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Friday, 7 March 2014



If you are an Libra person you are born between  Sept 23 - Oct 22 

Hi Librans!

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Thank you for being patient for May Tarotscope to go up! I have already explained about the busy Month I had in April and it has delayed these May readings. I will get Junes up long in advance so please come back to read.

Ok lets just give you a quick overview for May. Last month was all about Judgements if you remember and this month we are given the King of Pentacles. Now this actually could stand for someone REAL in your life who is there to help you!  In this card we see either you or someone else identifying opportunities and seeing them through particularly financial ones. So maybe someone to help you or something financial, healthwise or even in property matters.  The importance of this card is seeing where you can get ahead, seeing those opportunities or having them pointed out or offered and taking them.

I wouldnt like to see this card upside down as I would be running in there shouting bogus bogus but not this time around because the card is upright and there seems to be a lot to offer you in May.  Whatever this issue this Card is there to tell you that there is someone who can be useful to you and maybe even TWO people.  You reached a pinnacle last month going through an entire journey of events relating to physical health/property or finances and now this guy or people show up to make things possible for you or make offers to you even if its workwise.   Seems to me that some of you might have leased another property or even bought one or are thinking about moving.   I also think that anything to do with money needs tying up or has been tied up or just needs the finnishing touches. Anyway the King is a man as a rule or a person of any of the mentioned fields WHO CAN HELP.  Remember that April is also a tax year each year so maybe useful news about that.

Some of you might have done well with money, either through investments or otherwise and you are being asked to be sensible with it now you know the value of it and like I said, there is someone to always back up and help you to make the right moves.  Im feeling that someone will support your cause this month.

Some of you might get a property inheritance also of some kind or move into an old family home might even be granmas/das .   Pets are acquired and some of the pets acquired are ones that are the expensive type of breeds make sure you can afford to keep them ok?  anything immaterial that breathes life needs a lot of care.

Someone might win on the horses too, just letting you know but I hate to lead you to gamble but some of you will anyway.  Dont take risks though unless you know the odds are good.

Regarding romance be nice open honest and trustworthy and you may attract the same! Some of you might even get swept off your feet this month but try to be who you are and not try to be something your not.  Current romances get comfortable but those who need a change just have to talk about it and open their heart about their thoughts more.  Unless you talk about problems how do you expect others to know what the problem is?  

This is a month of building security or looking for security or taking care of it so would not be surprised if some of you do things to your property like put up gates, locks or want to attend to that kind of thing. 

Being wise this month means that whatever area comes up for you, wherever you have put work, hope faith or ploughed investment in, could do okay for you.  You always have to be vigilant though to keep things balanced. You are a Libra remember.

So these are the brief but quick messages for you this month.  Ah one more thing - vehicles. They pop up and expensive ones. Make sure you keep your tax and mot up to date!  Loans, credit banking etc or help is all here. Lots of possible shopping too so enjoy but be sensible.

Being practical solid sensible and steady are key notes for you this month. Oh and its someone slightly older or more mature in nature I see around as well. Forgot to mention that one.

Health matters if any  - throat neck shoulders, colds, coughs, sinus, catarrhal elements, tonsilitis, headache, boils, pimples, burns and scars,  all head and face, get the drift?  . Got a problem? see the Doc!

Friday and Tuesday are key days for you in May!

Let me know how you get on and see you back here for June Tarotscope!



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Libra you are given the Judgement card for April which means that you are going to put a lot of issues behind you and move on!  In a way, this is quite a major card and it seems as though you have been on a long journey with certain efforts in your life that either have worked to your good or have just not produced what you wanted them to. Either way, you have come to a stage now where you have looked over everything with a keen eye and decided to put what does not work behind you or indeed you are saying goodbye to certain elements of the past.

I seem to see you looking at the world in a slightly different way and embracing it in a whole new sphere.  Whats done is done, whats gone is gone, whats history is history, its a new chapter now so you are just going to roll your sleeve up and put the past to experience and embrace that new.

The other part of this card which is 'not the best bit' is that some of you might have had accidents or been unhealthy or need some kind of treatment.  Make sure that you take it and if it was self inflicted in anyway please take it as a good reason to be very careful next time!

Judgement is a huge wake up call to you, thats why the angel on the card has a trumpet - you can definitely hear a trumpet!  so its going to awaken all sorts of different aspects within you during April and there certainly could be some different fresh thoughts coming to mind.

For some of you it could mean that you have made some bad decisions at some time or other and you know that you dont want to revisit them. Your goal in April will be trying to stay on the right side of your intuition and paying attention to detail so that your judgement is on cue.  Some of you might find that you are still slightly off the mark but really if you want to get things right its time to realise that you need to adjust your way of thinking.

If some of you have been waiting for something to happen and it could be in any area of your life then April could be the month for this - those of you that have been thinking straight will benefit the most but those of you that have not been doing the right thing and ignoring all your gut feelings will still have to work on yourself to straighten up your path and what you want to do with your life.

Its a decision making month! Its a time to extract answers to things that you have waited long to hear - and I hope that they are positive answers and I do feel they will be for those who did their homework! because you dont want mistakes of the past to catch up - you should have learnt from them by now.

If you want to be free of certain situations then this is the time to make the break.

Passions and home life are on the cards this April. Whatever your passions are, if you have felt restricted - shake the bonds loose - if you cant then decide if thats what you really want to do or not but just decide.  Its time to put all your knowledge and wisdom into practice in April and also come to strong conclusions.   Take new beginnings if they are offered to you, is it any better or worse then you have had before? well thats the point of all this 'summing up' that you have to do in April.  When the time comes you might find you recognise the areas that this all refers to.

This month ' dont jump to conclusions' think things through. Secondly, if you want to get noticed then make that effort because if you dont things will not move on as quickly as you had hoped. Let your best side shine. Money should be okay this month but if you break the law in April you will pay for it so if you want to drive fast - then you will be paying penalty tickets.

April is a month of chances - so you have to make the most of them so be alert!

Health Problems that might affect some are 'from the waist down' -  lacks of vitimin C and perhaps drinking something that can have its consequences. Yes it could be too much alcohol or things that burn the tongue! Coughs weak stomachs and indisgestion or digestive problems.

A Tuesday or Monday are Key days in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


1 comment:

  1. Ruth made a comment on Facebook.

    this is spot on in so many pivotal ways...its mind blowing!!!! Xx

    Empathy Tarotcard Do you mean the April one Ruth as we have not hit May yet?

    No Empathy Tarotcard I will try and condense it.....I and my man went to see mortgage advisor last month...we are literally waiting on news arriving in the next week or so to do with property... I am also waiting for a payment to be made to myself which will ease our finances a little also due in the next week or two and i have got a sinus know that fiunny taste you get in your mouth as you start with sinus and cold... im there... excellent work Em... your awesome. xxx


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