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Thursday, 6 March 2014



If you are a Gemini person you are born between  May 21 - June 20.

 Hello Gemini!

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This is a great card for you for May! you may have had to employ a LOT of patience with People and Life in general but hey! it is gonna be ok.  You know I am late writing this Tarotscope for May as I had hoped to get it published a couple of weeks ago but I was held up. But, here it is and in a way its just like telling you how things have been for you.

This card is your Green Light, meaning that even if you have been waiting for answers for what seems like ages whatever they were connected to whether finances, health, work or property or just hearing from others, it will all happen. Its just that you have had to have a lot of patience with people and all those horrific delays on projects and in general last month being held up all the time. Well last month was a red stop light this month it starts to turn to Green. Remember the word 'Starts'. What that means is that it is beginning to start to look a bit more favourable for your endeavours or anything you have been hoping or waiting for.

I bet your glad to hear this arnt you?  phew eh?  This month there might be something turn up that just helps you at the right time maybe even a bit of money luck. That is possible though Im not saying you will win the lottery and up being a millionaire, just that you will get what you need at the time you most need it.

Relationshipwise, everything is fine in couples in so much that you just have to work together to get through ups and downs because thats what real friends do. At the heart of any marriage or relationship when the going gets tough you take it in your stride and support each other and things get better. If you are looking for romance, ditch the old places and go and find pastures new because the old places and faces are not really doing anything to get you to meet the person picked out for you. So somewhere new?

Changes of location whether property connected, job connected, work or even leisure or meeting new people is large in this card.  Its all possible and all out there.  This is a month where you can work on yourself in every way and physically too. Its a survival of the fittest card which means that you need to look after your physical health and get out their walking hiking cycling without going too mad of course but at the same time really making inroads to enjoying the countryside fields, trees birds bunnies and bees. Embracing nature drinking in fresh new gulps of country air and just releasing all the frustrated irritating days of April.   So there could be a bit of movement going on for you.  You still have to be prudent with money but you should be ok.  Walk instead of car if you can.

You will want to think about how you come across in interviews or with other people too. Instead of being enthusiastic and cute you might decide to make sure you come across as solid dependable and market yourself well so that others do not feel that there are any weaknesses within you. Put up a strong and dependable front you would be surprised where it gets you.   Lose all the old people who have making your life a misery, you should have spotted a few last month. Who needs them huh?  plenty of good people out there so trust yourself and stay on your own route own goals and dont change your mind for anybody else. Let them come to you and dont go running to them or wait on them. They have made you wait plenty.  Dont forget that. Put your best side forward and keep on going with anything you want to do. Last month was a lesson.  This month - learn from it.

You need the right people in your life and they will come whether workwise, healthwise or romance wise - look for good qualities and if they are not there - say BYE and ride off on that horse!! Dont look back you will be okay. If you made a beautiful sandcastle and the horrid sea came up and washed it away despite being miles up the beach - you will know not to trust the sea wont come up behind you right?  so build your castles on safe spots and you can bet they are there the next day.

Its all been a long time coming but there will be some improvements for you in May and it touches all areas.  Remember the Tortoise and the Hare story and keep your faith!  If you need some time alone thats also ok for introspection - there may be someone who might help you that has not shown themselves yet, just thinking about the Hermit that is popping up here in the back of this card. Or maybe its just a divine providence in the form of a man. Who knows for sure, all I know is that a light will be thrown on the difficulties and that somehow clears things up and helps.  Keep strong and believe in your skills and abilities and dont move an inch on that.

Not feeling you need to know anything more this month - chin up and forward march!

Health wise ?  Stomach spleen, bowels, digestion, intestines, feelings of lethargy perhaps even anxiety or long term depression might show up for some.  Got a problem - see the Doc!

Wednesday is a Key day for you in May!

Please join me for your June Taroscope and let me know how things go for May.



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Hi all Geminis! What have you been up to? Theres a bit of theme here and there with the horoscopes for April with the signs I have written so far - I think as a Gemini you seem to get a bit of all of it. For one thing please be careful with your vehicle - dont drive fast ok and again journeys seem to be stopped or halted here or you could even ding the darn thing!  So try to SLOW DOWN thats the message and if you wanted to go somewhere you better be prepared for things to get messed up or cancelled or slowed down because I can see a few delays for you this month. Maybe a new car?

Ok whose been obsessing about something or someone???  the steams going to go out of this even if your mind hasnt dont get involved with things or those you cant have ok - accept it!  At the same time I can see some rows boiling up here - tantrums and generally getting fed up so its a similar message to you to cool it a bit.

All artistic endeavours seem to be knocked on the head or slowed down too all these delays for goodness sake its so irritating and I know you want to get going on something but you gotta wait!

Anyone having a court case - theres a few delays on that too it just seems like someone got your hands tied them up and stuck them behind your back - at the same time somebody put a fabulous strawberry sundae in front of you and forgot to leave a spoon! Thats how mean this month could be you know! GRR!

It might even be a month for some kind of endings where some people just seem to up and go and leave your life and you think WHAT?? wth!! but its just like that Im afraid so disappointing but sometimes people leave because there is something better out there to fill their place so bear that in mind while you tear your hair out.

Watch the gossip too as some people love namedropping or is it you? better watch what you say because its a month you can get picked up on it and Geminis like a good old gossip but if you dont want to end up embarrassed better zip it quick eh?

All month you might be feeling twitchy and just held back - your ruling Planet Mercury is going to Retrograde so you know what that means dont you? it takes a bit longer to get what you want to do done. Again messages, communications, meetings etc all seemed to just be a drag where they dont happen quick enough so I wish I could be a bit more helpful but I have not tamed any carrier pigeons to lend you.

Meanwhile, lets look at some other things.

This is the month you say YES!! and you mean NO - or the other way around or people around you say NO when they should have said yes.

Looks like your libido is going to get a slap this month and you dont feel you can really get on with anyone. Does everyone around you seem to be talking nonsense? Did you just hear them correctly? you just feel as though everyone else is on another planet...beam me up scotty all is forgiven! So yes its a month where you dont feel in control of anything - its like some invisible little men came along and moved the goalposts and you were just SURE you put them THERE - well a way I think April you will feel bored. Everything is just too inconsistent for you and you dont have the patience to put up with those 'stupid things' that get on your nerves.

Some of you might be thinking about changing your residence, there could be some holdups there but it does look as though its supposed to be on the cards so hang in there with that one.

Overall there is a lack of energy for work or business in April for some of you and even in that sphere some might consider changing their job because  ' why isnt there any life in this place'! I can see what your thinking or there are some people who are a bit irritating that you dont get on with that make you think perhaps a change would do you good.

Some of you might even feel selfish this month - if you feel you are pushed around you might just think well to hell with you then and do a few things that please only you.  I dont think any lover, friend or partner or anyone really wants to step on your toes because you are not in the mood for it. Feeling a bit out of sorts yourself it would just be nice if other people will be calm and collected around you as anyone that isnt is going to just help heat up your temperature and make you a little sarcastic!

To be honest you just need a holiday!  Think about it in the month to come.

You might be outspoken but in a way perhaps it does make other people aware that you only put up with so much.   Some of you are actually feeling old or want to do something to spruce yourself up as you have not been feeling attractive - so do something about it and give yourself a cheap thrill even if its just a lipstick or a brand new pair of shoes.

As for the new job or move or career move - if your thinking about it, think hard and make sure its something you really want rather then something to relieve the boredom as you dont want to end up anywhere disastrous ok  - think twice and make sure its what you want.

Its just a time when you start asking what you really want to do with your life - a complete overhaul is what I think your thinking so just start creating the brand new you but dont dye your hair unless your mood is good and you are not living in fantasy world. That red colour is amazing on the packet but does it look good on you?  see what I mean - think before you do.

Romantically?  Someones got their daisy out picking off the petals - he loves me he loves me not he loves me he loves me not - you cant decide?  How about stop thinking about it and let him tell you? if he doesnt dont push him he will do things in his own time and that goes for the males and their girlfriends.

If you have to sign anything - dont do it in April - its not a good time for contracts apparently - so just pretend you lost your pen...(wheres that darn pen ? make sure you have your foot over it while you say it to be more authentic!)

This month your clumsy.  So watch it if you do sports or gym you could get a burn or a graze. If you like horses you might fall off - its all about paying attention to what you do and not being reckless. Theme of the month. Think before you act!

There could be some property repairs coming up - make sure the jobs done well and if your not satisfied say so.  

Some of you might have problems with liver, lungs, ears or palpitations dont forget to see the Doctor if you feel unwell and dont delay on these things get it sorted out.

Thursday is a key day for April.

Let me know how you got on with your Tarotscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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