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Thursday, 6 March 2014




If you are a Cancer person you are born between  June 21 - July 22.

Hello Cancerians!

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Here we are again with your May Tarotscope. I was waylaid and they should have gone up a lot sooner but I will get Junes put up a lot earlier so I hope the wait was not too long for May!

Well last month was about picking yourself up really and not letting things get to you and this month is all about how that is transiting and you still have to grab back your power and not let dominating situations get the better of you.   The Emperor can be anything from a male personality either father stepfather boss company judge, the law or big authority/responsibility to just a characteristic that tends to overwhelm. Yes it can also be a vehicle.

The one thing I feel for you this month is possibly wishing to escape! or disarm things that are just too 'heavy meat' for you.  So when things get a tad too much I can see you thinking...Im outta here!  Mind you Tarot is a journey and its all about lessons you know. Sometimes the answer is not to run away from problems its getting the mettle to face them and sort them out and put things in their place so that you have that voice or that upper hand yourself rather than someone else. So it could be a little bit about that I see.  Empowering yourself perhaps or getting the nerve up to deal with stuff.

This is a time to be confident and ambitious and not losing your temper if things do not go to plan. Its a time of seeing things through, sorting things out getting on top of nitty gritty in all areas of life.  Everybody had this 'weird' May because the planets were doing 'weird' things, there were line ups of planets that do not happen often and there were eclipses and a cardinal cross it left everyone feeling a bit tense and strange so your not the only one to come out of that and thats what is happening now, you are coming out of it.  Things just need building on.

May is not a time to be weak you see, as this card is trying force things onto you and as I said it could even be like an abuse of power so you do need to see that. If it were something like the car then it might have a power problem.  Its just one way of looking at it.   There might be reason for you to really get annoyed a rules and regulations this month, things that really get your back up as you dont see the need for rules or regulations to be so strict or overbearing so expect that some things might make you feel like revolting a bit.  Maybe its  bureaucracy or even political things that annoy could be anything really that you just see no real need for.

This month you have to keep your focus and concentration.  Some things whether just general matters or even an older dark haired person might rub you up the wrong way this month and you find your a bit irritated or annoyed . Keep cool cancerian!  Try to think about whether the rules or whatever it is, the person is trying to tell you something for your own good.  Our next card would suggest advice given its just whether you think its valuable enough to you or not. Listening could help and holding back a flare of dragon breath might be useful too.

Yes its probably a bit of a demanding month but its the type of month that you can deal with if you take little breaks mentally to keep focused on what you need to achieve and you will be fine. 

Romantically you need to seek a bit of compromise really because thats how to keep things running smooth. Also if you fall for someone who is the opposite personality of you dont you think you are asking for trouble?  be aware of that one!! Before you know they could be running your life and you wont even know what to do about it.  So if you want to keep your identity in tact remember this.

Financially you should make sure you have the right person to guide you. Dont take any chances this month regarding finance. You cant wing it!!

The way you are feeling in May is much like the other signs only a couple are popping up again as a little more inspired but this is all part of your journey to get your world feeling good by end of year. So you have to go with it.  The Emperor is quite a fierce card its very Mars orientated and theres unrest in the world right now lots of military and political stuff going down. You cant bury your head over it and you might be one of those people in the zodiac to concern yourself with it. You cant do a lot though except make sure that there is order in your own life. So start there ok as Atlas was about four/five times bigger then you, stronger then you and he carried the world on his shoulders and not always with ease.

Keep your own foundation steady and the world can take care of itself.  Dont let things stalk you or people for that matter.  Draw the line! CONFRONT IT - FIX IT - LET IT REST.

Dont take the blame for things if you know 'its nowt ta do wit chew' ok?  and keep up your own personal discipline to deal with things. Life is about the survival of the fittest, horrible conclusion but if that turns out to be the case dont let emotional immaturity creep in here - be responsible and just watch your own back and dont put up with any nonsense from anyone else got that? but deal with it diligently.  Make sure you keep your eyes OPEN this month. Look what your doing.

Health matters this month all about head and face, burns scars migraines toothaches, headaches, pimples or spots. Any problems? go and see the Doc!

Tuesday is a key day for May.

Join me again for June Tarotscope and let me know how your got on!



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Ok so it looks  a bit of a negative card but its not always what it appears.

Basically this is the card where you have spent some time worrying about a lot of things, worrying does not mean they are actually happening - its just that you are worrying about it in case it happens or if it happens and in this card it might have happened - and you are supposed to take the view generally that 'Poop happens - deal with it'!!

Because it does! and you must!

In this card you feel as though your life story is open for everyone to see - its just as though you cannot hide anything emotionally at all - and you are coming across as a bit of a wuss - this is a big world and you really cant afford to lay on the ground like that - get up and do something about it!  If things are bad and there is nothing you can do to stop them the so be it.  End the problem whatever it is because to be honest you wont hurt anymore then you might at the moment.  So if you are thinking disaster stop thinking it, and if you have had a disastrous time get up and walk away from it.  The idea of our Ten here is when you have hit rock bottom and that can really be to do with whatever area it touches in your life - it is up to you to wallow in it or get up and accept that its over - finnished - done with - and in future protect your thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities so that nothing happens like it again.

It could be something simple or something more severe, but whatever it is you know that THIS IS IT. Finito.

We do have computers in this card well, the card before anyway so you too may be people who have a spot of trouble with them or perhaps you need a new one - also something in your bedrooms is coming up - how rude!! No I wasnt being rude, I just think your standing there and saying...humm I dont like this - time to do something about it - you seem to want to create a bit more space and have it lighter - its like you need more air in there or just a feeling of a nice big airy space.

Some of you will successfully be sailing out of a few problems you might have had 6 months ago I feel as though that was a time when times were tough too and so if things go wrong in April it might remind you a bit of then. Seeing a similar kind of thing here.  Some of you might be thinking of having a holiday with a friend or a train journey or just a random ' let me out of here for a breather' trip. I think you will take that and it feels pretty random but I think it might make you feel better its like you need it.

Obviously getting this card means that some of you are ill, or some of you have lost a loved one - either you are remembering them or perhaps there has been a sadness.  Try to  let go gently and be kind to yourself if that is the case.

Sometimes whatever it touches, when things come to an abrupt end or just an end generally you know that there is nothing more you can do but move on.  Its something you do have to tell yourself and its ok to do that so dont fear that. This is a time now coming up when you have to be honest about how you feel and also speak your truth.  You dont have to shout it or be abrasive, you just need to be firm and let others know that you and yours are important to you and you dont like it when people encroach on your territory or try to make you feel cornered.  Stand strong and stick to your beliefs.  This month of April you will find music will be very soothing for you or you feel artistic and if that is not the case for you its a heightened sense of psychicness that seems to be very strong when you hear music.   Yes that sounds weird but it kind of enhances your perceptions.

This is a THINKING month for you rather than a doing month - a lot of thoughts will be in your mind that you want to communicate but you might find they just stay IN your mind - maybe your not sure how to express yourself, my advice would be to share what you think honestly.

Some of you might have had a lot of insomnia - others have been having dreams and waking up wondering if they are true or not which makes you feel a bit odd for a while when you wake.

All inspirations in the Month of April do need to be realistic or they could be doomed from the outset. Being realistic and not fantastical will go a long way to helping you this month so stay grounded but you dont have to lay on the floor or be a doormat for anyone.

Its going to be the kind of month that whatever you do will have consequences so if you seek sensation remember theres an aftermath.  For some there could be bankruptcy or layoffs so maybe that means you have to keep cash handled pretty sensibly.   Some may even feel a sense of betrayal emotionally and spend too much time thinking about it.

Whatever is going on for you in April your message is to put the past to bed and start over - totally. So going forward is what you should be doing because thats ALL you can do. The past is gone. Dont dwell on the past whatever area of life this is going to pick out.  Its DONE. Now the future is here and the 10 is moving on for good or for bad - so anything that happens in April you know what to do. Persistence wont make a difference either - if there is a losing cause then just give up on that its not worth your time or effort.

Authors might be upset if their book is rejected - ! Some people might have the 'book thrown at them' but self pity is not a trait that you should employ in April. Rise up from it because transitions are in place and you have to go with it. Some new beginnings and a sense of willpower and independence are on their way, you can be inspired about how to deal with things in the future and in fact you might even find that some of you have some new opportunities on the horizon and other people around you that work along with you and your aspirations.   Dont be afraid to cut ties or let things go because if you do then other things can come along and open your vision its not a time to be alone, its a time to be with others.

Learn your lessons and learn them well. Another good key sentence for April for you.  If you have any legal issues you must make sure that you have all the information correct.  That even goes for Doctors and symptoms - make sure you explain them properly.

Dont overeat or go on binges - you will put on weight and then have a hard time losing it. Throat neck and shoulders come up for health links so do colds and flus and virus so wrap up keep warm dont wear damp clothing or stay in the rain too long.   Overspending this month is a big 'no no'. If you do it then you will pay for it in the longterm.  Stay steady and overall be strong as you have a strong constitution as a rule and a stubborness when it comes to not doing things about things believing you have the backbone to put up with everything - well you dont - so allow yourself to be kind to yourself and dont do anything rash or thoughtless....and never let Depression get the better of you.

A Friday is a key day for you in April.

Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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