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Thursday, 6 August 2009


I ADORED Princess Diana and I bet you are thinking why on earth did I put this photo of her hanging out washing instead of the pictures we have come to love so well dressed in her refinery?

Its quite simple! Diana was down to earth, real, accessible, warm, sensitive and she would have considered herself a NORMAL person. I therefore am going to nod in that direction and present Diana as just another lovely girl next door but who sadly was underestimated, undermined and invaded on her levels of privacy to an unacceptable degree. So here I present Diana just like my best friend - a soul mate and a karmic link as she knew as well as I do that we are all connected to the cosmos.

Though most of my work is through tarot -I used Sabian Symbols to reach out and promote a conversation with Diana. I am just going to print it as I got it. Its exactly word for word what I had in a deep meditation with her. There were some references here to Madeleine Mccann. 

I asked Diana about her because of Dianas love and great compassion for children. I do apologise again for any rambling here but I involved myself in typing down as I received and my reactions to this. I dont know what to make of it and Im sure you wont either but it is an interesting read whatever we all think. I leave it completely uncensored and you will agree it is quite candid.

I hope Diana will always be remembered.

My 'chat' with Diana Princess of Wales. 
Dec 22, 2007, 22:24

I was meditating the other evening and began talking to someone . It was Diana - she classed herself as 'the woman in the lake of Mirrors.' ( for some reason theres something significant about that description )

I asked if it was her and she connected herself to a lake and small island ( Althorp) . I do not know if she was talking from spirit or not. The reason I say this, is because she told me she had a transformation and that she was now with people she could,nt communicate with properly as they were foreign.

She said she wears a veil and because of it she is chastising herself for her vanity. She said it makes her feel old when she is,nt!
She said that the 'Government' were people she could not fight. She sounded like she just gave up on it, as though they 'beat her down'.

She told me that she is working with people and children of poor communities. She told me that sometimes she was lonely and it was quite a social drop to everything she had been used to. There was some indication about 'looking different but being the same person' some alteration in her appearance . I thought of plastic surgery but I know thats ludicrous.

I asked if she missed her sons, she does - but she said she is like a gypsy who watches from afar - I sensed she was incognito. I asked her if she would travel back to see them and she told me she would go to Washington?..No I did,nt understand that. She gave me the impression that she could float in and watch and not be recognised and that it was interesting not to be recognised!

She wanted to fade from Society - she mentioned photos lots of photos of herself.

I notice today in the news or yesterday that it was reported in Dianas inquest that she intended to go abroad and open hospices and cal them Dianas Hospices.

Rightly, I dont know if she is alive or dead.

I never actually thought she was dead ...but I feel sure she is talking to me and I asked her if she minded me asking her questions. She said she communicates via internet 'chit - chat' and its how she keeps in touch with the world!! can you believe that?..

When Diana 'died' I had a dream ( a week before) of being in a fast car in a tunnel and I was afraid of the speed and somehow evaporated out of the window and saw the car from being above it and saw it crash into something Green.

Diana did say other things but I should have just written it down. I have no idea what this is all about. I will see if she will talk to me again. She definately spoke to me before the inquest news that was printed on google yesterday that she was 'destined to live abroad' -
the odd thing is that it matches exactly what she told me.

I dont expect any belief about this post, but I post it because its true.

I will post more when I have another try with speaking to her.
Diana told me it was alright to say hello...

My 'chat' with Diana Princess of Wales. 
Dec 23, 2007, 1:57

I am connecting with 'Diana' again. I have asked if it is alright to talk to her and if she is 'there'. I said she could use me as a 'channel' if she wanted to speak to the world.

She said I am no better than anyone else, but because of the work I have done and what I have tried to achieve, I deserve a little 'luxury'...( omg) and am being asked if I am relaxed and comfortable to 'enjoy it all'. I presume this means a 'chat'..she is showing me Gardens which I have 'France' but statues and fountains are mentioned - so I am thinking of her memorial. I think this is her talking and its confirmation that she is there.

She is telling me that she is 'doing what one must do'..shes talking about service and dedication to a community. Some routines are boring but that duty has to be done for higher rewards.

There seems to be 'hope renewed ' second chances. I feel that there have been times where perhaps she though there were very many lost opportunities but that something has formed in her mind for a new one??? I think there have been moments when she has gone over and over in her mind about things that were 'lost' and there may have been some self pity?

I think Diana was psychic - and I think she could pick up on vibrations of people who had passed over.

I have just checked if it is Diana who is speaking. She must be in spirit because she says Some things never fade, they stand as reminders of ancient eras, bringing messages from the past. I take it that she knows she is forever remembered but that she is capable of bringing messages forward. ( The last sitting I did, I thought she was possibly alive - yep, Im confused). I am now feeling that she is one along with a 'group' of others who want to 'talk'. There was a suggestion I may 'feel' that because of an icy cold feeling...

I just have to give what I have got here. I am being told that there are lots of young 'energies' around and a longing for children. - I sense there is protection and cushions around Diana and something about looking or being given a safe place to live and prosper?.. I am now being told about spirit and body and physicality - that our body is our temple but sometimes we have to remember to be 'in our bodies'.

Theres no 'privacy' or 'space' sometimes it feels she has to co-exist with others as a compromise?...But one has to compromise to to sustain good community relations.

I think Im getting told off - Ive been told to 'listen' to my intuition and stop hurrying things...!!

I am being told about 'an uneasyness with immigration' I remember this came up last time when I asked if there were any messages she wanted me to know. Or it may be that she is connected to a foreign land where she feels she needs to settle rather than have just barged into it. Something about having to get used to new territory? She is talking now about the paparazzi ( no Im not making this up) She said there was danger in 'standing out' being on 'parade all the time'...she tells me that all is not what it seems - something about taking people at face value - something about 'hair styles'...

I have something now about someone 'opting out' - it seems she is connecting it to the Navy and having this heavy on the concience for 'leaving it'..something about being away from friends family and home and that this took them away from those things - leaving a situation although an allegiance was pledged...consequences for now 'following the rules of the game' -
she is telling me that christmas is a time for friends and family and that there will be a reunion for someone?...reconnecting with loved ones -
I have just asked about Madeleine Mccann - this is what I have got -

people are paying more attention to the appearance of the situation and what it seems instead of looking at the finer details that you cant see. People are fooled by the appearance of things, but there is an unsettling feeling that not all is right? ( omg!) I now have organisation of a large group or business - possible someone in 'control of the situation exploiting others for financial gain'...

I have been given a 'market place' type situation regarding Maddie somewhere that 'products are out there , human interchange bartering. Where Madeleine is concerned, we have to 'look to the signs' - something about stones and possible writing on them?...

I am concerned - because there are several aspects and they are not being seen...or put together properly. She said the whole picture is there before you, but instead of looking at the centre of it, everybody is looking left and right and missing the point. 

That it is not difficult to work it out but we have to interpret the meaning of what intuitions. Apparently the only limits are the limits of vision...Im being told to polish a crystal ball so that I can see properly, the more I polish it the more I can 'see'...( Symbolic)...she said emotions have been whipped up that are disproportionate to the depth of the situation regarding the Mccanns - I think this means that people have really got the wrong idea about them.

I have another connection to christmas and families.I have a connection to armies and retired army officers... a place just for the boys a place for MEN ONLY...

Something connected to Border patrols or border protection. Empires the mother country and the ruling elite. I have got a translator here. Someone has to play by the rules but there is initial sacrifice.

Still on the subject of Madeleine, the search has to go on regardless of the cost even though nobody knows what direction to take. A woman with bobbed hair and a boutique has also come up - . Someone has changed their appearance but it is the same person...I think Madeleine was 'rescued' from something.

Diana has returned to talk about herself - she candidly says that she 'scored points' through her charisma, she was the original lady in the fox fur, very tempting. She suffered negative prejudice and would conceal her own insecurities by glamming up...( aw poor Diana - she thought she was,nt really understood)...:( I think she allowed herself use fashion for her good because she did not feel she was intellectual enough in other areas. She hoped that grace and beauty would win the day...but feels she was underestimated.

She wanted to protect and nurture her 'boys' from the 'hawks' she was very concerned always for them and wanted to do things her way and not protocol. Diana said that she wanted to hide her true feelings and put on a show of strength to brave 'stormy weathers'. She said there has been a cleaning away of the evidence to give a fresh clean image?

Telling me that sometimes putting a wounded feeling on display did bring sympathy but really she feels she has changed and has realised that was not needed. A message for her sons.

That she does not need to be with them face to face that they never need to feel alone because she crosses time space and distance to be with them. She is always with them. She has bonds with them that can never be broken. She says she is on the same frequency as their sons and they do receive what she wishes to send to them in thoughts and love.

I just said goodnight and she said talking in this way is like when she took her first dancing lesson, at first it is difficult but the more you do it the easier it gets...( who would believe this - its amazing!) she said practice makes perfect with self control and concentration.

I realise that Diana was talking about her relationship with Dodi who was foreign and the problems of taking on new culture ideas if needed. I understand that there would have been difficulties around her through this, but that she felt with him she might have had a second chance if she could view it all in the right light. 

There was also something about a sealed letter with information in it. One more thing, she said Prince Charles does not drink enough water. He should nurture his physical side and take more rest. To keep an eye on all that he is responsible for and weed out undesirable factors as that is part of the process. He must not give up on projects half way through. 

Diana said about the Queen that she has to reach out to others more and show she has an 'awareness' she said the Queen has passed from generation to generation a vast enduring effort which I take to mean that the Queen has given herself to her country but she still needs to bridge gaps in order to convey knowledge and wisdom that she clearly has. Diana says the Queen sticks to tradition and does what has always been done and would never question why. 

Oh this has made me laugh! She has sent a message to the Prince Philip saying that she does not agree with him hunting fowl or birds or animals I guess. She said it is not a good way to get rid of aggressive emotion...because she says animals are defenceless and this must be remembered at all times.( lol...) 

He apparently is or was a good shot...also she speaks about connections to the armed forces, armaments and bullying. She does not agree with the fighting. I dont know if she talked to Prince Philip about the Landmines but she is reminding him now.

Thought I would mention these things.

Jan 18, 2008, 4:18 »

I thought I would have another chat with Diana. I have just asked her via Sabian if she is available for a chat and I received this reply.


It is not always necessary to be physically face-to-face. You can have bonds with another (and perhaps many people) that are unaffected by distance or the frequency of visits. Let your heart tell you that you are always in their company and there is no need to feel alone. Keeping others in your mind and heart will communicate something to them, and probably they back to you.

Conquering space and time limitations. Psychic and mental communication. Sharing the same ideas. The `other person' knowing what is felt or thought. Being on the same frequency.

I take it then, that its ok.

She said I might be able to 'translate some useful messages'.

She said I spend too much time on the computer and that its all very well me sitting here sharing ideas, but I must remember all the other things I have got to do. ( Embarrassed I am now!!)

I asked her what she thought about William taking his first solo flight with the Raf.

She said he was like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. She said that he had latent potentials - that he may find that he is suddenly able to do something that truly reflects what he is all about. This ability has probably been building for some time. Shes telling me he has to make sure he does all the necessary things properly like checking things before he takes flight.

When I asked her if she is happy for William to be flying she said that it was necessary really to make a show to society. I think she means set a good example of what you can do Royal or not. She said it might take up a lot of his time but the morale of those around him will benefit and that is probably the true goal.

Regarding the current inquest, She said the Inquest is just causing more damage when 'one should be honouring and fixing the situation'.

She said people are fussing around about the small details and giving things a smaller worth than they deserve. I get the feeling that perhaps she also felt that more money should have gone to her charity????

About the inquest, she said new understandings and awareness are coming to light. She said its difficult for people to move on and there is a refusing to move into a new state of being because one is held back by previous life conditions.

I dont know if she means herself or others who are prodding into the inquest.

She also mentions the Spring where cycles are beginning.

She said Times Change and we change with them.

It looks like there is something that if it came out would be like a bomb explosion. She said it is now hidden from discovery.
She said, luck has it that it has not got out of hand yet.
( not sure what she means there)

But she has mentioned 'intelligence organizations'..( oh dear)

She said she always felt that she was being judged by those 'above her'. It is difficult to see what their qualifications to judge you are, but this is the nature of progression through the ranks she said that if it was made to make her 'behave better' all she felt was that it was an intrusion against her and she felt judged and violated. She said that it felt like she was living her life like a 'lesson' and that it felt like 'periodically she was being examined to see how she was doing on the path'.

She is talking about the 'arrogance' of people who think they knew her and said ' i told you so' and people who assume they know the 'truth about someone'.

She said she felt that people were insensitive towards her and she needed to be treated a bit more thoughtfully. It would have helped her to respond better.

Diana said that in order to see the big picture of anything you have to break it down into simpler components. She said some things have been over analysed.

She said that there needs to be a caution against expecting others of verifying her existance through her relationship with them.

I think she means that even though people have been talking about her at the inquest, just because they know her, they still cannot really say what she herself felt. Therefore whatever is heard is their version of events and not hers.

She said there were bleak times not having someone in a true relationship. She said about waiting for her prince to come and that there was a problem finding love in difficult times.

I asked her if she is ok now. She said it has been a time of quiet recollection. She said her stormy unpredictable emotional life is something she can now put behind her and it is actually nice to be able to opt-out. She said there is always frustration in the 'desire to return' but that she now has an objective and calm understanding of life's experiences

She said something about 'writing ones memoirs' and being a spectator rather than a participant.?

She said knowledge and understanding is what bridges the gap between ourselves and others. She wants to leave something to pass down. I dont think she wants to be forgotten at all. Shes talking about books and the spoken word.

I asked her if I could ask about other matters. She has agreed that I can.

I have just asked Diana if she could throw light on Madeleine Mccann for me.

She has told me something about Embryonic cells. She said something about not growing properly and being under devloped. Whether she means Madeleine or the process I dont know yet. She said there was a warning about 'grabbing a fast dollar'.

She mentions Trying to do things that aren't fully developed. Rushing and missing vital parts in the situation

I asked Diana to tell me more and this is what she has said.

At the moment there likely to be a struggle between one's practical needs and the underlying reasons for having those needs. You may find that someone has become caught up in what they are trying to achieve and have lost sight of why. There's corruption around, but the endeavor to bring 'enlightenment' to people often meets with severe resistance. Witness the stranglehold the media has on information. ( How true!)

Diana said - Its about - The interests of big business vs. those of the individual.

She also said - The 'wise owl' sees all, seeing what others miss, and keeps very quiet whilst digesting all that's going on. Emulating this behavior will bring a certain solitude, but this may be just what's needed.

I have asked about where Maddie is. Diana is talking about 'sport' and I think she is talking about the Tennis Courts. She said something about like minded individuals.

She has mentioned school grounds?...Gymnasium?

I cant understand - she has mentioned Man and a Woman. She is also talking about a Man of deceptive appearances and something about his hairstyle. She said, is this the true picture of the person? being presented or recognised? She said, are we missing the truth? she said we are not looking at people for who they truly are - misleading appearances.

She said AVOID the most undesirable factors. I wonder if she means that when they say Maddie is dead that she is,nt because thats what I think she means.

When I asked where Maddie is, Diana said its like following the leader and not knowing where you are going.

She said Maddie is part of something important, but As everyone works together, she will be able to create a useful and lasting result that will eventually benefit the whole community

This is the message Diana sends to the Mccanns when I asked if they will get her daughters back. First she said there are a gang of robbers in hiding.

To Gerry and Kate :

You may feel that you have been wronged or something has been taken from you. At the moment there is no real way of finding who or what is the cause. Make sure that there is no undermining of faith in others by indulging in suspicions that are ungrounded in reality. You could spend your time searching for perpetrators, but a much better solution is to just get on with your life. Having said that, you do want to take some special precautions to ensure that you're not taken advantage of. Things will most probably come to light at a later time.

Diana said about Maddie, that even though there is trouble all around she is on 'safe ground' She said though there is an abandonment feeling, Maddie will return and it is important to send out a message of reassurance.

She said there were 'leadership issues' . Someone who wanted to remind those around them of theirr leadership qualities or those above are reminding them of their lesser position in the scheme of things. Always know when to give way to the rights of others and one be given a stronger position in society.

I have said goodnight now.

This is what Diana said about our chats.

Sharing of innocence and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Old fashioned simplicity. Finding a soul mate. Chitchatting about everyday life. Talking for hours 



  1. Empathy I could read none of this blue on my computer. The light blue, yellow and green is almost impossible to see on the screen. Thanx for doing a great job

  2. Thank you for letting me know I have now changed the text to Black. Im sorry you had difficulty reading xx

  3. hello! I want to ask you several questions, because I was really interested this, or this conversation ...
    1. There is much talk about the death of Princess Diana, some say it is not dead, others say that if that was the work of government ... could you understand or perceive something about it?
    2. I read a little about Madeleine's case .. also said that he died, or was kidnapped, things like that .. I ask the same .. you perceived something about it?

    Thanks and sorry if I seem nosy lol but it really made ​​me very interesting and important this

  4. Thank you for commenting. Difficult question regarding Princess Diana as it is not often a good idea to discuss personal opinion on such a public figure. Certainly would need to think about whether to tackle your question or not.

    Regarding Madeleine, I never had the impression that she had passed away, but Tarot does not focus on life or death but rather 'issues'. I dont know that this helps but thats the thoughts I have at the current time.


  5. So true. We are never alone. A very interesting little chat given it took place quite awhile ago. It seems the big revelation will soon come out but might be more, alot more. We are living in interesting times. The internet bit was very interesting as was the rest of where she was at this time. Rebirth is possible too or being someone's spirit guide. It seems when passed over, one can be anywhere at any time, just not physically speaking. You probably don't check these older blogs but I find them very interesting.

  6. Diana mentioned "....going to Washington"
    I just watched a documentation about "Althorp - The Spencers", the history of Lady Dianas family home and there was mentioned, that George Washington,the president oft the United States,was a distant cousin to the Spencer family and his brother L.Washington was living nearby the Althorp castle. The house of these man still exist near to Lady Dianas home Althorp.
    So maybe the mentioned "going to Washington" gets another meaning?


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