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Friday, 7 March 2014



If you are a Sagittarius person you are born between Nov 22 - Dec 21

Hello Saggies!

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That was just a lovely way to greet you as there is nothing 'saggy' about you this month! Just want to firstly say that I am late putting up the Tarotscope for this month coming and I am sorry I have had a lot to do and apologised profusely. Next months will be up a lot earlier - I promise!

This month will be brief then but look at this card - a WISH CARD - thats not a bad card to start with is it?  Things look a whole lot brighter for you this month.  There is another side to this wish card though - and it could be - be careful what you wish for!  You know what that means dont you? sometimes you can have an undefinable longing for something and wish like mad for it to happen and when it comes think ...OOPS! So try to let some things happen naturally. Im not sure that is always the best thing to say to you because you are always 'aiming for something' but dont rush. No rushing please! Remember like you were at school and the teacher used to say 'single file and no runnin in the corridors'? well this applies this month. Take it easy Sags.

Cups are great though arnt they?  Isnt this a better card then last month the old dreaded sword? but you will notice last month you were moving out of troubled waters into a 'safer place' not necessarily an actual safe place but it could be a safe place with your heart and mind.  This month is likely taking account of that as if you had bad times and thought to yourself, I wish this and that, maybe you are going into that now but like I said, just when things are bad we can wish for all sorts to make life better and then when it seems to turn the corner we realise that maybe we shoulda waited???  anyway I still think its a better month for you really.

There are some hidden elements though, see that guy with his cloth over the table? all looks pretty much like all the ducks are in a row doesnt it?  yes on the surface maybe, but we always stick our junk under the table out of view dont we? well most of us do if someones coming around and we didnt get time to tidy up!!  (blushes vehemently).. So dot your 'i's' and cross your 't's' this month and make sure you know what your getting into even if its something that you want. Good advice.

You might be 'done' with some things this month. Movin on. That can apply to a few elements of your life so expect possibilities of that. Anything you have been waiting for might also come up so perhaps a few answers then?

Hopes and dreams come up this month so some will be getting them, some may still be contemplating them either way its on the cards but all about nice things and things that make you feel happy, so a lot of YES is going to be around instead of NO.

Job interviews should go well too and life with partners should even out to sweeter elements and if not again you are told to go out and mingle dingle because this is about friends and companionships too in this journey of cups.  Move on from stale love affairs, jobs or anything that did not make you happy. Some of you might have invested a lot of love in projects/loves/homes but if its not working dont keep beating the pot and lamenting. Do something that you want instead of trying to repair the same old...

Music comes up for some and lots of funny weirdy things as well.   We link into the Hermit here so perhaps there was someone you wanted to see?  thats ok but dont journey alone in May.  Some of you are going camping as the great outdoors is here and overnight stays which you should hopefully enjoy if your with a special person or a group.   Make sure your travel arrangements are sorted out properly though because you might not have all the details right.   Some of you might even like a period of isolation not because you are grumpy but you might want to work on special projects or you just might like some time alone to think about life and 'stuff'. Thats okay too.  Finances come about in ways you dont expect. Just mention that one to you but in general a lot of fun to be had this month nomatter which way you want to take it.  Some might be going to places near water, lots of water in this card.  So even boat trips might come up and overseas. One more thing - some guys who dont have beards will grow them or some facial hair 'for a change' and others are shaving them off this month.

Watch your diet this month and what you eat and drink dont get bloated or if your putting on weight get exercised!.Eating and drinking come up and all other things that you can 'take' to feel good. Think twice!

Health problems - might be to do with pregnant mothers, swellings can come up, foot problems, acne, skin infections, boils, water retention. Pleurisy or back elements. Lethargy if you dont eat properly or even possible food poisoning. If you have a problem go see the Doc!

Thursday is a key day for you in MAY.

Let me know how you get on and I will see you for the June Tarotscope.



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For Sagittarians in April Tarot has given us the 6 of Swords.

This card to me looks like a little bit of respite for Sagittarians in April so my thoughts are that whatever has been a very hard time for you or if you have had a lot of difficulties you might get a bit of a breather.  Here in this card we are moving away from difficult situations and taking the plunge to try our luck elsewhere. That could apply to many different aspects of your life but at least its good news however long it lasts!

Mostly you are spontaneous people and you love adventure, new things, new people and you are very inquisitive and intelligent - generally you can cope with a lot of things quite well and shrug them off but it seems that in April things might be a little sweeter then normal at least, thats how it appears to me here.

If you have been unwell then there is hope for a bit of recovery here or if you have had any upsets you might be getting over them more in April.  Theres a feeling also that you might get your trust factors working again too so if you have been having any problems in that area things might lift a little for you.

In April you might decide that its time to control your own destiny now - so if you had any setbacks or holdups it seems like you are going to set your path the course you want to go.  If you get a chance to travel - you might take it and it could be random or planned and if you had delays on this before I think it could work out for you in April at least I hope for that.  Some people might even go overseas but I feel as though if thats the case its all arranged to go ahead.

If you yourself are breaking from people or jobs or environments its because you know where you want to be 'now' and Im not feeling that you want to be swayed from that decision.  If you require any help in April please make plenty of noise because you will get it.  Dont drown in any problems get to the bottom of things and sort it out right away.

New Horizons being on the cards could also suggest new people to meet too so dont forget to get involved with others in different places/environments and get to know them. If your starting a new job be your sociable best - any new job change is likely beneficial in April.

Lovewise the main thing for April is to spend time with the one you love and do some nice simple things together that dont have to cost the earth its just being together and enjoying each others company that counts. Likely you will want to include friends.  If you are single, well you should get out there and mingle because just like Scorpio Aprilscopes they cant sit at home and say they meet no one if they dont go out so make efforts to meet friends and new friends in a new place. You will have a lot of fun.

Money is even stevens for you in April - and things again look ok but as a word of reference dont spend too much as a lot of people are making that mistake in April and there could be leaner times ahead so be wise and pennywise too.

Im actually seeing a lot more harmony and peace of mind in April for you Saggies.  I just feel as though you took off a big heavy jacket and you feel light and optimistic. Thats definitely the way to go in April by retaining that sense of freedom that you are known for so well. Restrictions are not for you whatever form they take.

Your emotions are certainly calmer in April and taking a break or short trip I think will really be something that you enjoy. Its almost as though you can get that time that you really need to put your house in order.   You have always been the kind of person who will avoid unpleasantness if you can and you will be doing that in plenty.  Theres not a great deal to say to you this month except that I do feel that things are just better and I somehow think that some of you will be glad to hear that.

Any arguments tensions quarrels differences of  opinion whether mentally linked or actual will not play on your mind quite so much as they did and if you have to make changes yourself in April I think you will and you are not likely to consider anyone else or what they say. Your decisions will be something you make yourself.  There will be those who agree with you and encourage you to go your own road and they are there to assist if you need that.

Spending less time on the Internet in April is always a good idea but you might be networking a bit and the other thing that might come up is Grandparents. Maybe some of you are going to be paying them a visit.  Its coming up EASTER so dont forget your bunch of Daffodils.

Some of you might be making love proposals - dont hesitate as there are actually only two answers, one is yes and one is no.  Accept whichever one you get..oh and dont be a coward about it! though there will be a few handfuls of you that get cold feet over romance.

Theres an abundance of science in our card and I feel for some of you that you might be taking an interest in scientific matters - maybe your just really interested in the world, astronomy, the big bang your mind has been turning over some really deep thoughts.  Get involved it is your universe you know.

As we have a water card - your mental emotions come up in April so you will be doing a lot of thinking you might be thinking more then average.  Not a lot of people DO spend time in deep thinking but there will be moments of great depth for you in April.  Perhaps you will be thinking about humanity as a whole?  or looking for a rational explanation to very complicated subjects.

Health possibilities to watch for are bones joints ankles shins sprains fractures.  There could be problems with circulation of blood and also the heart can come up as well as varicose veins.  Got any problems? go and see the doc.

Get out to the parks and woods for some exercise or go to some new environments and get in contact with the earth the sea and the sky.

Saturday is a key day in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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  1. From Caroline - Facebook Comment re her Tarotscope.

    Thank you for this empathy! I know you have been working hard to get this done and I enjoyed reading so thank you! Oh and I meant to say we I got married in April and then we have been away so the love proposals spot on plus the travel overseas and the general feel of Aprils tarot scope was all well aligned with my thoughts and feelings over the month


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