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Friday, 7 March 2014



If you are an Aquarian person you are born between Jan 20 - Feb 18

Hello All! its April 28th Today!

By now you will know that I planned to have the May Tarotscopes up a lot sooner  but its been 'one of those months' ! Just take a look at the April forecast (I have left it below) - I knew it was going to be dodgy. So Im going to do a brief forecast for May and in a week I will get on to the June ones. I dont really like writing late Tarotscope because I want you to know that my forecast does come from me and not taken from any other on the net.  The April Forecast was written first week of March so I like to be well ahead.

Ok that being said lets see whats going on for you in MAY Aquarians. Im going to tag Aprils forecast on the end of this one so that you can compare notes. 

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This months card is the 3 of cups reversed and is going to give you a lot of information as though it is the TWO of cups so think of it like that. Ok you seem to like your 'two' cards you had the 2 of Wands last month so again (and it may happen to everyone possibly) the April Forecast migrates into May which just simply means that last month will be reflecting a little as it bows out to this.

The Three  of cups is a nice card, all cups are nice but it is just asking you first of all to remember some things last month with relationships partnerships or decisions and make sure you keep the balance right.  Oh I wish I could be more exciting with brilliant things to tell you.  But you know Tarot is all about wisdom. It is not going to think it has handed you a few moany things so lets get out the good stuff, it is going to wake you up and keep you on track.  So, this month, you are so fortunate to be reminded about the 2 from last month.

Hopefully you did realise what was not working in your life and what you need to do to GET things working much more harmoniously. This card is about balance and you have to get that balance right.  If your not doing it, then your card is going to be reversed until you 'get the message'. So this is not my fault!  If you were hoping of invitations, weddings engagements, starting new things etc there is still a chance for all that but you have to just readdress the balance.  If you are not happy with something FIX IT - because fixing it will get this two right back on its feet and flowing properly.

Dont do things you know would end in pure misery or problems. If for example there are people you are around and they have been negative or its your work or a situation from relationship to friendships partnerships if there is any falling out you must repair it. PUT IT RIGHT. You are known to be a kind of aloof person sometimes. You dont always think with your heart you think with your brain.  You are a bit of scientific person who can detach very fast if you want - but you are being asked to use the heart element and try not to see things too much black and white. Let emotion flow, let the feelings come in, warm up the cockles of your soul and decide to sort things out if you know they are wonky!!

You are going to get some opportunities this month. If you are bored or fed up with work or any area you might just think. Huh, well Im done with this and go and explore new avenues and areas of interest.  You might find yourself being spontaneous because its like a cloud lifted off you.

You dont like uprooting yourself that much but no man is an island (I have been using that saying a bit lately) and everything around you is like stale bread...lets go get some fresh stuff! So you will be taking a few chances and going forward and checking out other areas of interest for yourself.  I do think that you might dust a few cobwebs off and push the past behind you as well. You might do it too quickly for some peoples liking, but hey, its your life kiddo!

Some of you if you have not already might dump in your fiances or lovers or boyfriends/girlfriends. Oh you are so gentle.....not!  oops, come on now, you know you could be a bit sweeter then that. However I dont know so much, I think when your bored or tired you are BORED AND TIRED! So why waste even more time on the niceties. Wow - get you this month! Summers on the way and so are you!
But, the advice is if you are going to change anything, do it with a forgive forget pleasantry. Like - hey no hard feelings - but dont be brash do it in a good way. 

Some of you might want to repair your relationships though whether with siblings or just run through the spectrum of 'people in your life' and you will hit on the one that might come up this month. Just seems to me that you will hopefully try and make things much more even and pleasant or at least being asked to.

Offside note, some you might have problems with power supplies. Just a quick note on that.

Those of you that have a lot of platonic friends - dont forget them because if you go head into lurrrrve they might feel pushed out so keep everyone happy.  Spin those plates my friends!

Make sure you read last months forecast because you will see how it links to this month and how it is actually starting to happen or show itself. Its sometimes gradual when the two is reversed and there are only a couple of things you might still be two minded about or indecisive over but really you are getting there this month and you will feel the emotional changes this month from anything you set in motion or thought about in April.

May is a bit of ' dont judge it til you do it - or taste it before you spit it out you might like it'.
So you are being asked really to give things a go and smooth your life over a bit.
Any changes you wanted to make in April are starting to gradually materialise this month.

Jobwise you need to shake the feelings that things are not working as this is just you having a funny spell, but if you dont like it there, there are opportunities looming to so start thinking about moving on.
This month is about improving relationships in whatever sphere there has to be something YOU can do to make things better. Thats your monthly task for May.

Accept help this month in all quarters, dont go it alone if there others who can make things better for you.  Remember what I said about man/island.  If you hadnt been well you can get the right help this month to get you springing back for Summer so do take it and dont be obstinate. Obstinacy is a tricky trait to live with, and we dont want you to cut your nose of your face. Please just accept that others can do things for you and they can make things better IF you let them.
So - how about doing it?

If there are some relationships that are just simply unrepairable - maybe you need to come to peace with yourself over it. Look not everything is your fault, people are people and sometimes its like that ming vase once it smashes, its a hell of a job to glue it back together perfectly. Accept 'non perfection' and forgive yourself and the situation because sometimes there 'aint nuffin ya can do'. But at the same time MOVE ON. Dont mourn, reflect, wish or desire, accept thats about it.

Please dont do any medicines and drugs this month or get involved with them or heavy drinking. King of cups reversed can show up end of this journey and  you need to avoid injesting stuff or over taking any medicines. Keep an eye on it all ok, keep to dosage, dont think to yourself, oh another one of those for luck. Just moderate please.

Friends and family are important this month.

Dont let financial stresses affect your relationships!

Dont forget a problem shared is a problem halved.

Dont overindulge this month whatever it is and careless sex makes babies! (OOPS)

Three women coming or going around your life or you will hear a lot of gossip or be either connected or disconnected with them.

Health problems that could come up as possibilities this Month.  Bad coughs weak stomachs or digestion and matters to do with breast stomach and chest. Got problems? Go see the Doc!
Monday is a Key day for you in May.

See you in June - and keep well! dont forget to leave your comments I like to know how the Taroscopes are working for you.


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Hello Aquarius People!

Now the first thing I need to tell you about April is that you are sitting on the fence!  Have you been feeling that your hands are tied or that you just cant come to that choice you need to make. April seems to be all about decisions for most of the signs and you are no exception. From what I see here there are opportunities you are being offered. There may be three in the end but I can see at least two here so whats the problem?

Some of you have a masculine personality in or around your life or looming somewhere that somehow makes you feel a bit overwhelmed.   If you have a male in your life that affects your decisions you need to try to make light of things with them so that they dont feel threatened.  If its just someone with a powerful personality that somehow puts you off then reason with your thoughts about why that person might make you feel like that.

I dont want you to RUSH in April to do anything but dont hold yourself back either letting anything slip through your hands.  There are opportunities there and I just feel as though you are standing on the side of a huge river wondering how to get across.  Its not that much of a problem, you just find the bridge!!

I feel for some of you that you might have been losing interest in various areas of your life that could really touch most areas but in your work you dont feel that motivated either, you somehow feel that some things are not worth it even if your still hanging on.   You are another sign that needs to get your power back and get thinking in a more positive manner. Perhaps some of you made some decisions in the last while that you are not sure whether you did the right thing because you are seeing signs now that bounce off that and maybe now it does not all look so attractive. That can be towards another person, your home or your work or even a business venture or idea that you might have had.  But also you might be taking the 'my way or the highway' type of attitude so perhaps you need to balance that one out or someone else is.  Thats why I see you feeling as though you dont have a lot of choice in matters or that you are seen sitting on that fence wondering how you can get the better of the situation again.

Maybe you are wondering if you will pass your driving test or there is some test that has been on the horizon, either that you have failed or you think you will.  Whatever you fail at should not stop you from trying again as there are other opportunities to do this.  It would be a bit stubborn to sit there and think theres no point in things as thats a negative way of thinking.    Dont give up when you want to do something - some of the greatest inventions of our lives were only every produced by failure in the first place.  Do you think things came together immediately? No they didnt, because it took time and patience and perseverence and likely a good humour to follow things through and thats what you have to adopt.

If you feel like the world is a really competative place you would be so right about that - but you have a place in it as well and if your going to just sit there and dream about what might be instead of going for it then you are really throwing away your gifts and abilities as well as putting a huge damper on the future.   Please dont do that to yourselves.  You are a unique being after all and you have a life that is given to you to make the best of it.  Your talents and abilities are as special as anyone else because they are stamped with your own personal identity.  Though people do not think so, everyone approaches things with their own blueprint and you are just as interesting as the next person so time to start thinking that.

If there has been gossip around you ignore it. Sometimes people say things that are meant to be playful but you dont take it that way because you are a water person and you are cool so other people who are very forthright with their personality can just seem to get on your nerves. The problem is they dont mean any harm some of the time but it clashes with your kind of natural flow and ruffles your feathers a bit.  Stay calm and accept other people.

If some of you are wondering about a court case or have other things that are on the horizon some things will be delayed and other things will come in.  Halfey Halfey.    I think you need to brush up your abilities and your confidence in April.

Obviously the monthly Tarotscope is going to cover issues in a general way rather than be able to pick any one thing out but you know you can always get a personal reading to focus solely on what you want to discover so dont forget you can visit the bottom of my page to do that if you felt the need.

Meanwhile getting back to April perhaps you have had some disappointments but you have to kiss them and let them go and get up and get started again. Thats Tarot's advice to you. Some of you will be in for some surprises too of both kinds so be open to either being happily surprised or perhaps a bit astonished.

If you are going to make any changes in your life just think about them and weigh it all up because the 2 of wands is a dual natured card - you can get it right or you can get it wrong - but its how you deal with things personally that counts.  Putting on a big smile really endears people to you and I think that any seeming lost opportunity can be turned around for you.

If there are new changes you want to make at work make sure you have another job before you leave the one you are in - no hasty action required and those that get new job offers you will be happily surprised about that but again make sure that you really are interested in the position.

Some relationships might get very committed in April with an offer and the single and unattached might meet someone nice too and feel a bit special even those who think love is not at the door need to be told that there are opportunities out there but you do have to make the effort to get out and mix.  Again Tarot is trying to help you to make the most of yourself at all times and now wallow in the mire of indecision.

I dont think anyone can truly predict winning the lottery but there is some good fortune with money in April in so much that you might get a little surprise there, at work perhaps a payrise or possibilities or somehow money comes in from some unexpected source maybe you sell something of value and find you get more then you thought. I wish I could tell you exactly but at least you its a pleasant element of April even if you just found a penny on the pavement!

Health matters that could come up are skin problems, spots, pimples, boils, headaches, migraines,burns and scars. Its all about the head and face this month.   Got any problems go and see the doc!

 Tuesday is a key day for you in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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