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Thursday, 6 March 2014



If you are a Virgo person you are born between Aug 23 - Sept 22

Hello Virgo!

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Here I am for May Tarotscope, better late then never eh? I am so sorry to be late but April was a difficult month for me and as you know this was/is a new enterprise to give you a bit of insight each month.  I will have June up a lot earlier so please bear with me and hope that you understand the holdups I have had.

Well talk about hold ups what is going on with you?   Last month I think there might have been some disatisfaction in some areas and looking at your worth etc and this month Im wondering if you have come to some shattering halt or something?  are you just waiting for the tide to turn because it looks like you have been having a really good think about how to improve your life so perhaps its not underway just yet and there is just a very small impasse while you chew over things. Nothing wrong in that and better to at least be forearmed and forewarned.  Its good to see you thinking about stuff but dont think too long and do nothing because people around you will call you a lazybum!! lol!!

Even if something is really necessary or dead urgent you are not making a move unless you know its steady and dependable you so want to get things right dont you?  You really need to be out there letting people know that you are very capable and very loyal to the right ones.  There is really no harm in making sure before taking risks but at the same time you do have to watch your money and security and your health as like I said you could get carried away waiting for the right this and that and really end up doing nowt!  so keep the brain ticking and keep an eye on everything around you so that nothing dries up in the waiting period ok.

Cars come up and travel things are on hold for some reason, either that your car aint workin, or you cant afford that expensive trip or, or  or, there are delays here. Waiting for news as well can be a problem as you need the right communications so you are waiting on that too, messages, mail letters whatever and even if the right job to come up actually, or you are waiting to go or join college at a later date.  Its about waiting anyway so I dont need to labour the point.   You want to make the right moves and 'such and such' has to fall in place first, whether property, health finances it could be anything so I know there might be a little frustration but hang in there for the Green light BUT DO SOMETHING when you get it.

Your message is also not to gamble and budget keep budgeting not a time to squander and not a time to take risks with your health security or otherwise.

Relationships are a bit so so, are you a bit casual at the moment? Im sure the other person is working hard to make the relationship good but I think your a bit distracted with other things that you are concerned about.  Put some pep back into your relationship, go and walk in the fields please and appreciate the few buttercups and daisies that are there still and dont forget the primroses are still about especially those lovely wild yellow ones.  You can learn a lot from nature. Dont sit on your backside indoors unfascinated or unsatisfied with everything.  Theres a lot to appreciate out there even if its all humble stuff.  Be glad to be alive.  Take care of yourself and dont sleep too long or dont sleep too little keep activated and dont miss any chances which you could do if you let yourself tail off into cuckoo land. Cuckoo land is fine but really you need to wake up keep searching for the things you want and need and stay alert ok.

Gosh does that sound all extra boring..I tried to make it interesting!!

Can you stop thinking everything is a waste of time please?  your not a failure you know your just looking to make things better thats all!  GET POSITIVE. YES YES YES YES three letters use them and believe in yourself for goodness sake. When some things dont work out its just like a door, that one closes and there are others. Some might need a bit of oil to stop the sticking mechanism but really you could be that aladdins oil lamp and loosen up the joints couldnt you?  so lets see some positive thoughts thank you very much Virgo. Dont look for the PERFECT this and that either, nothings perfect, you will look forever, just look for what is possible and what can work for you then its all hunky dory! Virgos can be terrible nitpickers before they have even tried something. They often have decided that its not for them..oh really?  well you dont know do you? so lets take a few chances, but not get too risky keep things steady and sensible just like I told you and you will be ok.

Not the best month for making things move or creating an earthquake but its all possible if you lighten up buddy!  Think of that saying, 'wheres theres muck theres money' so roll up your sleeves and .......use your imagination!

and hey...dont take the car if you can walk - save some pennies! also are you too irritable to drive? think then.

Try and find interesting things for the Kids to do so dont ignore them with your own problems, idle hands etc !!  teach them how to make things if money is scarce.  Watch pets or problems with pets too.

Health wise for you this month possible problems likely to fall into respiratory, back, stomach, nervous tics, palpitations and possible elements around the heart blood circulation and sore eyes.  Keep healthy! any problems Go and see the Doc!

Sunday is a Key day for you in May.

Please join me again soon for Junes Taroscopes but hope that this months is of use to you.



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There is definitely something in the heavens in April with most of the Tarot coming out reversed for that month. Personally I think it reflects the sombreness of Winter and the longing for the Spring. Winter has been very hard for most people particularly when it appears to drag on.

This card given by Tarot for Virgo  seems to suggest certain tensions in relationships and possibly a good clear out of things that you no longer need or love.  Maybe thats a good thing to get all ready for Spring.  Clearing out could mean examining  your love relationships too. It doesnt necessarily mean a parting but looking at the quality of your union perhaps.  Maybe you could do more for your loved ones and not take their love for granted?  So I think the focus for you April is to try to repair friendships and relationships whatever they are and those who have untrue friends, maybe this is the time to realise that they do not always have your best interests at heart.  Stick to the people who really love you and dont take their love as a 'given' because love works both ways doesnt it?

There could be infatuations in your life that gloss over the real foundations of what is good for you and what is realistic so maybe you need to address the real thing from the desire?  So false love will show itself in this month if it exists with you.  If however, there has been any discord in friendships or romance this is the time you can put things right too - just 'show the love' because you dont want to lose someone important in your life  by carelessness do you?

The other problem that could arise is if you are paying TOO much attention to your friends and not your beloved - so really if you read the above you know what to do - its all about remembering who gives their time and attention to you and making sure they know how much you think of them - keeping the harmony going is a two way thing.

Some of you might be a bit discontented at work because you might feel that you dont hit it off much with other people around you. Its not for the lack of trying but maybe you get to a point where you could have tried a lot and feel there is a bit of an impasse. Perhaps you might be considering looking around for a different job in another environment that you feel suits you better emotionally.

Its a funny thing, but its really important to feel comfortable at work with so many hours spent there, so if you have had doubts or feelings that make you feel it wont work then dont be afraid to consider other possibilities. You should use your instincts on this to make sure you are not feeling insecure about other things that are encroaching on your working life so that you know it really is the job that doesnt suit you.  Maybe you need to open up to the people at work more because they might think you keep yourself to yourself and that gives you an air of superficiality.  We know thats not true about you, but try to open up more but ultimately if its truly not working for you take a look around and see what else is going.  So you might need to 'make a change either in yourself or around you.

Try this month to realise that life isnt perfect even though we want to put a rosy glow on things - people are not always in sync with each other and if this is one of those times just dont take things too personally. It will blow over.

Finance shouldnt be an issue but you can be a bit self indulgent too and think that theres plenty to go around but like Leos Aprilscope, you should try to rein it in a bit. Also just because you spend a lot on other people it doesnt so much impress them as wonder how you could be so frivolous - not everybody is impressed by a big spender if they dont have a lot themselves so try to be kind but dont go overboard.

Your eating of 'goodies' needs to be sorted out too because you like the good life and its going to start showing on your body so time to get the salad in the shopping basket?

You like your home Virgo and as a Virgo you can be a bit obsessed about how you lay things out and you like a bit of order. You can get a bit lazy sometimes expecting everyone to keep the order you create! - so always make sure that if you want to set a regime that at least you follow it too!  I can see you also making some changes in the home  as your home becomes important to you in April - maybe its just the word 'home' here and some of you are away from home and miss it and everything that is familiar to you. Some of you may be somewhere that you feel out of place and dont feel you have your own belongings around you so theres a hint of wistfulness there.   Some of you might even be moving out for the first time from your parents - or even to a new place- all in all it could be any of these things as I do see some possible changes being made.

Health wise, things to watch for are bad coughs, queasy stomachs and in particular indigestion or digestion problems.  If you have anything that bothers you dont forget to call the doc or pop in and see him.

Many of you actually seem to like the peacefulness of the ocean and water but for some reason you fall out of love with this in April.   If anyone from the UK is reading this and are under the Virgo sign and living in the flood areas - I really do feel for you as it has been a very tough time. Some of you have lost a lot - but dont fall out of love with the beauty of the sea entirely - because things will improve eventually though Im sure water is not your favourite element right now.  Anyone in other countries who have also been suffering from the severe weather and flooding under Virgo my same thoughts go to you too.

Midwives, caregivers, counsellors babies and young children all come up this month in some way. Either you would like a baby and have not got pregnant or you need care but have not been given the right help. Maybe this is a time where HELP is something you should be asking for. Dont be afraid to talk over your problems as keeping them to yourself only makes things worse. Some might find their children out of sorts or a little moody this month!

Its an average month then Virgo but your card is all about thoughtfulness to others in April and in doing so and showing our emotions more and not keeping them in you will find vast improvements around you.

Monday is a Key day for you in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.



  1. Okay its almost on the money. I'm being honest it really is for me been what I'm dealing with. I was looking for sum sort of answer and I find some thank you.


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