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Friday, 7 March 2014



If you are a Capricorn person you are born between Dec 22 - Jan 19

Hi Capricorns! 

Got to keep things brief for this Month of May as I have been so busy for which I do apologise. Generally I like to do the readings well in advance of the Month so that you know the readings do come from me/Tarot and are up and ready before dozens of other scopes appear on the net. I will try to make sure June is up soon.

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You have quite a nice card this month! Well, maybe mixing past and future, perhaps some nostalgic moments come to light. Some of you will be leaving the past behind and others re connecting with old friends/contacts or even lovers and family you might not have seen for a while.

Some of you will be visiting old familiar haunts and places too, so it could be a 'memory lane' element here for May.  As you know cups are really nice cards for possible celebrations, birthdays, weddings, engagements, offers and opportunities as well as invitations so any of these events could occur for you where you attend or have something come up that you are involved or go to.

Could be a month of feasting drinking and partying or coming to life again or something really puts the spokes in your wheel but one thing I would say to be careful of is FANTASY!  dont over fantasise this month. Just because the trends are better does not mean you can conquer the world  - right? so being an Earth Sign you are still being told to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Some of you that got bored and fed up or have felt isolated or just generally think life has been a treadmill just need to buck up. There are offers and opportunities out there but you cant sit on your butt turning things away like the world owes ya sumthin!!  Know what I mean?  so if you think you can sit and pass things up and you can afford to do that, ok do it, but you might regret it when you find you are a billy-no-mates!! So come on, get up and do something and enjoy e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t  !!

If you had a hard time with people last month you just have to forgive and forget. You know what they say...'be the bigger man' so thats what you need to do and realise.   Theres a lot of happiness and pleasure you can materialise this month so go for it.

Some of you might get a personal wish granted this month too - but dont be smug! ha ha or be smug but dont let everyone know how you are thinking yippy yee! 

There might be a feeling about the 'good old days' this month too so yes I do see some of you looking back. Hey, dont fall into depressions in May ok - its not worth that. If you think doom and gloom you start making your own prophecy and living it.  Snap out of that?  Work looks okay as you might get a bit creative or draw up some new thoughts and ideas.   If you dont have a job get a really good resume going and let prospective employers see what your made of. Best foot forward please.

Dont forget that if you are reminising (how DO you spell that word...??) on ex love affairs or the past or wanting to revel in 'what was' - the reason it did not work out should come to mind. If you dont think about WHAT went wrong or WHY things turned out as they did then all you do is punish yourself. People who were in your life and 'not good for you' get removed by higher forces because they do not enhance your destiny.   So if you have ex lovers ect just get your memory trained on the TRUTH and you might see why they are not in your current life!

That all being said some of you romantic blossoms will be planning for the future so I want to wish you luck but remember the Fantasy element - Keep it real!

Money might come to you from past effort - well some of you!  Also children come up bigtime this month in 'whatever way' they appear.   You yourself might be feeling extra childish or getting in touch with childhood elements so will put that here for you.

Anyone who really has been depressed or upset about anything - COUNSELLORS - yes...please go and seek someone out to talk to because you need to heal and move on.  Families are big this month and Lovers too - if people come and go or someone moves out of your life wish them well and blow them a kiss.  Maybe some of you might be 'family tree hunting' - where do I come from - what are my origins? questions you might be asking.

This could also be a sexy exciting intense month too!  well Ladies and Gents you might even be a little bit on the 'norty' side so dont jump in to things ok?  Some also might find out some secrets this month too so putting it out there.

 Ok lets get on to the short health aspects. Basically this is about all the things below waist and even the 'down there' ahems!   so cystitis, burning, itchiness, bladder/intestine, waterworks etc can come up and your lacking Vitimin C. Got any problems - Go and see the Doc!

A Tuesday is a key day for you in May.

See how things fare and I will see you back here for Junes Taroscope!



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Hi Capricorns!  The accent in April is going to be about your personal freedom!  also some of you might be celebrating something important or attending events. Celebration can spread over many areas such as getting married, getting organised in your home, getting a new home move, getting a new job, attending a birthday party or you could be packing boxes and or just concentrating on the home in general.

The one thing I feel for you is similar to other signs is the sense of breaking free from anything that did not really feel right in your life.  Even clearing out a closet can make you feel good if you know it was full of junk forever!  There is always a negative of a card and a positive, the positive elements are shining out of this one but that does not mean that you are plain sailing does it? It means that you have to think of the - 'if I dont do this - then that will result' syndrome.  So again Tarot is really crafty  on the card delivered telling us point blank ' hey I dont make the choices for you - you do'. So, Tarot does not point out what we will actually DO but will show us the possibilities that are there for us and the rest is up to us.

Basically again its that spring thing coming up when we look around and think 'guh what a mess' I gotta do something about this or that and you do feel the energy come back to work things through unless you just 'caint be bovvered'.  I think you will bother though.

I think the Four weeks of April could do a lot to refresh your life.  Some of you have had your garden fences blown in - you will be getting those fixed because this house shows its gates and enclosures so anything that has been damaged or is needing your attention in the home has to be sorted out and particularly if you decided to put your house up for sale.

In April some of you are going to be waiting and receiving news about any areas I have mentioned in my first paragraph or two. Anything you have been longing or pining or hoping for has some chance of realistic foundations so theres some good signs there but you need to get behind it all to make it a success.  I dont think of this card as a deep thinking card, you probably did all that over the last few months but things start to come to fruition in April thats the way I see it. So thinkings been done and now its action.

Romantically there could be new friendships/relationships blossoming or some possibilities creeping up and you could meet someone at a gathering or somewhere new. Of course it wont happen for all of you because 'how many capricorns can you fit in a telephone box' - thats just a joke but you know what I mean - strong Capricorns always prosper most if they are in the middle of the sign. If you are born at the beginning read the sign before and if you are born at the end of a sign read the one following then you might get a better overview of whats what. Thats a good tip perhaps I should have mentioned that on the other Horoscopes. I will next time!

You are known to be pretty industrious people you like to 'get where your going' and yes you do things in your own time or come to your own conclusions when your ready but if you put in a  lot of effort you can make April work for you.  If you dont, some things could go seriously awry. So get motivated! There might even be some reunions in April but it depends how gracious you feel or whether things ended badly or not - perhaps you could forgive and forget?

I think its possible for a little bit of fortunate news or events in April for you. Not so much unexpected just some things maybe slotting into place that help you to go the next step.

Dont take anything for granted is a key sentence this month. Overconfidence is not a good thing you have to make sure you are on top of everything because if you just believe things will be great and continue to think nothing goes wrong that would be a bit foolhardy so whatever sphere Tarot is picking out for you make sure you help things along because your input is what counts you cant sit back you know if you get a good start you gotta keep at it too.

You might be invited somewhere and think you dont want to go but really it could be worth it for you. This really could point to work/events/houses any of the things that I have mentioned because it could put a new stamp on things.

Hard work brings you money but there might be a couple of spots of fortune too so you have to make sure you do something to keep the tide sweeping in the pearls .  Any Tests or challenges or something you have been waiting to hear seemed to have been covered in delays - I do think that you will possibly get to hear something either way this month.

The one thing about you in April is that you like TRUTH you really dont want anyone giving you any flannel so if people want to speak to you or get you to agree with something in April you will be very strict about getting the facts as you wont appreciate any form of deceit. People who are upfront with you help you mentally to get things done and so none of your friends need to be fairweather friends. Perhaps you might knock a few out of your social circle.  Fresh start and all that!  Your self respect will matter to you this month so if you have lost a bit for yourself - get it back or work on it, and on the other hand if people think you would lose your self respect for them well you wont!!

Some of you in April might have to get a new car, Ive seen a few new cars or problems with cars in April for the other signs - maybe you are one of them.  The louder colours might be appealing like Red.

Health wise, spots pimples burns or scars come up as well as toothache and headaches its all about the head and face this month. 

Tuesday is a key day for you in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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