anna's father committed suicide in early January 1981. They drew up 'a plan' suggesting January 1973 which was the month and year Anna disappeared. Child payments stopped December 1972, so yes, financially the George's didn't want to continue with Anna's monthly payment. For your info Anna has a forum on Websleuths which contains much more facts.

    I wonder if there was any information about a white van/truck in the area just minutes before Anna vanished?
    I have a million questions and of course it's impossible to list them all.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Hello Anonymous, I commented back but it was rather long. I will have another look at Annas case before long as I understand the 'questions' that are puzzles to this day. I cant promise to be able to 'solve the mystery' but I can just try to give what tarot tells me and its up to tarot to receive the right questions to get the right answers. Im not sure about the 'van' incident I would need to re read my tarot here and think about it all again.

    Empathy xx

  6. Empathy, I did not tell you before that I am Anna's mother (somehow I guess I thought you would know this!) I have gone over your reading several times and will need to go over it many more times. I hear what you are saying about not looking for her, but honestly, I do not know HOW to stop looking for her, even after all these years, since we have not had the slightest physical clue to her disappearance.

  7. Hello M.L.Benedict. I think what I am trying to say in my tarot is that I personally dont feel I should probe her location. It is up to others what they wish to do.

    You mention the Queen of Swords for Anna, but this card I would link to you. I Ching has shown me someone who is very musical and I see a Song and Book with the ICHING. I Ching said to be careful about what is 'written down' because it could say too much. Sometimes even I am given puzzles and I just write them down as what makes little sense to me will always make sense to someone else.

    When I look at ICHING it tells me that your daughter is 'home'.

    Empathy x

  8. Hi Empathy! Hope you are well.
    My question regarding Anna is why do you feel you shouldn't probe Anna's location? I know you feel strongly about this case as you did the Tarot reading about her and I mean no harm in understanding all of this. Would there be a something we shouldn't know about where Anna may be now as an adult? We wish Anna no harm in any way.
    Thanks so much,

  9. Hello, in answer to your question when I write tarot I simply follow what it tells me personally. In the case of Anna I had the distinct feeling to stand back.

    It does,nt mean other people cannot probe it more it just means that I have been told personally by tarot NOT to go into this into depth. I dont break tarots advice.

    There is a good example of this in the case of Jason Jolkowski. I was asked to write tarot for that case and I did - whilst writing the tarot it told me that if I posted it then it would not be up long on the blogger. I also felt that the family were religious and would not approve and I did consider that though I only wanted to help them.

    As soon as I posted work for Jason within the same day the family asked me to take it down and I did. That is what obeying tarot means and I should NOT have posted Jasons tarot because tarot told me in advance what would happen if I did.

    So that to me is a good enough example to listen to what tarot tells me.

    This is also a good enough reason for me not to exploit the whereabouts of Anna and I wont be doing it.

    Incidentally my deepest regards, respect and support is given to the Jolkowski family and I send them hope and peace x


  10. Thank you once again Empathy.

    Ok, I cannot resist asking you this in response to your answer in due respect.

    ~ If Tarot does indeed let you know where Anna currently resides, (in Tarot terms) could you, in an email to me(not exploiting to the world Anna's residential situation), advise me where to start looking for her? As you know it's been 37 years since Anna vanished without a trace.

    Again, I respect your wishes, but in reality for me, I have to ask this question.
    Warm wishes Empathy ~

  11. Annas mother has my email and we have already discussed various issues.

    Empathy x.

  12. Hi Empathy, the photo of this little blond baby is just beautiful.
    I thought it was amazing that you could share your reading and thoughts with Anna's mother.
    I hope one day that her Mother gets some peace on this.
    (I do not share your talent, but I am respectful of it as you know. I read this and am completely puzzled by all of it) but i hope Anna is happy wherever she is, and my heart goes to her mother with much kindness.
    Kate xx

  13. I have thought about this little girl all day today. Kate x

  14. is she maybe with some relatives? or maybe, which the worst, buried nar her home?

  15. Empathy, I did a reading for Anna and came up with some similarities to yours that are too alike to dismiss. I also drew the 5 of pentacles and I also saw her being "rescued" (in her little mind) by someone she was not afraid of. It may have even been someone who told her that this had been set up by her father and not to worry. Someone female. I also did not see harm coming to her. In regards to the finances, I saw she was "sold" perhaps through a shady lawyer to a childless couple. I believe her first name is still Anna. I felt that her father felt rather detached from her and that financial gain and freedom from responsibility were more important to him--especially knowing she would be cared for and therefore relieving him of guilt.

    I think you're getting the vibe that it should be left alone because Anna is happy and does not realize she was kidnapped. I get the impression her father wasn't terribly bright and it wouldn't surprise me if he not only did not change her birth year but if he also left the actual day as is on the fake adoption certificate. If there is a way to search Anna's with her birthday it may be one avenue to pursue. I believe her last name was changed but that is all. At this point, her loving mother is more like a gauzy dream. All she remembers are her adopted parents as her parents. I also believe that Anna may have been deceived to such an extent that she does not realize she is not with her biological parents, despite her age at abduction. Please do not take this as fact, it was just a vision I had while I was reading her cards. I live in San Francisco and while I feel close to the original drama, I feel that Anna was taken far. I'm seeing a religious environment, flat lands, farmland, very midwest bible belt...but adored and surrounded by love. I truly believe that were she found she would be shocked and that in some ways she would feel that she'd have rather not known.

    Again...all just a vision. Nothing to substantiate any of it, but was amazed at the similarities in the readings.

    1. With so many cases on the blog sometimes it is so difficult to 'get back' to update but Im glad you brought Anna up because I will try to find time to look again. I have some new location methods so I might try to apply them. Thank you for your input too x.

  16. I too am a tarot reader and I too did a reading on Anna. My reading said that what ever happened to her she is in a beautiful place and no harm was done. I got 7 wands eight of cups and temperence..followed by page of pentacles. That seven (first cards is definatly leave it alone and someone defending her whereabouts. That angel in the temperance card after the eight of cups tells me
    she has left one life and is in another.


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