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Friday, 7 March 2014



If you are a Piscean person you are born between Feb 19 - March 20

 Hello All! Its April 28th today!

By now you will know that I planned to have the May Tarotscopes up a lot sooner but its been 'one of those months'!

Just take a look at the April forecast (I have left it below) - I knew it was going to be dodgy. So Im going to do a brief forecast for May and in a week I will get on to the June ones. I dont really like writing late Tarotscope because I want you to know that my forecast does come from me and not taken from any other on the net.  The April Forecast was written first week of March so I like to be well ahead.

Ok that being said lets see whats going on for you in MAY Pisces. Im going to tag it onto the same page as Aprils forecast and have left that forecast below this one until the end of the Month for you to compare notes.

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Ah Ok! So we have Strength Reversed.  Hum. Well this card is more or less what it tells you. Perhaps your defences are down a bit this month. Some of you are getting involved in slightly lustful relationships too rather than those based on love. Do you really want that?  Theres a lot going on in this card and I thought this would be brief! First thing to say is that this month you might attract the wrong people. There might be people who are a bit jealous or difficult or have some problem that is with them and not you.

You need to keep your nerve this month. If you dont like something then just stick to your guns. I mean really stick to them. Dont let anybody or anything force you into doing anything you dont want. Say NO.  Any naysayers or anyone interfering in your life whatever the area is that feels that you have to defend it just stand firm and dont let anyone get away with anything ok.

Maybe there are people about that are not good for you and you need to stay out of their company. Make sure you do that. They are not going to be very condusive to making you feel a better person they want to drain you so you know what to do!

Some people might have problems with an animal or large animal. Part of me wanted to say a cat but I cant just say that. Just be careful of large animals.  Nothing serious particularly just got to mention it. Or even a bit sickness with an animal that might show here so worth a mench! oh and watch what comes out your mouth this month!

I feel that there has been something in the air for everyone, tangles problems just obstacles and adversities last month and there may be a slight possibility of tail ends of that still. But, if you saw it coming last month you know to stand your ground this month dont you. Simple advice but you will know what I mean if you were affected in any way.

So lets just look at pretty basic aspects. Stay with trusted friends this month. If you have felt weak and a bit disarmed by any situation, realise that you are STRONGER then you think you are ok when things go wrong. Keep good people around you and you can lose the losers!!

Some of you might be feeling disatisfied with some aspects of your life wanting 'more of things' but you are being told to count your blessings a bit more.  Everybody wants MORE but really you have a lot of what you need already in 'your own back yard' so try to think more on the side that you are rich in non material things that mean more then having everything you think you desire. Trust me on that!

If you are in a relationship - nurture it. There nothing wrong this month unless you decide to get all pushy or shovy. Just keep nice and steady because it doesnt need anything added or taken away. If you dont have a romance then its not a bad time to assert yourself as long as you dont go OTT - OTT is not good it can attract the wrong people who will be looking down the shirt front or below the belt and that is not the best basis of a relationship in my view. So you are being asked not to go overboard ok.  You are going to be pretty self confident this month so looking at the Lion perhaps you should keep that in check just a bit with the confidence and pride because you dont want that to drown the person you are interested in. Some people might find it a bit much. Its a great time to meet new people though so just take a step back and at least get a chance to have an even look and conversation.

Please dont make the mistake this month of deciding what other people think of you if there is a chance of romance because they might soon let you know that they dont like the manner! So dont give yourself the full on treatment, or you could end up a bit embarrassed. We all get a bit OTT at times though but you will get signals in your brain to COOL IT BABY - try to pay attention to them?

Dont gamble, dont take on debt and dont think that money grows on trees this month. You still need to pull it back a bit and be sensible all month long.  In general though money is ok as long as you dont squander or forget to budget for the week after.  Get out into nature this month and appreciate the landscape. Its a 'so so month' but there are some good points there, new friends maybe and money flowing ok at least thats what I get for you.  The only person to muck it up is yourself.  But, just that warning about other people if they are or have been making life a bit tricky for you. Just let them know that they cant push the boundaries ok.

I think bones teeth dental come up in this card, if you have had problems I would have thought they would be dealt with and you will start feeling better.  If you had a brace for example and it comes off dont grin people to death but let them see how beautiful that smile is. If you have had any surgery on the mouth you will pick up slowly and start appreciating that there was a lot to be said for no pain no gain.
If you have been weak of body or flagging in anyway, over tired, just feeling crap for some time, start picking yourself up. Do it a bit at a time dont rush.  Bodies cant take too much shock so start doing a little exercise bit by bit as the summer comes along you will start to feel better in yourself. Leo is in this card its a lovely sunny feeling and it tells me that you have not quite got to that sunny place in your life or mind but its on the way so just hang in there and just dont let eebie jeebies get into your brain. 

Knock out all that bad stuff you dont need and start being positive, not over the top as I said, just take things day at a time and it will all sort itself out if its been a bit of a bad few weeks or so.
If anybody has been in a dominated relationship or someone has been abusive to you tell them to sling their hook.  Meaning - get rid of them. One bad apple in a barrell of apples turns it all bad. You must have heard of that. So you should know that if theres anything bad there you gotta rout it out!
You need harmony in your life not domination - you have given out loads of energy probably to unworthy causes or people - so reign it in and let them buzz off! They dont deserve your company or your time.   

A month to grow stronger in every way. Actually thats quite nice if you think about it and its positive if you go with that thought in mind through each day. There could have been a few selfish people around you thats all and I want you to recognise them but dont do it aggressively just blot them out. Who likes being ignored?  its a good remedy for some so use it. Dont retaliate back the ignore button is so much more effective!

Some of you might choose to take time to yourself in May - it doesnt hurt. Time to think and regroup and recoup etc so maybe you might prefer just the closeness of a few rather than 'tha big crowd'...nothing wrong in that. Time to rebuild your strengh and defences. Life has natural ups and downs and yours wont be any exception - you can sail through the month as long as you dont get involved with things that really dont need you to get het up with.  Sail through and let the waves bobble past you.  Even if its a slowish month it doesnt matter. Why not have a month where you can have a bit of peace if you can get it.  I know I would choose that. So dont bite on anything. Chill out.
Colour this month is YELLOW.

Some matters from last month might bleed into this and some similar aspects repeating themselves, but it will get better as long as you stick to the advice given.

Health Problems that might show up in May are to do with the heart, blood and cardiac system; the back, spinal cord, and sides of the body. Sore eyes, stomach throat and possible teeth or dental.  Most of you will be strong as an ox but if you got any problems go see the Doc!

Sunday is a Key day for you in May.

See you in June - and keep well! dont forget to leave your comments I like to know how the Taroscopes are working for you.



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Hello Pisceans!

What I have noticed whilst writing the Taroscopes for April is how much work everyone has to do to change things in their lives.  Its almost as though life has squeezed us dry and everything is so much harder to achieve.   However, some of the things that occur to us are of our own making and not all by external force.

Its important for you in April to control your money as you can spend it quicker then you can make it so you are being asked to try to find the value of things because if you can get more for less that might be the route to go.   I also think that some of you might contemplate debt or are working to get yourself out of debt well you can achieve this which is one good thing if you can just keep that budget going strong . If you dont have a budget, how about I suggest one to you.

Some of you will have children that drop out of school or leave school or they are not getting on at school. Please get to the bottom of that because maybe there are misunderstandings with the teacher.
I dont think it really dawns on all of us but some children do need the RIGHT teacher and we cant pick and choose in a school but if Teachers themselves just learnt how to communicate with children better then studies, exams and school in general might be a bit more appealing.  Sadly classes are too big these days and Teachers have a terrible time trying to keep everyone in order, but its all about the 'presence' and the way things are spoken and if your child has difficulty really getting to grips try to see if you can help them about that so that they dont throw away their studies.  Any mums who are choosing schools for their children in September, please make sure that they are the right choice and that the level of education is suitable for your child because this will really matter in the long run.

Back to money matters you might be tempted to go to the shops and have a bit of a spend up - think about that before you go wild! I already mentioned debt possibilities but it could also be risk taking or gambles. Maybe you need quick cash but the problem is bribes come in the form of gifts so anything that you over spend with or loans you take its having to pay back that and more so its only a quick fix.
Please think sensibly.

If friendships get a bit jealous dont stoke the fire or if you have been materialistic because you wish to have some of the good things in life try to get a sense of proportion.  Again I have to tell you that you are liked for YOU and you have friends that really like you, if others are not keen on you why waste your time on them anyway?  The world has some very impoverished places and believe me that most of us are rich in comparison even if we only have a can of beans in the cupboard. We do have something to eat so dont hanker after more but try to be satisfied with what you have.  If you want to improve your life financially put some more work in and take an extra job or work hard to receive that promotion that can put you up there in a better pay bracket.  Things can get better for you if you work towards it.

In some of your relationships its a bit of give and take thats required as there might be a bit too much taking going on. Im not sure if thats you or your partner so try and strike a balance whereby you are both satisfied that equal everything is passing to and fro.  That could go for friendships too.

Theres a lot of help out there so if you have any problems please make sure you find the assistance that you need.  You dont have to put up with any situation that is not working for you, and you dont have to feel alone it either. Get help if you need it with advice, assistance or just get some knowledge and information as it could make a world of difference to your world or your problem.

If anyone is worrying about being homeless in April, dont be proud to go to a lesser place or to accept charity from friends or family even if its a place to crash - there are always people to help as of course one day they may need your help so giving and taking is a win win.

Your psychic intuition might be out of sync in April but I would ask you to listen to your intuition and stop doubting it.  Our card can reflect music  and your taste in music is changing or you might take up an avenue where music comes into play such as a dancing class or if you are involved in music you might experiment with something different.  Artists get inspired if you enjoy painting and oils you might just paint something thats going to give you a bit of money.

I dont associate Stubborness as a trait for Pisces, you are easy going people who go with the flow and sometimes you flow too much but you can be stubborn about some things and April might be one of those months.  Release any self protective measures that make you appear too rigid and try to let the world in a bit more. If your not open to help you would just be cutting your nose off your own face and that really does not help you in the long term. Loosen up Pisces and lets see you flowing again.

Health problems that could come in April might be all to do with the throat and neck, including sore-throats, tonsillitis, and cysts, inflamations, catarrhal discharges and abcesses in the throat.
Got any problems? go and see the Doc.

Friday is a key day for you in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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