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Thursday, 6 March 2014



If you are an Leo person you are born between  Jul 23 - Aug 22.

Hello Leos!

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How are you all now that we have almost come to the end of April? I know I have been held up with the Tarotscopes so please forgive that and have a read of your forecast. I will get Junes up a lot sooner I promise so that you know that I have written them especially for you before dozens appear all over the net!

Ok, well this is about 'turning your life around' this month isnt it?  I am picking up a few pentacles this month with the signs. Everybody must be feeling bedraggled from April or something or just felt their luck run out.  I dont want any of that hanging around or wallowing in problems you do have to take action this month to get things working for you again as its dripping with lacklustre worse then a weathered poppy!

But with pentacles popping up in a few of the signs it looks like everybody needs a good butt kick! Time to break OLD HABITS  and start makng things work for you.  I only say it to help you even if I now feel that some of these tarotscopes are sounding like a cracked record.  It 'aint ma fault' its just what it is.

For some times are really hard and cracks appear in our lives where we think that just nothing is going anywhere!  I think if you did not do it in April you should decorate the house top to bottom or get rid of all old things rubbish stuff that is no good anymore and also you might find a few things to sell as well that might be worth a penny or two.  I just feel that home life, life, health, job everything is needing some kind of revitalisation.  I think its the trends to be honest with you and not really YOU its just the vibe in the air.  Some people will take those vibes and really push forward and others will just feel sorry for themselves a bit.  Again repeating from Virgos reading, got to think positive Im afraid.

In fact read Scorpio and Virgo for a start because its going to save me a lot of breath in here thats for sure and it will make you see what you need to do and not to do.

I just sense some feeling of insecurity but some of it even if its health, finance or home related you need to start thinking more positively about. Dropping all negative attitudes.   Maybe there are people who are holding you back or just hinder your progress in things or maybe its naturally 'one of those things' that  brings some kind of discord or discontent to your world.

The only thing I can say to you this month is if other people try to stop us doing things and you know that they dont have your best interests at heart then lose them.   It could otherwise be that the reason we dont see the good in things is because we stop ourselves rather than anyone actually getting in the way.

Dont let other people influence you and try to go within for answers as you have intuition yourself and must use it sometimes. Sure there may be some losses this month and could come in any form true to say but we have to deal with it.  Sounds harsh I know but if I sympathised with everything that is not going to help you when you need a strong splint going down your back and support to plough forward.

There may be some issues that just need sorting out from friends to family to finances whatever area comes up here just face them and go through the finer details so that you are fully in control of everything.  Remember the Lion inverted from last month you were told to get your pride back etc wernt you? well hopefully you did think along those lines- part of me thinks you need to 'get smart' getting smart is as good 'getting even' you know!!

Maybe you dont feel at your best in May because you are born to shine and you know that dont you? you have to remember it though because sometimes we have periods of limited sunlight where we dont feel ourselves or as chirpy but I still think you could do a lot to turn that around this month.   I actually think you will have a lot to be happy about its just you musnt gamble on things thats all, be happy with what you have got is what I mean. Why put negative things on that count your blessings is the main motto here. Its only a bit of boredom on some levels so you dont need to feel your whole world HAS to change but you do have the power to do something about matters that need attention or at least start out in a positive manner.

Job wise you need to consider that if you are looking for work you dont get involved with people who are con people. You must recognise your worth always ok. So if you are working and someone suggests what seems a better way to make money, make sure you find out how real that is before making a change.

Just go cautious all month with love matters, relationships, family, finances the whole caboodle, its ok to cruise through a month.  Germinate ideas this month and dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. Again it doesnt sound brilliantly exciting but maybe thats the way the vibes are.  You can keep secure and still get by as long as you stay positive though ok. Im sure I might have missed a few bits but I think this horoscope gives a good general indication of things en masse.

If there are any changes to make just be sure to be the one that makes them and for the right reasons.

Get your energy levels up too and turn this pentacle around to bring fortune to your door. You knew you had to stand up for yourself last month so keep that up and dont start flagging when things dont happen immediately this month. Things get better because you have the strength to make them work. You do have a part in it all.   Dont isolate yourself!

Funnily enough when you have finnished beating yourself up I hope you are taking notice that other people are actually attracted to you this month so if you lift your head off the ground ya might notice?? LOL - be more proactive and positive this month and sweep those old cobwebs away.

Healthwise possible elements that could come up for some, stomach, spleen, belly bowels, intake, so watch diet or what you eat injest ect,  digestive problems worry and anxiety possiby twitchiness.
Got any problems - ? go and see the Doc!

Wednesday is a key day for you in May.

Please join me again soon for your June Tarotscopes and let me know how you get on in May.



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Oh my goodness it looks as though Im on a roll with miserable forecasts for April and I cant seem to get those cards upright except for Aries so far, who seem to be having a better month in their own sign.

Well for Leos (note that there is a Lion on this card) they seem to lose all their strength in April almost like someone ran in and stole their mane.  On the other hand it could also be that they seem a lot softer and less fierce or have they just got a bit sloppy in April. Come on Leo sharpen up as this is not like you is it.  Arnt you the proud one that always looks good in the mirror?  whats the matter with you then in April - why cant you be bothered to do your best with yourself - Im beginning to think everyone is fed up with the Winter and weather or just generally wants to see the Summer come along. Summer is Leos favourite time of year - they just love it - so if Winter has been drawn out,  then Leos might be looking bedraggled by now!

Im also feeling that April is a month where Leos who normally speak out dont tend to be so oral about what they think.  They have quietened down or they are holding it in.    Some people in the family or attached to the family are creating problems too - Im not quite sure exactly what but Leos are feeling a bit hunted or stalked in some ways. Might even be minor things like they cant do anything right but it could also mean that family life has not been running smooth.  If anyone is having an extra- marital affair be careful of all the problems that can bring. Its not a good idea but who can tell YOU that!

I feel as though if you have been doing something you should not have been you wont be able to defend yourself - its not such a loss of words as just not being prepared. Perhaps your reputation is at stake in some way. Do be careful.     Confusion seems to reign in April too. Some feeling of low spirits and general malady or even some events that seem to knock the wind out of you.   If anything 'gets awkward' in April you are going to have a desire to try and escape from anything unpleasant whatever it is even if its just the Dentist.  Any decision that comes your way this month is going to be one of those 'difficult' ones where you just cant seem to face it.  Do I see a cowardly custard Lion here?  

It just seems that you are not speaking up for yourself or you just dont feel that edge to do so or perhaps someone has got your goat for a change.  Whatever is here you dont have the heart for it so if for example you wanted to end a relationship theres an element that makes you think it would be too harsh to do so. You might feel you cant control your own feelings and thoughts in April or that someone elses views are stronger than yours which makes you step back. Normally you are the one that creates the big statements and somehow you are demoted.

Maybe you just like control eh Leo?  When control is taken out of your hands it doesnt make you feel good. One of the things you suffer from the most is PRIDE yes thats right so you are not keen when that is knocked by anyone.  However, you must have heard that 'Pride goes before a fall'? so maybe you can afford to think about that and understand that Pride is not everything is it?   Dont be too proud to do the right thing at any time.

Often this card can stand for animal cruelty - if you are involved with animals or you see anything or work with animals make sure you keep speaking out in support of them to stamp cruelty out.  If there are any campaigns that involve fur or the use of it sneaking back in or any new fashion I hope people will stand up and knock that down flat. NO FUR thank you!!!

If any of you Leos have a secret - it wont be a secret anymore in April so Im just warning you - if people find out anything you dont want them too it could be a touch embarrassing not that I dont think you can handle it you could always bury your head in your wooly mane cant you - but seriously, your pride can get hurt and there might be an incident of some description whether its connected to relationships, work or another avenue that might not be something you want people to know about.

But lets remember that Leo is the Sun and perhaps April is not their sunniest Month but neither is it going to be too much of a problem.  They are very charming people are Leos, they have that brusque little edge about them but I see them being less controlling in April and a softer side coming out, I actually have now said that twice and not had a scratch !!!

If there is illness around you its a time that you will count your blessings and give heart to those who suffer because there are times you realise there are those much worse off then you. Your vanity getting hurt can be a big problem to you, and that is nothing in comparison to other things that really deserve far more attention.    In April dont ask for more then you have - you have plenty just remember that and be grateful in your life.

Try not to slack or be sloppy in April because if you are a working person you have to show that you can keep up your abilities at all times - you cant expect people to think well of you if you suddenly started to drop back and then expect to still be 'the best in your job' - you are only the best when you are at 100 per cent performance level so if you like being noticed just make sure that you are looking your best and working your best - you cant expect gifts from heaven if you dont 'put out' so think about it.

Money should be ok for you in April if you dont go mad on a spending spree.  I think some of you have a belief that there is a money tree growing in your garden - NOPE they dont exist except in your own fantasy - you are lucky with money you know and you have a gift for identifying a good opportunity or you take them one way or the other - but dont overplay your luck, whats good now is great but you have to remember the lean times so be wise and dont be so extravagant.  Do you really need that perfume thats four times the price of another thats just as good? No you dont because you already have four on the shelf that you have not used yet. Be sensible with your money and it will be good to you.

Regarding health, if you have been feeling weak or tired do something about it.  Bones, teeth, throat, neck etc are areas that are tender with you in so much that when problems arise in any one of these areas you should always see the Doc also anything to do with the heart/chest - keep your heart healthy and if you smoke - dont or try to give it up and any other bad habits. Its a bit late for the new years resolution but hey, its better then not at all. Spend a bit of time thinking about your health and if you have not felt strong try to do things that will nurture you back to full strength and get out there and exercise in the big open.

Car problems for you too this month - some of you might have to put it off road.

In April you dont want your light to shine as much as usual as I can sense you are isolating yourself from either things or people or just a lot quieter then normal - maybe you just need to get your strength back and thats why - but dont hide out too long because people miss you - and your great humour - so get back into circulation when your ready.  Never be too proud either to ask for help in problems you dont have to go it alone ok?  ‘To find your true strengths,you must first face your weaknesses’.
Ever heard of that before ?  Well thats your catch phrase for April. Meditate on it.

I hope you dont miss opportunities in April by being over influenced by other people or situations. You might kick yourself if you do. What is the Lion famous for? COURAGE - so I think in April you have to be BRAVE - you know 'you can do it' so go for things and let yourself shine like you normally do - you dont have to feel lesser then anyone else its only certain times you feel like that  - but if the spotlight gets thrust on you then humbly allow yourself to go forward and do your best at whatever it is. Dont lose your nerve and dont waste energy on selfish people either.

Heart, blood, back and spinal cord are the weak health areas so again if you suffer from anything keep it checked out with the Doc and dont overestimate your strength and overexert yourself in April. Some of you might have sore eyes or need glasses and others might find that stomach neck or throat have been a bit of a problem. Just get them checked if you worry .

Get out in the open air and particularly to the park or some nice places it will do you some good or maybe a nice meal in a beautiful place - lift the spirits but dont go too extravagant it doesnt have to be the RITZ.

Sunday is a Key day  in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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